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  1. more populist ugliness
  2. Intrade scammed
  3. Not Political (McCain and Obama roast eachother at dinner)
  4. It's pretty obvious who Joe the Plumber is voting for
  5. Taxes, take x+1
  6. LIVE: 3rd debate
  7. Obama as the face of the democratic party
  8. Waterboard Obama?
  9. Tinfoil Attacks
  10. ACORN
  11. Wealth Redistribution and a Moral Imperative
  12. Palin as the face of the republican party
  13. Not WHO you will be voting for, but HOW... ?
  14. so palin abused her power
  15. Build a cabinet
  16. California's Prop 8
  17. Senator Hothead: McCain at the craps table
  18. Obama's TV show - Oct 29th
  19. How much have you lost?
  20. Preparing for the Presidency..
  21. People complained about the moderator of the VP debate... but Brokaw... ?
  22. Local Politics
  23. The questions thread!
  24. Debate 2: M v. O - Who won?
  25. C. McCain called Obama camp dirtist ever
  26. LIVE discussion: Nashville Presidential Debate #2
  27. Obama / Ayers connection
  28. May the most hilarious one win
  29. Your State, Your Vote
  30. The VP debate and the heterosexual hegemony on the family
  31. Bailout & Elections
  32. Interesting vid. Anti-Bailout.
  33. Unionizing the Military
  34. Democratization of "Extremist" States
  35. Are you voting "for" or "against"?
  36. VP Debate, who won?
  37. CANADA: The Debates
  38. VP Debate Online
  39. LIVE discussion thread for the VP debate.
  40. Let me see your 'worst' Obama videos here
  41. Don't forget about us.
  42. Enough to make you sick: Take a look at McCain/Obama's health care plans
  43. Friday's debate online (9/26)
  45. For those of us who do not live in the US.
  46. so i was thinking (vp debate)
  47. Will America come together after this election?
  48. What to do when you hate both candidates?
  49. McCain vs. Obama Debate Live Discussion
  50. Global Warming as a religion
  51. Capital Gains Taxes
  52. Do you blame the media or the people?
  53. Who will you be voting for in the presidential election?
  54. Political Graffiti
  55. Should Friday's Presidential Debate Be Postponed?
  56. Who Cares? -David Foster Wallace on political cynicism
  57. Martial Law in US begins October 1
  58. Name calling
  59. Beauty in Politics
  60. Baillout = Further Capitalist Oligarchy?
  61. Afghanistan / Iraq Absentee Voting
  62. Obama meets Bartlet
  63. New Regulation: Not necessary
  64. Mccain: NO WAY
  65. Judicial vs Executive
  66. How many positions can one candidate have?
  67. ww2 question!
  68. SCOTUS International Influence Waning
  69. The Palin Email Hack
  70. McCain/Palin = Bush/Cheney?
  71. Voter Caging
  72. Altogether now: Drill, Baby, Drill!
  73. Fiorina says Palin not ready
  74. Is It True that President Bush has Been As Unfairly Criticized as Obama Has?
  75. Desperate move or good for the campaign???
  76. Joe's not the best choice
  77. "It's like a really bad Disney movie... "
  78. Palin and rape victims
  79. Obama on Higher Education
  80. downward spiral in afghanistan
  81. Candidate Issues
  82. An Upcoming Conservative Bloc in North America?
  83. CANADA: the Green Party and the Debates
  84. What is a PUB DISCUSSION
  85. Condoleezza Rice: Would she have been a better choice than Palin?
  86. PUB DISCUSSION Why are you voting FOR your presidential candidate? What inspires you?
  87. welcome to the funhouse--making political signifiers
  88. Palin: Iraq war is "a task that is from God"
  89. The quadrennial political puppet show
  90. CANADA: an election this fall?
  91. Hypocrite (definition)
  92. Campaign donations: Have you made any?
  93. PUB DISCUSSION Next US presidency will be historic, First Black Pres. or First Woman VP. Opinion?
  94. live via cell phone from rnc!
