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hmmm.. maybe i posted to the wrong laker thread, since i have the same to say.. but

they can still win without fox, and i still hope they don't, but the scenario in which they most fittingly lose is hard to conjure past the next round.

No one else can actually do what Fox does the way he does it, and certainly not DeveanG. the reason he doesn't get the playing time is he didn't play that way when he got time this season. He is a Laker though, and wants to stay that way (until Kobe goes to Memphis in 2005) so he'll step up.

I have liked fox in the past, and like the little extras and thehead games, along with tenacious D.. but when he went after christie in the runway back in November or whatever, i thought he should have gone to jail... the second round fisher on Parker probably works, George on Malik Rose or Jackson?? not sure if that works... Robinson and Duncan ought to have the strategy to keep Shaq out of it, make him come outside etc, and the Spurs Pick and Roll options are big!
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