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  1. "Devlopmentally Disabled" Children
  2. Springtime for TFP in Toronto!! **May 13th**
  3. Is vehement aversion to rules a sign of age or personality?
  4. What city would you want to move to?
  5. call a girl
  6. what's the big deal?
  7. 7th Anniversary of a bet free life......
  8. "The day is coming when British Muslims form a state within a state'
  9. The Future of Cars?
  10. Poachers suck.
  11. Ewwww.... Ouch!
  12. Scientific Exhibit... or is it?
  13. Is anyone having a good month?
  14. Miss Deaf Texas killed by train...
  15. Found the apartment mailboxes unlocked and exposed.
  16. The most ridiculous thing you've ever heard from a customer
  17. Is this for real?
  18. DVDs forcing users towards piracy
  19. Google Mars!!
  20. Scientologist Isaac "chef" Hayes quits ‘South Park
  21. Can someone explain "secret" to the CIA?
  22. What's TFP worth?
  23. *Ding* Pat yourself on the Back
  24. Issues at work:
  25. Finally. Bush and porn together again.
  26. Need advice on catching someone slashing my tires.
  27. Mother Deported After 18 Years
  28. Woman sicks dog on man... Dog Bites Penis... Woman laughs ass off
  29. Slobo dead at 64. We don't still need you, we won't still feed you...
  30. Women and multitasking myth or reality?
  31. Just something that touched me.
  32. Families fight over winning Tim Hortons' cup - What are they teaching their kids?
  33. Could you spend your life with someone whose occupation...
  34. Best subscription music service?
  35. Blastomycosis - another threat to our health
  36. Sex with 16 year old = Bad, BJ from 16 year old = OK
  37. Gods handiwork revealed?
  38. Dad, son drown in pit of manure (CA)
  39. Pat Tillman's Death a Homicide?
  40. Car accidents, obligations?
  41. Toronto to get city-wide Hot Spot
  42. Does this apply to the TFP...
  43. Christopher Reeve's wife has died
  44. Speed of time...?
  45. resume question
  46. real true fire story
  47. Dating your mom?
  48. Anthony Robbins
  49. Stage fright. And you?
  50. Information Requested in Regards to Colleges
  51. email scam or not??
  52. my anwser to the google video censoring question
  53. Woman Caught Using Fake Penis in Microwave
  54. Do i have a lawsuit on my hands?
  55. Bush Compared to Hitler; Teacher Suspended
  56. Strict Roman Catholic town in Florida
  57. Tattoo artist stops robbery
  58. Fraternal Twin Girls: One White, One Black
  59. Carbon monoxide kills naked cheating couple during sex
  60. Humanities Academia - what's the point?
  61. Obey The Speed Limit!
  62. I'm not the problem, it's idiots like this that are the problem.
  63. What are you giving up for Lent
  64. RANT: How many chances are to many?
  65. Paper napkin crafts
  66. Facebook, myspace, friendster: what gives?
  67. Do you have any 'expectations' of your partner?
  68. TORONTO Drinks SATURDAY March 4 and Brunch SUNDAY MARCH 5, 2006 !!
  69. Your Kid's Teacher Used To Be A Man...Now What?
  70. If This Doesn't Make You Feel Great, Nothing Will
  71. An interesting article about Dubai
  72. the most horrible thing Ive read lately (crime story)
  73. california, one farked up state
  74. Greatest heist of all times.
  75. Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
  76. Are You A Christian?
  77. Florida Man Kills Roommate over Toilet Paper
  78. Bloody Mary - South Park episode
  79. The Face of Patriotism
  80. I thought this was just the coolest idea
  81. Sanctity of animal life?
  82. New Aussie Ad Campaign
  83. Do Christians feel welcome here?
  84. Congratulations to the new moderators!!
  86. NY Windows....heh
  87. Why Is google censoring this video?
  88. Supreme Court allows church's hallucinogenic tea
  89. Help! How do I ship to Namibia?
  90. Repulsive "Wifely Expectations" pact
  91. Arab company to take over US Ports
  92. He sells milk for half the price you pay. The feds want to stop him. Why?
  93. ‘Next New Orleans’ may be in California
  94. The deception behind the bottled water industry
  95. How Much Did Penny Candy Cost: Historic Value of Money
  96. Bill to donate organs by default...
  97. Whelp. . .it's sweeps month
  98. OK...This would hurt (cool pic)
  99. private detectives
  100. Robots on stage
  101. Netflix, tsk tsk
  102. I want a love drug!
  103. Cool! -A reverse Robin Hood
  104. Happy Valentine's Day
  105. When was the last time you put your foot in your mouth?
  106. v-day sex in the city
  107. Two giraffes die in zoo fire
  108. Cheney Shoots Donor in Hunting Accident
  109. Another School bans a play because three people didnt like it
  110. New (to me) Ebay phising e-mail
  111. Twitching muscle in my thigh
  112. Woman forced to give head to Customs officials
  113. a US Muslim story
  114. Do you think casinos should have the right to ban welfare recipients from gambling?
  115. How often do you smoke marijuana?
  116. "Lost world" found in Indonesia
  117. Retarded man can't ride moped again
  118. Fred Phelps may be dealt a blow?
  119. Spelling Bee Stories
  120. Is a child capable of sexual harassment?
  121. Should I have sympathy for poor drivers who kill themselves?
  122. a prejudiced site that surprised me
  123. Witnessed a fairly bad accident last night on my way home from work.
  124. what is stregnth?