  95. Country First?
  96. No talk about the Economy at RNC, why?
  97. PUB DISCUSSION "Civil Disobedience" at RNC
  98. It's all about the power............
  99. mc-cain's campaign mgr: election not about issues
  100. Is Obama being compared to Palin damaging his status?
  101. PUB DISCUSSION Have your opinions changed regarding global warming?
  102. Do you believe that in politics, families are off limit?
  103. Is a federal shield law necessary to protect a free press?
  104. Vetting the GOP VP Nominee Online, in Realtime
  105. What Persuades You That US Corporate News Media Reporting shows a "Liberal Bias" ?
  106. PUB DISCUSSION Serious questions.....
  107. Defense against overzealous cops?
  108. The US provoked the Russia-Georgian skirmish
  109. class stratification is a health issue
  110. on russia
  111. A Nation Divided
  112. Obama knew from 3rd grade
  113. Who will be McCain's Vice President?
  114. A question for Canadians Why are we still in a minority government
  115. guantanomo redux
  116. how should military personnel stand on the political spectrum?
  117. Is McCain Senile?
  118. Hillary Clinton to be put in the nomination at the DNC
  119. few issues with obama
  120. PUB DISCUSSION Transparency in government
  121. contractors in iraq
  122. italy: berlusconi's new fascist move
  123. when 'rights' are 'reasonably restricted',
  124. If the South had won the Civil War, we'd be different how?
  125. (Reality) Who will you pay more taxes with
  126. (Perception) Who will you pay more taxes with?
  127. financial times on the current economic situation
  128. Elect to Elect to Elect
  129. Possibility of an "i-9/11" and "i-Patriot Act"?
  130. Questions about libertarianism
  131. mccain goes negative. in early august?
  132. Do you believe in capitalism?
  133. Outdated Laws @ Other American Antiquities
  134. Glasgow East
  135. PUB DISCUSSION Environment
  136. Raising minimum wage?
  137. PUB DISCUSSION Health Care
  138. What does Obama really think?
  139. Where do you get your political news?
  140. McNews
  141. Diebold tampered with 2002 elections
  142. Latest on Bush's Tax Cuts For The "Rich"
  143. The Torture Thread
  144. Americans are arrogant...
  145. Romney's move to California
  146. Could Packergate Remind People of McCain's Argument Against Torture?
  147. I work with a coalition of McCain supporters ...
  148. US Election: Have you Decided?
  149. Do you think the election will be close in November?
  150. Does Freedom of Religion also mean Freedom from Religion?
  151. Tale of the Yellowcake
  152. Do "Christian" license plates violate the separation clause?
  153. Unusual punishments
  154. Second Amendment
  155. roachboy voted "TFP's best presenter" because of his politics, or in spite of them?
  156. Obama..... weak senator, partisan or dealmaker?
  157. Are we being attacked/invaded yet?
  158. Supreme Court Strikes down DC handgun ban..
  159. Capital Punishment Unconstitutional For Child Rapists
  160. Obama & Dem Leaders Act Same As Bush: Lying Corporatist, Stealing Our Bill of Rights
  161. A little disappointed in Mr. Obama
  162. Is America still the land of opportunity?
  163. Countrywide and Democrats
  164. McCain to drop out?
  165. Bush's successes and failures...
  166. 42 days
  167. Obama's Rhetoric VS What Was Said to Our Great-Grandparents to Attract Their Votes..
  168. Is this how to promote democracy?
  169. Possible Bush Impeachment
  170. Flippity floppity on the carbon tax: Canadian general election on the horizon?
  171. Killing in a War: Murder?
  172. Who will be Obama's Vice President?
  173. oil/food/oil/food
  174. The Credit Crunch
  175. Campaign promises under oath: viable?
  176. Thoughts on the middle East
  177. Obama needs to go to Iraq.
  178. The terrorists have won (again)
  179. Ex White House Press Secretary: a Key Witness to Impeachable Offenses & War Crimes?
  180. Hillary Clinton a Supreme Court Justice?
  181. Libertarians Sidle Up to Barr?
  182. What the hell, Hill?
  183. So Ted Has a Brain Tumor....
  184. "You Can't Soak the Rich" - Dems take note.
