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  1. Corrolation of Terror Warnings and Bush's Approval Ratings
  2. Poll: Do you think the Homeland will be attacked before the elections?
  3. Presidential Debates
  4. A simple question...
  5. Bushisms
  6. Norweigan Party tries to ban Islam
  7. Electronic Voting
  8. What about male reproductive rights?
  9. Where do you stand?
  10. Name one good issue the other side promotes.
  11. a lie that launched a war
  12. Constitutional gay marriage ban passed in Missouri
  13. Richest Presidents article
  14. Does Teresa Heinz-Kerry help or hurt John Kerry's campain?
  15. info on the new book about Bush and Environment
  16. Presidential Poll
  17. Radio show list ( Clinton vs. Bush )
  18. Moore edits newspapers
  19. Specific Reasons Why You Hate Pres.Bush!
  20. Psychologists as Political Analysts?
  21. What makes a great First Lady?
  22. Should prior military service be a prereq 4 Prez?
  23. What would a Badnarik U.S. look like in 4?
  24. O.K., it really has gone too far
  25. Kerry wants trial instead of tribunal for Bin Laden
  26. Additional reason why I'm not voting for Bush
  27. Free Audiobooks of DNC Convention
  28. I, Republican
  29. Kerry's speech............ AWESOME
  30. Good quotes from political speaches.
  31. Bush's July Surprise
  32. A Real Quagmire
  33. additional reason why im not voting for kerry
  34. Forgive me for being suspicious...
  35. Billionares for Bush....
  36. New Web Site, Swift Boat Verterans for Truth
  37. A request for clarification on Nuclear Arms and groups like the UN
  38. Problems with gay marriage already.
  39. Barack Obama's Speech
  40. Ron Jr. a Dem Party leader in the making? and other musings on tonight's Conv.
  41. What was missing from DNC opening night?
  42. So Michael Moore is going to be on the O'Reilly Factor tonight
  43. Clinton's speech
  44. AIDS and the Drug Companies
  45. From Bush v Kerry to Costco v WalMart
  46. Politics on the info-superhighway
  47. I can't say I have a problem with this.
  48. Service Economy
  49. Rupublicans back Nader
  50. Now I am curious
  51. This Land..
  52. Bush vs Kerry----Very Funny
  53. Tonight at the Garden: Congress vs. The Supreme Court
  54. Big Boobs for the military
  55. halliburton, brown and root
  56. need opinions here. wtc incident
  57. Jenna sticking her tongue out... BFD.
  58. Israel vows to continue building barrier
  59. Instant Runoff Voting
  60. Summer Reading...
  61. stress relief--liberal vs conservative
  62. What is most frustrating to me.
  63. Schwarzenegger calls dems "girlie men"
  64. Brazil's "War on Drugs" is looking more like a real war
  65. Reagan funeral cost
  66. Universal Healthcare
  67. darfur
  68. This Land!
  69. Something all should see no matter who you want as Prez
  70. The DOD has officially lost its damn mind.
  71. Supply-Side Economics is Working
  72. Republican or Democrat: Where do you think most TPFer's fall?
  73. No, you are not the "Education Candidate"
  74. House just says "No" to Saudi Foreign aid; Final decision will be made by Senate.
  75. Electoral Map - Remember, it's what matters
  76. Canada: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  78. Whoopi's Comment
  79. Stupid Conservatives
  80. the cure for all this right left bickering crap
  81. Gay Marriage Ban Amendment FAILS.
  82. Afghan Massacre -- Convoy of death
  83. Constructive Engagement
  84. Powell, Travel, and Blatant Media Bias
  85. OK to go into Nigeria but not the Sudan
  86. Part of our heritage that the GOP says they want to save from the left?
  87. The Politics of the Ethanol Industry
  88. The Two Americas
  89. Matt Drudge and Fox News
  90. Philippines Withdrawing Troops 'as Soon as Possible'
  91. Any Validity?
  92. CNN vs. Fox News Channel
  93. The Senate Intelligence Committee Report
  94. What's Thai for "killing the goose that laid the golden eggs"?
  95. Cheney, France forgets to surrender.
  96. US morality versus the world
  97. The Draft Bill Reinstatement
  98. Flawed information (humor)
  99. The Lessons of History
  100. Senate slams CIA- Bush administration
  101. US life expactancy, health care, standard of living, etc
  102. Why vote for Kerry/Edwards?
  103. Why not help in the Sudan
  104. why don't we help out in Sudan...not enuf Oil???
  105. speculation of bush dropping cheney!
