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Thanks guys, please keep the replies coming.

Yes you are right, I didn't make myself stand out enough. The negative about this job is that you have to put yourself ahead of others in order to stand out, and I didn't do that thinking it would be appriciated. Quite a few times the other intern made some horrific mistakes, and I would take the balme for it aswell because I knew how much it messed him up. It's a cut throat business, and for whatever reasons I guess I didn't impress enough people. ALot of the people are very sensitive and take things so seriously it's kind of weird. I thought I was senesetive, but there are people with whom I work, who can get offended by your breathing pattern. But they do some things themselves, that would get them a beating in the real world. At times it feels like pledging a fraternity, except no mixers with hot sorority girls lol.
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