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  1. Pope didn't want to be elected?
  2. How can prospective employers verify my job history?
  3. Ever been shot at?
  4. wedding.. not in a church.
  5. Help me buy things online......
  6. Foreign Service Entrance Exam
  7. Guilty Pleasures (Probly NSFW)
  8. Computer measure of vocabulary?
  9. How beneficial is a Union?
  10. Legislation to Curb Child Abuse in Residential Treatment Programs
  11. Advice on how to pass a drug screening?
  12. Paula Abdul screwing American Idol contestants
  13. Abortion: a father's rights.
  14. Lobster time!
  15. My Felony Record
  16. Gift from the Cat: What IS this thing? (Warning: mildly gruesome)
  17. Help naming a baby QUICK !
  18. Career Changes
  19. Landed my internship! woohoo!
  20. Mentoring, your experience?
  21. Websites you visit regularly?
  22. Do you Snoop?
  23. The anonymous "Drugs Tried" Poll
  24. Local radio stations just suck!
  25. Are Depressed Artists Somehow More Profound?
  26. Cancer Bracelets or Horribly Innapropriate Hypocrite Sticks? I Decide.
  27. Artists charged as terrorists?
  28. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Elected Pope
  29. No Sir, Yes Ma'am
  30. Band Supprises Laser Tag Arena Guerilla Live Music Show at Laser Tag Arena
  31. NAMBLA Adopts a Highway
  32. Is it bad that the TX State Troopers showed up?
  33. How to Destroy Earth
  34. Crazy Lady & Wierd Guy vs. Clavus
  35. Special Interest: What persuades you to their cause?
  36. My Friend hit his Girlfriend
  37. Favorite bourbon
  38. The Word "The"
  39. Driving Nervousness...
  40. Smell memories?
  41. Racist ice cream?
  42. Sex Offenders..Where Should They Live?
  43. Bangkok or Malasiya for vacations?
  44. not a hate crime?
  45. Do I owe you an apology?
  46. Peanut butter: creamy or crunchy
  47. asian sesame peanut candy - help!
  48. Need gift advice/ideas (maybe)
  49. Taking a dump in public ?
  50. im back
  51. National Day of Silence
  52. Richard Leakey
  53. Anyone else tend to self-edit at times?
  54. Locker Room Antics...or, Assault?
  55. Library Week
  56. for the engineers
  57. Another personality test [Via the BBC]
  58. CA Govt legislates No Redskins
  59. UN land mine commercial, what would you do?
  60. need a unique birthday present...
  61. Insurers Want Your Vehicles Black-Box Data
  62. Rochester/Canada get together
  63. Couple of dumb questions about Pregnancy.
  64. 2 years ago today...
  65. Gas prices - your thoughts?
  66. I wish I were lying...
  67. How much do tattoo's hurt?
  68. looking to justify myself
  69. who do you trust....and why?
  70. I need some research done -- pays up to $200
  71. so what would YOU say to this
  72. cost of health care up close and personal
  73. Prince Charles/Camilla Wedding...who watched coverage?
  74. Clothes that make you look NAKED!!
  75. Double standard of racism
  76. Secret Service protects expectant duck
  78. Tokyo!
  79. Did you get/stay up to watch the funeral?
  80. Sex, Drugs and Self-Esteem
  81. Get some kids raped? Get honored by the Church!
  82. Why sign this petition?
  83. Lost in New York.
  84. Cure for autism
  85. Breast Feeding in Public
  86. Sugar and Spice, and Biochemistry <NY Times>
  87. New Passport Rules
  88. Save Schapelle Corby
  89. Help with fashion problem
  90. Breast Cancer Survivors Now Own the Color Pink
  91. Not disabled enough? Should she get her title back?
  92. Boy faces $300 fine for lollipop on bus
  93. Google maps ups the ante now with satellite coverage
  94. I need your help!! or rather... your junkmail.....
  95. Left lane/right lane driving
  96. Betting on the Next Pope *OR* I've got 5 down on Cardinal Tettamanzi
  97. Advice on Getting Mail
  98. This'll Show Them Filthy Liberals, With Their Book Learnin'
  99. I'm about to lose it guys, I need some help.
  100. Promotion of Oral sex for underage Uk teens?
  101. More Proof of "Pussification of America"
  102. Favorite Beers
  103. Explore your world
  104. mitch hedberg dead
  105. McAfrica Burger -- Ooops we're sorry
  106. Can't buy condoms? Get another country to donate 'em...
  107. When We Clone a Tyrannosaurus, Can We Feed it Creationists?
  108. State of the TFP Address
  109. Hours Spent on TFP
  110. First Photo of Extra Solar Planet
  111. zaba search
  112. Anybody here ever hear of the 5-S?
  113. Pope John Paul II is dead
  114. Carl's Jr Choke Out!
  115. Pope Dead?
  116. News Flash from the Vatican: The "door of death" has been closed
  117. dances = meh
  118. The Popes final days?!
  119. April 1st
  120. 9/10 Abducted children are abducted by their parents
  121. Tilted Magazine 2005
  122. Members of US Congress
  123. Your life in 20 words or less
  124. Man kills underage girl for refusing to kiss
  125. Enormous Environmental Study Concludes
  126. Relationships By the Math
  127. Short Hair Woes
  128. Do you want to share a secret?
  129. Cellphone jammer:OUT FOX News Jammer:IN
  130. You stole my Dragon Saber -NOW DIE!!!
  131. No care for Alzheimer's patient?
  132. Seeking information on Vanessa Leggett...
  133. Robbing a bank - the Aussie way
  134. 2 Women Murder a man- Overkill
  135. Living will information for people in the USA
  136. Johnny Cochran dead at 67
  137. have you paid your late fees? Blockbuster gets pwn'd
  138. tips on writing news cues/questions for interviews.
