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  1. Funny article on the election by Bill Bryson
  2. Is it true in Pittsburgh??????
  3. Problems at the Polls...
  4. Alaska - Marijuana
  5. Follow the money.
  6. The Draft
  7. Let's just pray whoever wins
  8. I totally got disenfranchised (aka: I am dumb)
  9. Why aren't there voting alternatives?
  10. Happy Election Day!
  11. Do Americans care about what Canadians think about the election?
  12. Good luck in the election tomorrow America
  13. Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech
  14. Watch Stolen Honor
  15. Rational of a Suicide bomber
  16. Timeframe before we KNOW
  17. The Winners Circle
  18. Who will you vote for?
  19. Mrs Mephisto wants to know...
  20. Anyone else upset...
  21. Colorado's Amendment 36 = Political Suicide?
  22. How will you get your elections news tomorrow?
  23. So, no October surprise after all?
  24. Opinion polls and the US election
  25. Final Thought Before Election Day
  26. republican thugs will not be allowed to harass voters at the polls in ohio
  27. Kerry's Discharge Is Questioned by an Ex-JAG Officer
  28. don't vote???
  29. Dead Votes
  30. Mistranslation in Bin Laden Tape
  31. Politics and the Net - information or agitation?
  32. Capital Punishment?
  33. Responsibility to Vote?
  34. US citizens and Oil policy changes
  35. Bush/Edwards and other possible election results
  36. Iran wants new toys.
  37. Winter Soldier
  38. How will you feel if Kerry is elected?
  39. How will you feel if Bush is re-elected?
  40. The Bush Pledge
  41. terrorists or insurgents
  42. Kerry fans? No need to worry!
  43. Interesting graph on political demographics
  44. those texas house races
  45. Osama video
  46. Al-Qaida releases new Bin Laden tape just before U.S. election
  47. Some of the missing explosives may have been destroyed
  48. Bush clones Soldiers
  49. Germany's Largest Newspaper Endorses Bush
  50. National Security Threat???
  51. So what is the Dept of Homeland security really up to?
  52. 9/11 is Bushs' fault
  53. FBI investigates Halliburton contracts
  54. Battle of the movie-stars
  55. Florida ballots go missing [Is this news in the US?]
  56. Who could follow Arafat
  57. Bush gets an endorsment...
  58. Democrat or Republican, this is what your side does and what your vote supports...
  59. Explosives Were Still in Place After Invasion?
  60. Ohio Elector
  61. Presidential alternatives
  62. Bush flip-flops on Iraq
  63. The United States of America is not a democracy!
  64. Democracy on the retreat in Florida
  65. Greatest American
  66. Arafat in Critical Condition
  67. Eminem's new video
  68. RFK Jr book - Crimes Against Nature
  69. List of Notable State and Local Amendments to be voted on...
  70. 100 facts
  71. The Electoral College from a Founding Fathers Perspective.
  72. USA Patriot Act
  73. Presidential Poll - Take 2
  74. Florida's Touch Screen Voting
  75. Stern FCC Chairmen faceoff on Ron Owens radio show
  76. ABC News withholding a tape threatening another attack.
  77. Poll: How would you vote, if no vote was "wasted"?
  78. I Give Up
  79. Mr. Bush harnesses ''facts,'' both true and false
  80. BBC says Republicans planning to intimidate black voters
  81. Bush's website not accessible from outside the US?
  82. Politically-biased news sources?
  83. More $$$ for Iraq! Will this effect Nov. 2?
  84. Bush Intentionally Refrains From Striking Zarqawi
  85. CA Assembly District 1
  86. US Deficit Graph
  87. A Letter to America
  88. Extended voting? Anybody bothered by this?
  89. Flu Vaccine and Edwards
  90. America threatening Taiwan's Sovereignty?
  91. 50 Iraqi troops ambushed, killed
  92. Proposition 200 -- 2004 Arizona Ballot Initiative
  93. US Election "for the rest of us"
  94. Kerry transition teams taking steps to heal america
  95. Badnarik for President... perhaps
  96. Do you EVER listen to or accept a story from the "other side"?
  97. John "Mr. Integrity" Kerry caught in a lie
  98. Question: Absentee Ballots in Florida
  99. Rehnquist Diagnosed with Cancer
  100. If Bush or Kerry both say there will be no draft
  101. New Yorker endorses Kerry
  102. Bush thinks God wants him as President
  103. More Spin for Kerry's Campaign
  104. Riots in PA if Bush wins the State? (this thread is now entirely about gun control)
  105. The Denver Post's Endorsement, well sort of...
  106. Findings on "Fahrenheit 9/11"
  107. Bill Clinton: Off the Operating Table, Into the Kerry Camp
  108. 380 tons of high explosives missing in Iraq, for over a year.
  109. Why I Am Voting For Sen. Kerry
  110. Early voting...anyone taking advantage of this?
  111. Soldier files suit to avoid Iraq tour
  112. Good news from Russia
  113. CIA Report on 9/11 Being Withheld From Congress Untill After Elections
  114. october surprise coming monday morning, or just another internet rumor?
  115. CIA broke the Geneva Conventions... again
  116. Pat Buchanan's last minute endorsment of Bush
  117. How would a terrorist attack affect the election?
  118. a good reason for "Four More Years!" (NSFW)
  119. Florida State Consititutional Amendments 2004
  120. the updside of a win by the cadidate you oppose
  121. Must see..
  122. The Guardian At It Again
  123. Sell your vote on Ebay!
  124. Bush and Kerry Supporters Have Separate Realities
  125. Bush vs Kerry... and Astros vs Red Sox?
  126. How can people justify not voting?
  127. How would you deal with Social Security?
  128. Anti-Bush Ad going around the adult industry
  129. Hmmmm weird thought about a massive October surprise
  130. Billions in Iraqi Oil Revenues Missing
  131. $137 Billion in Tax cuts for Corporations
  132. CIA report being witheld from congress
  133. Why I am truly scared of a Kerry/Edwards win.
  134. whats up with electronic voting?