  185. 01/20/09 All of Their Planning Is Due to Fear Us, Plan Now For Their Refusal to Leave
  186. Economic Stimulus checks?
  187. Will Brown contest the next General Election?
  188. Is Supporting Obama's Candidacy More Important to You Than Beating McCain in November
  189. Can the Republicans win?
  190. "The EVIDENCE linking Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden to ..9/11 is clear" OK, Where is IT?
  191. more black robed tyranny
  192. Bush launched a sharp but veiled attack Thursday on Sen. Barack Obama
  193. John Edwards Endorses Obama (Breaking News)
  194. Subsidies, Windfall Profits - Just not oil.
  195. Should we (the West) invade Burma?
  196. Is the Republican party done for?
  197. How Did Pledging Allegiance to Israel Become THE Litmus Test of a US Prez Candidacy?
  198. US TV NEWS Refuses to Report the News That They Brainwashed You With Pentagon PSY-OPS
  199. Repubs say NO to Mom?
  200. Does This Society Permit Criticism of Christianty, Mormonism, Judaism, and Islam?
  201. Is Forcing Privately Held Oil Corps into a USPS Model in the Public Interest?
  202. Oil Company Myths
  203. May 6 IN & NC Primaries (was Today's Primaries)
  204. Global Cooling
  205. How would you handle this?
  206. An unpopular solution (Gasoline)
  207. "Why Israel can't survive"
  208. For the first time in my life I didnt vote Labour
  209. "I am Mad as Hell and I Can't Take it Anymore!
  210. What qualities do you want the next U.S. President to have?
  211. The TFP Politics Rules (revised 5/1/08)
  212. A "People's House" or an oligarchy?
  213. Gas Tax Holiday....good idea or not?
  214. gang violence eliminated in DC
  215. Old enough to kill, but not to read Penthouse
  216. a debacle in brooklyn
  217. Common ground: A New Second Amendment
  218. Abstinence vs. Sex Education
  219. just who are the domestic terrorists?
  220. Supreme Court overturns 4th Amendment
  221. If you vote for one party in the primary, shoul you need to vote for the same party..
  222. Big Business Big Gov. Strange Bed Fellows
  223. How Do YOU make a difference??
  224. Are political leanings imprinted in your genes? (A.K.A. Are we wasting time here?)
  225. The Bush Presidency is ever more controversial, can that even be refelected here?
  226. Bush's Supporters; What Is the Appropriate Way to Relate To Them After He Leaves?
  227. Generation X and Y: Do you plan on retiring?
  228. Who Do you Have Less Respect for? Mr. Bush or the People Who Still Support/Defend Him
  229. Guns at work
  230. A tax proposal to piss off everyone
  231. NON-US views on US Elections
  232. Election Burnout?
  233. Is Waterboarding, Torture? Has Pres. Bush Now Admitted to Approving Torture?
  234. Kenyan president names opposition chief prime minister
  235. Zimbabwe - (Merged with: Zimbabwe - Beaten For Voting the Wrong Way)
  236. Who Owns Presidential Documents...You (and me) or the Pres (and his heirs)
  237. Translation: The "Fed" Itself Is Close To Insolvency - Taxpayer Bailout?
  238. The Youngest Political Prisoner
  239. jackie mason gives his opinions of obama and hillary
  240. Democracy: Always an improvement?
  241. More Know Edwards' Haircut Cost & Obama's Bowling Score vs If Saddam Linked to 9/11
  242. US plans for Iraq
  243. What motivates banning books?
  244. Why Is the former Propaganda Minister of a Terrorist Group on FoxNews Staff?
  245. Racist Judge or misunderstood?
  246. US Coup Revealed in Palestinian Territory...Are Bush & His People Israeli Operatives?
  247. Clinton Foundation
  248. Bernanke Is About Making you a Bagholder. I am Imploring You to Sell ASAP!
  249. What's Happening in Basra?
  250. This little piggy...