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advice... (go figure)

Ok so here's the short version...

I was dating this girl about a year ago. We dated for like 3 months and she was all ready to fall in love. The problem was I wasn't in love with her and didn't see myself falling in love with her. So I let her know this and ended the relationship on good terms.

since then she has joined the army, got married, and divorced (he was cheating on her and from what she said was abusive to her).

so here's the thing.. She was back in town and was suppose to be for about a month longer than she did, and she wanted me to come visit her. she was busy I was busy we never got together. She just shipped off to Virginia for training and wants me to come visit. She's offered to even pay for the plane ticket.

Should I go? she knows full well I'm not interested in a relationship on the same level as we had before... tho she does want to be "umm friends"
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