  139. And so it starts: "Lawmaker Wants Teachers In Hawaii Weighed For Obesity"
  140. Man goes on gas station rampage
  141. Your Predictions for Planet Earth?
  142. New Earthquake in Asia
  143. Cigars
  144. Any Albanians here? I'm desperately looking to have a letter translated!
  145. See if you can play detective with this story
  146. Your S/O meeting your family for the first time
  147. Flower shopping tips
  148. Why Johnny can't spell or count.......
  149. Boss Approach
  150. I'm gonna be on TV
  151. Help engineer the english language (well, one word of it)
  152. Here's to "equality"
  153. Speed Cameras - Warning Others
  154. Today's Fun (or depressing.. depends how you look at it) Fact
  155. LOVE!
  156. Worst "Found in food" experience
  157. Finger Food *UPDATED*
  158. MTV, want to change it?
  159. She's Just Too Pretty to be Promoted
  160. Need help with APT in NYC Metro Area
  161. The Schiavo thing....
  162. A riddle...
  163. Big bully Clear Channel recieves minor bruise during beatdown of competition
  164. School Project Survey: "How to Write an Award-Winning Novel"
  165. Scotch recommendations
  166. Another School shooting
  167. Monarchy Question....Im confused
  168. Sleeping senior ends up at the morgue
  169. Fake compass on wristwatch
  170. The Body Electric
  171. John Z. DeLorean dead at 80
  172. Happy Vernal Equinox
  173. URGENT. Quick question about biographies
  174. A Birthday Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack
  175. A small blow to "Abstinence Only" education
  176. Shipping Was Extra- A Lot Extra
  177. A favour to ask...Any German TFPers or will anyone be in Germany?
  178. No Diving sign = $1 million
  179. Mario has his 'shrooms, Det. Hill has blunts
  180. Air India Bombing
  181. Japanese Pocky ad - need translation
  182. Happy St Patty's Day!
  183. Amateur Night NYC Thursday TFP get together?
  184. Why I love where I live...
  185. Tell Me the funny comments you got back from Essays you wrote in school
  186. Tuition plan to help illegal immigrants
  187. GM Discount question
  188. Going to eat out? pay-what-you-like policy restaurant
  189. I need help with an anniversary gift.
  190. Choices choices, didn't know where to put it.
  192. The devil....and Spirit
  193. Kicking the habit
  194. Old Coins
  195. Organ Donor
  196. Web host
  197. TFP NYC Meetup Thread (With Live Webcam)
  198. stealing pizza
  199. US News &World Report: Graduate Schools Rankings
  200. Are you opposed to the acquisition of wealth?
  201. Teacher goes nuts over national anthem
  202. Chris LeDoux Dies at 56
  203. Dave Allen, dead at 68
  204. Ebay style bank!!
  205. Who wants to live forever?
  206. A moment for Spain
  207. Funny Things About the Pope
  208. To go from Rape to Murder
  209. One Thousand Percent?
  210. Pray for the friend on our site
  211. Lost sense of "home"
  212. Corporate Backstabbing at the WorkPlace
  213. Casting Film Couples Race is still a black-and-white issue
  214. i really do like it here.
  215. just something i've been thinking about
  216. Tilted Quotes - Identify?
  217. Prostitution laws - its kind of a poll
  218. Hand Bills? Pasted Posters?
  219. Video Game Murder Trial
  220. Self Checkout Lanes
  221. Alba wants no-strings sex
  222. Police Setting up Prostitution stings
  223. [rant]living with slobs (probably NSFW - language)
  224. Cell Phones as Toys (Rant/Plea)
  225. meatwad plush
  226. Tilted Spring Break '05
  227. Legalities of building a Guillotine?
  228. Terrible Websites!
  229. Ebay Phishing - heads up!
  230. Name something you've recently accomplished that you never have before.
  231. white pride
  232. Whole Foods in Austin, Texas
  233. Interested in being Interesting?
  234. Sewage? Who gives a shit?
  235. Violated at work (NSFW)
  236. kinda worried about college..
  237. SCARY, very scary
  238. Three questions...
  239. First solo, non-stop, around-the-world flight
  240. Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return, Warns Leading Climate Expert
  241. Update on my niece
  242. inebriated ramblings on empathy?
  243. Six Months to live? Think about it.
  244. Bubba - The 22lb. Lobster
  245. What did you learn today?
  246. NASCAR - man as cyborg
  247. Mice and/or rats as pets?
  248. I'm such a Geek!
  249. The Internet and the brain
  250. Advice to TFP Real-Life couples/buddies/etc.