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Like maleficent said, everyone goes through this. That transition from school to "real world" is hard and extreemly stressful. I remember a month or so after I graduated stressing so much about finding a job. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I was on edge all of the time. I applied at so many places and I couldn't get anything. Looking back, I was aiming low. I would look at job ads and think "I can't get that, I'm straight out of school, I have no experience." And I wouldn't even apply. Who knows what could have happened if I did.

Talk to your boss. Find out if there are any positions in the company that he knows of that are open. Let him know you want to continue to work there. If there's nothing, I'm sure he knows people who could help you. Network! The alumni office is a great suggestion. Nearly every school has something like that, or a career services office.

Good luck, you'll be just fine
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