  135. Inherent Autonomy: The Intrinsic Nature of the Human Condition
  136. Trail Run: Post how you would solve increasing Drug prices
  137. Fear and Loathing on The Campainge Trail
  138. Proof of African-American Disafranchisment in 2000?
  139. Bush predicted no casualties
  140. Soldier sentenced to eight years
  141. Most Bush Supporters: Intentionally ignorant or unable to process reality?
  142. Most Bush supporters: Intentionally ignorant or stupid?
  143. Say Somethig you like about your canidates opposition
  144. Whos for Nader and Why?
  145. The Problem With Instant Runoff Voting
  146. Should the U.S. go into Sudan?
  147. Interesting article on Afghanistan
  148. Anti Kerry film cut
  149. U.S. Election Predictions
  150. How will your SO be voting? (USA election)
  151. What do you say to a Revolution?
  152. Why not repeal taxes for people making over a million?
  153. Where's the good in Kerry???
  154. Iran endorses Bush
  155. Anti-Kerry film backlash for Sinclair
  156. A very important, very relevant article
  157. Cheney and GOP getting very desperate
  158. Bush and 1984
  159. Another Flip Flop! What else is new for the embellisher?
  160. How to get ready for a debate
  161. who are you going to vote for?
  162. Kerry Excommunicated?
  163. Still Undecided?
  164. What John Kerry does NOT want you to see...
  165. Obviously a Black Tie only event (or "Don't use Threads Titles for digs")
  166. 20 Years in the Senate and this is what we got!
  167. I have a question regarding our candidates
  168. Does anyone feel the polls are underestimating Dems this year?
  169. Did Bush evade $2.4 million income tax on his 1998 filing?
  170. Bush, the Faith-Based President
  171. Should people who aren't that bright be allowed to vote?
  172. Anyone watching "Meet the Press"?
  173. Is Bush ill? He looks like he's sufferred a stroke.
  174. Kerry and Police Support
  175. Environmental issues
  176. *kind of* off topic...but not really
  177. Video: How does Bush keep us safe....
  178. Political Signs
  179. Desperate Democrats Use Fear Mongering Tactics
  180. where's the good in bush?
  181. John Stewart... Funny shit
  182. US Soldiers not willing to die for the war?
  183. Media blackout over the illegal Cobb/Badnarik arrests
  184. Will the "Seperation of Church and State" premise, survive if Bush is elected?
  185. Response to hijacking by fighters...
  186. Jon Stewart on Crossfire 10/15
  187. Iranian Nuclear Proliferation
  188. Has anyone else noticed this???
  189. The Politics of Football
  190. "Singapore's the size of a booger"
  191. a comparison between clinton and 9/11
  192. John Kerry evades question of ties to Iranian Goverment
  193. Rolling Stone Magazine
  194. Is enthusiasm really necessary?
  195. the great bar debate..
  196. Kerrys paid just 12% on combined Income tax in 2003
  197. Questions for the Libertarians
  198. Lynne Cheney pissed at Kerry over the lesbian issue...
  199. How many of you have had a heated argument with a family member over elections?
  200. Bill O'Reilly, another seriously confused conservative
  201. Non-American viewpoints on Election
  202. Political climate in America
  203. There's no such thing as a "wasted vote"
  204. a quick question for kerry supporters....
  205. Where does the Internet lay politically?
  206. So who do you think won the third debate?
  207. Legality election question
  208. Final Debate Thread....(thank the gods)
  209. Foreign attempts to sway US elections
  210. Is there anything that can be said in tonight's debate that will sway your vote?
  211. Our candidate can't win on his own merit, let's commit voter fraud.
  212. First Amendment outdated?
  213. october surprise?
  214. Dailykos.com
  215. Vote for Change Tour on Sundance
  216. Where Will Bush Get More Votes than he did in 2000?
  217. Chris Reeve's sad death and the political flamefest
  218. Hamdi
  219. Damn Liberal Media
  220. Words from Garrison Keillor concerning change in the Republican Party
  221. Sinclair Strikes Again
  222. internet political memes - do they affect you? plus Bush dementia?
  223. Latest stance on terrorism by Kerry
  224. Anyone else feel that the Vice-Presidents are more qualified?
  225. Good Party Affiliation Quiz
  226. Is Bush Endangering Our Troops To Improve His Election Chances?
  227. Kerry is a bad candidate
  228. why do you love or hate Politics?
  229. Presidential Race And Guns
  230. Presidential Candidates Acting Like Leaders
  231. Ears Full of Bullshit, Ass Full of Smoke: Is There Spin-Free Political News?
  232. Polling Good or Bad?
  233. Iraqi Elections
  234. Bush cant speak for himself?
  235. For everyone who said Iraq was not a threat...
  236. Can terrorism be stopped by any President?
  237. Town Hall Debate Thread
  238. Medical malpractice reform
  239. 3rd Party Presidential Debates
  240. A new one from JibJab...
  241. What If? Internet had existed during lead-up to Third Reich.
  242. Why come?
  243. welfare state
  244. for Palestine - Bush or Kerry is same old S#@!
  245. A lie worse than Clinton's
  246. Of Rights and Wrongs
  247. Jim Borgman - Cartoonist
  248. On Poverty
  249. Report: No WMD in Iraq, no imminent threat, only "intent"
  250. no wmd, according to one inspector...