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  1. Saddam's..........
  2. Student shot with Taser by UCPD officers
  3. PS3 Economics
  4. U.S. man sues Rumsfeld for Iraq jail time
  5. I am a soldier, but not a hero
  6. Behold the FUTURE!
  7. Deployment to Afghanistan...
  8. So, why not Wicca?
  9. Toys for Tots says No to Jesus!
  10. One of the best is dead
  11. Who would you fight for? Who first?
  12. TFP on MySpace -- add us!
  13. To: Mongolguy, athletics, chelsea_9, Grey Death, kgb, Sweetpea, Zephyr66.
  14. Hey! November 7th again!
  15. Iowa's Painted Rock - you must look at this
  16. Who's to blame for Pastor Haggard's fall from grace? His fat, lazy wife
  17. A Smoker's Rant
  18. Your views on Stand-Your-Ground, AKA Lethal Self Defense, laws
  19. Dumbest business idea ever
  20. Mad Libs
  21. inbound toll-free phone question
  22. Hey Folks...
  23. A Passport to Flavor
  24. Lawful Gun Action
  25. Holocaust Cartoon
  26. Marshmallow Test
  27. Good ol' Halloween cartoon shows...
  28. 300 US soldiers dead- anyone have more info?
  29. What do you think? "Frat suspended over 'Hood' party"
  30. Girl dropped girlfriends baby on purpose. Want to press charges. Need legal advice.
  31. Stupid New Guy
  32. Child molester/murderer gets forcibly tattooed the victim's name on forehead
  33. T9 predictive text
  34. "Why do atheists get so outspoken and militant?" In this thread I do just that.
  35. Big Wasp I found
  36. When there's a will there's a way!
  37. put your myspace up
  38. Why use the word teen?
  39. Pete Townsend blows off Stern
  40. Im too angry to talk about this right now... copy and paste
  41. 6 word stories.
  42. Why Women Are Better Than Men: A Thesis
  43. NJ Supreme Court: Same-sex couples guaranteed marriage rights.
  44. What is up with the weather?
  45. The "New Atheism," the vocal minority making the rest of us look bad, or more?
  46. Don't stick your hands down a waste disposer!
  47. If you are 52 years old and got sentenced to jail for 23-24 years...
  48. Looking for the Count
  49. North Korean Torch Parade
  50. Political Correctness run amok...
  51. JET: Escape to Japan, But at What Price?
  52. Tests for Driving Competency
  53. Hummingbird Zone
  54. Chivalry: Another lost art?
  55. How do you vote?
  56. A (potentially) Fun Game...
  57. Hooray for the US Legal System!
  58. Exactly what is a High School Homecoming?
  59. Who are the worst drivers among us?
  60. the purple book & men's fashion online
  61. Cheap Games/DVDs over Ebay
  62. A toast tonight
  63. Flame On: Web Rage!
  64. Christmas Trees
  65. What is your opinion of "outing" closeted gay men or women?
  66. Citizen's Police Academy
  67. Can't ANYONE Do Their Job???
  68. Hero of heroes... SEAL jumps on a grenade.
  69. When my alarm goes off in the morning?
  70. Speeding in Ohio
  71. good idea or bad idea?
  72. Another case of too good to be true?
  73. Halloween Costume Ideas!!
  74. Yankees pitcher dead in plane crash into NYC building
  75. Video game played with brain waves..
  76. Work and bordom
  77. Your best online shopping resources thread
  78. Self Defense Classes: Who can benefit the most?
  79. North Korea tests nuke
  80. Pollsters
  81. Boulder CO, talk about zero tolerance
  82. The death of diversity and civility
  83. New Jersey does it again....
  84. Millionaire marries his own Daughter
  85. Technologies Combine - My phone is ultra sexy...
  86. Best gift you have given to your woman
  87. Why I just can't respect the Amish...
  88. Who the hell still writes checks anymore?
  89. Is this letter ridiculous?
  90. Can I get in trouble from
  91. Lancaster, PA Amish School shooting
  92. May I see some ID, please?
  93. Have your handwriting analyzed (Free)
  94. Need Some Help On My Myspace Site
  95. Breaking the law to protect your life
  96. Passing the buck to the Nanny
  97. 4 by 4? Animal Style? WTF?
  98. Illegal Books (in the US)
  99. Jesus takes MC/VISA/Amex
  100. Now this is kinda scary...
  101. "Jesus Camp"
  102. Sacrificing health for looks (Tanning)
  103. Opera called off due to fear of angering Muslims
  104. My PSP was stolen
  105. An inconvenient truth
  106. Do you jump on your bed?
  107. Drink More....it's OK
  108. Dentist visit turns life threatening
  109. What kind of mattress do you have?
  110. Tobacco firms sued over low tar Cigarette
  111. How often do you wash your hands?
  112. Dead cat in yard: what do we do?
  113. ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  114. Repect for Law Enforcement; Public Opinion
  115. Progress?
  116. Cellphone Banned at work?
  117. How Many TVs Do You Have?
  118. Bike
  119. longest joke...
  120. was Cynthetiq on TV?
  121. If you could rewrite history
  122. Two fun articles today
  123. Who do you trust? Do you trust anyone?
  124. Signed, sealed... or not!
  125. Christian Science Monitor.. Any readers?
  126. Road rage is alive and well
  127. Can you cheat in your dreams?
  128. The stereotype of "Fat" will no longer be held by America
  129. if you think of yourself as a good person... how can you smoke around others?
