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Originally posted by onetime2
I guess it's all a matter of perspective, people tend to remember the pieces that they disagree with most and the ones that confirm their beliefs just flow right by.

I always thought it would be interesting to do a study on the number of "attacks" identified through the course of a week or month by a study group made up of liberals, conservatives, and moderates.
People usually only see the attacks against them. Its also why people only see the biases in the media that they disagree with. It will float under your emotional radar if it is something that you agree with.

Coulter comes off as pig-headed and stupid. Extremism of any kind is dangerous in that it demands the full adoption of a set of beliefs.

It amazes me that statements like these are thrown around all the time as though it will be some sort of persuasive argument, when in reality they are simple self-congratulatory insults being thrown around and are not REALLY ever going to convince anyone, because in order for one to do so, they have to go through the process of being insulted, for instance:

"If you aren't mad at the Bush Administration, than you aren't paying attention."

"I hope the country isn't stupid enough to elect candidate x."

"Those who question the Bush Administration, just hate America."

blah blah blah,

Persuasive? Hardly. These statements are just meant as high fives for those who already agree with you entirely. Sadly it seems that it is statements like these that make up the bulk of mainstream politcal debate. Its all you'll hear from the Micheal Moores, the Ann Coulters, the Hannitys, the Frankens, etc. etc. The tragedy is that these people often have a few nuggets of intellect that should be brought to the forefront but these are quickly destroyed by their own collective hubris. None of these people seem to represent the average Joe, or the average acedemic, or the average intellectual, or the average working man, or whoever they claim to be. These people are attention-craving zealots who add up to the "Baywatch" of political debate, that is better viewed with the "mute" button on.
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