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Well the stuff on the hard drive is most likely safe. As for the processor not running, Iím not sure what you mean. You can damage the operating system by killing the power while it boots and while it shuts off, itís rare, but very possible. As for a fix, do you have a second hard drive, or another computer? If you do, throw this hard drive in it and copy off all the important files off. Then replace the drive, format and reinstall. If you donít have a second computer. You could try to install windows to a second directory on the hard drive, BE SURE NOT TO FORMAT IT, but use it as a last resort.

When you get time, find out what file it says is corrupted.

Some other things it could be, the hard drive could be going, the hard drive controller could be going bad, it could be bad memory, or something else small. Either way, the file is corrupt and needs to be fixed, why it became corrupt also needs to be determined.
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