  106. House passes act against Patriot Act, just kidding...
  107. Can we just hold the American elections already?
  108. Why do you support Bush??
  109. chagos islands
  110. Anyone starting to doubt Nov. elections yet?
  111. Bad Science......Government Style.
  112. Farienheit 9/11 Trailer
  113. Iraq's new anti terror laws
  114. "Assault Weapons" Confiscation Turn Violent in Boston
  115. I'm a Bush supporter and all, but this is just sad
  116. U.S. Flies Radioactive Items Out of Iraq
  117. Nuclear watchdog starts visit to Israel
  118. U.S. Voting Primer
  119. Had to laugh at this.
  120. John Kerry and John Edwards 2004
  121. Promoting Reform in the Middle East -or- Deceptive Imperialism
  122. Freedom? Not at a Bush speech...
  123. Documentary Defined
  124. Should the US/UN/NATO have intervened in the Congo?
  125. Firearm Experience and Politics
  126. How many people here still refute WMD's in Iraq?
  127. Another M.Moore Spanking, this time from Spinsanity
  128. Sponsorship Scandal in Canada.
  129. "No Gays With Guns"
  130. Glock are once again banned in MA
  131. the trial of saddam hussein
  132. Can an American explain what being a "registered Democrat/Republican" means?
  133. Scott peterson Trail
  134. "Party trumps person"
  135. The Madness of Crowds & Revolution
  136. An observation...
  137. Hillary for Veep?
  138. Nationalism
  139. The most hated president?
  140. new ad from georgewbush.com
  141. In times of crisis.....
  142. Taking your stuff for the "common good."
  143. How the Democrats Lost the Heartland.
  144. Blowing yourself up if you get kidnapped by militants.
  145. SCOTUS finds against anti-porn law; Thomas rolls a natural 20 and regains his soul.
  146. Why Iraq is not currently a sovereign nation
  147. Attack the Facts...not Moore
  148. Thank you sir, may I have another? (Liberals win Minority Gov't in Canada)
  149. Canada: Minority Liberal Government
  150. The Insurgency and Jihad on U.S. Soil.
  151. End to the terror?
  152. Damn it worked!
  153. What is Michael Moore's Real Agenda?
  154. Iraq Sovereignity - 2 Days Early
  155. Supreme Court Rulings
  156. Amnesty... are they stupid?
  157. Iraqi soverignty restored early
  158. Solution to beheadings (what if)
  159. The lies of Michael Moore
  160. Democracy - the greatest ideology on Earth?
  161. Cheney headed for Breakdown?
  162. Democracy v. Religion
  163. The Dictionary Is A Battlefield
  164. Some people have no clue. Regards a quote from a South Korean human rights advocate..
  165. unfairenheit 9/11
  166. torn between parties?
  167. US soldier that bombed his own troops
  168. US Soldier Faces Court Martial - Aiding Al Qaeda
  169. Terrorists - Not so Evil?
  170. Group which Includes the 'Carlyle Group' to buy Loews Multiplex Company
  171. Higher fines for "indecency" approved by Senate
  172. Any deeply conservative atheists around?
  173. Voting age at 16
  174. bush2004.com......oops
  175. Star Trek 7 of 9 actress sues candidate hubby for sex club forays
  176. Who gets the bill?
  177. Iran, Bush, & British Sailors
  178. Personal privacy
  179. Minimum Wage Increase
  180. South Korean taken hostage with 24 hour deadline
  181. Warning....liberal intellect only
  182. The REAL reason for the war (from their own mouths)
  183. ugh...
  184. Putin Warned Bush of Saddam's Planned Attack on the US
  185. "Should Gay Couples Be Allowed to Marry?"
  186. Texas GOP says U.S. is Christian nation
  187. Rumsfeld hides prisoner from the Red Cross
  188. 9/11 panel: No al Qaeda cooperation with Iraq
  189. "Handing" Saddam over..
  190. And so the renaming of everyting to Reagan begins
  191. Supreme Court allows "Under God" on a technicality...
  192. Clinton Hating, STILL?
  193. Popular vote & honor.
  194. Sure glad we took out the "REAL" threat.
  195. The Patriot Act, Who Wrote it, And Why I Like It
  196. A Tribute to Reagan's Words
  197. Patriot Act update
  198. Darfur crisis in Sudan
  199. Some scary things that follow Reagans death.
  200. More banned Iraqi missle parts found in the Netherlands
  201. This should piss 'em off some more
  202. European Elections
  203. Do You See the lines of People paying respects to President Reagan?
  204. Fox Hunting
  205. USA Number 1 (by far!) (in arms at least)
  206. How slimy is negative campaigning?
  207. Reagan - An alternative viewpoint
  208. The Daily Show
  209. FCC is not needed
  210. Giuliani to replace Cheney on ticket?
  211. Contempt of Congress...Ashcroft memo
  213. Great piece on Ronald Reagan
  214. 5 cent gallon of gas.....if you live in Iraq
  215. Clearing Up Some Gun Linguistics
  216. The Real Iraq
  217. Fascism, my new favorite word.
  218. And so the bitterness and hatred shall go on
  219. Iraq and Oil
  220. Reagan's Health Said to Have Deteriorated
  221. Have we been duped into Iraq by the Iranians?
  222. Ashcroft offers reward for Halx
  223. Unique, Individual Political Views - You are not your party.
  224. Gun Control: Number Crunching and Endgame
  225. President or Wannabe leader of christian fundie theocracy?
  226. Gas hits $2.50 in San Francisco
  227. Reinstated draft
  228. if newsrooms were more tilted - they'd be horizontal
  229. Tenet resigns today.
  230. Farenheit 9/11 - Trailer
  231. Anti-descrimination legislation -- why?
  232. Bush sets new record
  233. Enron Traders Caught On Tape - CBS Video
  234. Something a little different (Gun Control)
  235. Cheny gets his hand caught in the Iraqi cookie jar
  236. Are Americans Ignorant to Canadians and Their Culture
  237. Yup....He's from Texas
  238. I am a Republican...
  239. Education vs. Party Affiliation
  240. who hates Bush?
  241. hate Bush?
  242. Why Are Liberals So Eager for the US to Fail?
  243. Just to be curious and maybe show us all something.
  244. State Avg. IQ and who they voted for in 2000
  245. military leaders saying unpleasant things
  246. "Micheal and Me" - an Interview with Michael Moore
  247. The bad news about Iraq
  248. The Global Implications of Free Expression
  249. thoughts on NYU Gore Speech?
  250. Crying wolf about "possible attacks"