  130. "Detergent"
  131. Ahhhh! It burns! IT BURNS!
  132. human hair extensions,what you think?
  133. Cats that look like Hitler
  134. Economic Unsustainability & Credit Deception
  135. Toughest, baddest, real-life people
  136. Baddest MF Ever...
  137. ATTN: lurkette, torch2, Bamrak, Ice Bat AND opus123.....
  138. Ex-Marine gets Bionic Arm
  139. Dog, the bounty hunter, arrested.
  140. Open Source Project
  141. Do you smoke in your car?
  142. Five years ago today....
  143. Celebrities and politics?
  144. Home distillation?
  145. Should there be a TFP Pet forum?
  146. Do you know what these are?
  147. Trapped in your own mind?!
  148. A bad week to be an Aussie legend
  149. New 9/11 Report in Graphic Novel form
  150. Implicit Association Test
  151. The strangest: Thing you have touched
  152. Evangelist walks into the ocean... and never walks back out.
  153. CRIKEY!!! He's Dead!
  154. Good/ Bad Customer Service Stories
  155. Online realty sites
  156. "Typical Responses"
  157. How to get a piece of glass out of my foot?
  158. Depression Affects The Whole Family
  159. Why is the topic of religion so offensive?
  160. I suck at geography, apparently.
  161. When, if ever, are you asked to show your diploma?
  162. Ohio will turn untried people into sex offenders
  163. Global Climate Change Affects Fruit Fly
  164. What do you know about Bipolar Disorder?
  165. Punctuality and your thoughts on it
  166. Marcus Fiesel never had a chance in life
  167. Have you ever run over a small animal?
  168. Getting over anxiety caused by a random event...
  169. Superb Leather Shoe Products in Italy
  170. How do you wash off "ring around the collar?"
  171. I Was Attacked Today...
  172. Stop Snitchin' in a culture of failure
  173. is there a forum for tax related questions?
  174. Reporting questionable online activity (sexual)
  175. Possible Stem Cell Breakthrough
  176. The friend vs. the fiancee
  177. IS 12 years too much of a difference?!?!
  178. Outsource Homework/Term Papers
  179. Plan B, the "morning-after pill" now without prescription.
  180. Gov't wants to legislate for stupidity again
  181. An event to be remembered.
  182. Tada! Long Drive and Summer Vaca
  183. India’s Hitler-themed restaurant draws fire
  184. Skinny, Average, Fat, Obese
  185. What do you do with your Pocket Change?
  186. Today I am grateful for.......
  187. Recession Looming?
  188. Hospital director encourages murdering dad to kill self
  189. Telemarketing - dealing with ´phone salesmen?!
  190. My new Business Name- Follow up
  191. Ethanol Fuel (E85) - Would you use it?
  192. Naughty neighbor - window shaped like middle finger
  193. You could have any job, for just one day... What would it be?
  194. How much work do you actually do... at work?
  195. When did we lose our sense of humor?
  196. hmmm, is it just me?
  197. Who Remembers....
  198. Arrest made in JonBenet Ramsey case
  199. World now has more fat people than hungry ones
  200. Name the Planet
  201. Passport photograph of girl's bare shoulders rejected 'as it may offend'
  202. What is the purpose of marriage?
  203. Beautiful 3-D wall murals
  204. My dad passed away last week
  205. That really oils my gears
  206. Need help scattering my bro's ashes all over the world
  207. Will Hezbollah really cease their fire?
  208. Three Middle Eastern Men Found With 1000 Cell Phones, Terrorist plot?
  209. tornado in middle of soccer game
  210. A Night With Harry, Carrie, and Garp
  211. Ask balefire anything...
  212. anger help
  213. Never forget
  214. Foiled plane attacks (NSFW)
  215. So...would it creep you out?
  216. Erie, Pennsylvania
  217. It's nice not having to pay rent... sort of. (not by living with family)
  218. Where did Washington go?
  219. Need a name for a business
  220. Man sues U.S. Government after falling off cliff while taking a leak.
  221. Teens and music and sex, oh my!
  222. Drinking games involving movies.
  223. Now That's an Outhouse...
  224. Hound dog mauls Elvis's teddy bear
  225. 5 days...
  226. Progression? No....
  227. so exactly how do they catch indoor growers?
  228. Those poor people
  229. Attn: People living in Japan
  230. Luau party!
  231. Prospective parents
  232. Crack > Nigerian 419 scammers
  233. Substance abuse
  234. The Secret - one of those life altering things
  235. Mel Gibson apologises for anti-semitic abuse
  236. Electric Shaver Recommendations?
  237. The questions you would ask when thinking about building a home
  238. It's now illegal to photograph police officers on duty...
  239. Worst breakups
  240. Marijuana Gumballs?
  241. I was discriminated against yesterday.
  242. Israel Occupation -- Your thoughts
  243. Advice needed: Meeting single girls
  244. Americans getting too fat for x-rays/scans
  245. Friendship hanging by a thread
  246. Our Grandparents - Do you know?
  248. Inmate includes own name in bomb, anthrax threats
  249. Tips to stay awake and alert for extended periods of time?
  250. What's the deal with comics?