  125. Need help finding a moving company
  126. Understanding 'East' vs 'West' on a sphere.
  127. In tribute - Uncle
  128. Post YOUR Dirty Little Secret.
  129. The jerk in line with the cell phone.
  130. any broadcast journalists here - need to fill in application.
  131. Dateline tonight......you MUST watch it, especially if you are a parent!!!!!!
  132. Elphaba's coming to London
  133. A Person of Interest...
  134. How Does Hate Happen?
  135. What countries have a positive/negative role in the world?
  136. Relationship/Tension cycles?
  137. Brain Teasers
  138. Danish Cartoon
  139. Sex With Horse = Death
  140. Happy Groundhog Day!!
  141. And death shall have no dominion
  142. Deputy Shooting Of Man Caught On Tape
  143. Puppies As Drug 'Mules' :/
  144. ex-postal worker kills 7
  145. No Opinions? No Problem: The Wired Guide To Posting On Forums
  146. funny valentine gift ideas?
  147. Media bias...
  148. The Three Stooges live!
  149. Virus Info
  150. Coretta Scott King has passed away
  151. Visual Impairment?
  152. Nervous ramblings from the Mad Heretic
  153. Courier vs. Motorist
  154. Tie your shoelaces, you'll trip and break your neck...
  155. Talk about a guilty conscience...
  156. How to Beat the High Cost of Gasoline. Forever!
  157. My eBay "Experiment"
  158. Ever been called for Jury Duty?
  159. Happy Chinese New Year
  160. Do we have any doctors on the board?
  161. Coffee drinkers to be persecuted? Just watch.
  162. Anyone know how to hold a fundraiser???
  163. A Feel Good Story...
  164. Space Shuttle Challenger Remembered
  165. The "Help get Astrocloud out of Hotwater" Thread
  166. Attention Whore Announcement
  167. A letter to the dean
  168. So i'm having Japanese tonight..
  169. Have the PCers gone too far?
  170. Compatibility of morals...
  171. my mum got mugged last night
  172. Different job titles
  173. Happy Robbie Burns Day!
  174. Help Fight Against the "A-Hole" Bill
  175. MPAA finds itself accused of piracy
  176. Nice job.....except I'm pissed!
  177. What became of Tilted Magazine?
  178. non-rhetorical questions... please answer.
  179. Online database of current and past lawsuits?
  180. What drives you nuts about internet communication?
  181. Pack of angry Chihuahuas attacks police officer
  182. Nice ride... so's the car!
  183. Dial 'H' for 'Human'
  184. Death....
  185. Do you have a favorite quotation?
  186. Beware of ConMan : KEVIN TRUDEAU
  187. SOHLS / week
  188. International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  189. space debris: not a problem
  190. Odds of Death Due to Injury, United States, 2002
  191. Sex change saves prostitute from caning
  192. Sting would be proud..
  193. Honor Cords/Honor Stoles for Graduation Question
  194. Literacy Among College Students Sorely Lacking
  195. The Early Worm Gets the Bird
  196. Google Subpoenaed for Search History
  197. Greenpeace dumps dead whale on embassy steps.
  198. Welcome to the 458th biggest board on the Internet!
  199. Whale of a good joke
  200. Couple get 9 years prison for Wendy's finger scam
  201. Execution for Thai murderers.
  202. Landmark Forum Education
  203. The College Bedroom
  204. What is personal freedom for a human being?
  205. Mission to Pluto
  206. Soldiers told to ditch Superior body armor or lose death benefits
  207. Past lives? Do you remember any of them?
  208. Your personal physician...
  209. Can you say opps...
  210. How far is too far when helping someone with college assignments?
  211. Killing an old blind deaf guy?!
  212. Yet another reason to have lots of sex.
  213. Gotta Love CA.....
  214. Phillips Rollable Screen
  215. Where is the oil/gas you are buying originating from?
  216. What do you feel about embedded advertising?
  217. What are the average salaries of different occupations?
  218. The Next Generation:Energy
  219. How have you endangered your life?
  220. Shelly Winters Dies at 85
  221. Stanford Prison Experiment.
  222. Child's Death Speeds Review of NYC Cases
  223. Happy Birthday Vox_Rox, Tizbiz, Waffles_SS
  224. Roman Holiday...
  225. What money can buy…
  226. Scholarship help needed
  227. What been your best vacation?
  228. In response to the rape conviction thread
  229. Gender roles and common language
  230. Are people who pierce their daughter's ears child abusers?
  231. couple convicted of rape of 12 week old baby
  232. Guilty until proven innocent
  233. Are your license plate stickers current?
  234. Annoying someone on the web Anonymously -is now illegal
  235. Is the circumcision of a boy sexual abuse?
  236. Worse than AIDS? 800,000 New Yorkers Have Diabetes
  237. Postage rates Increase -- starting today
  238. Be kind to animals.......OR ELSE!!
  239. Dragon in a bottle
  240. Clemancy for Clarence Ray Allen?
  241. Idoit of the week...
  242. What does "Nag" mean to you?
  243. the band
  244. 12-year-old begins political career
  245. Hurricane Season Officially Over
  246. Booze and Drugs: What's the Difference?
  247. Silent Hill Poster Contest!
  248. China's New Architectural Wonders
  249. Is Pat Robertson a Blowhard or a Windbag?
  250. What are you? What is your passion? What is your purpose?