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  1. Did They Hand this MF Decider the Wrong Script, or Is this "Ground Hog Day"?
  2. The LIE that is the Democratic Party
  3. 3 possibilities....
  4. South Korean hostages in Afganistan - What would you do?
  5. July 19, 2007 Bush Has Declared Himself Dictator of the U.S. ....and Our Response?
  6. Bush's Executive Order: Blocking Property
  7. Unfair Taxation?
  8. Support for the troops?
  9. The looming crisis
  10. Does the Belief that MSM News has Liberal Bias Intensify Partisan Division?
  11. Perhaps...it really is time?
  12. WAR
  13. New Talking Points: Conservatives More Compassionate & Giving than Liberals
  14. Robin Williams - The Plan!
  15. The geography of faith
  16. My turn to bring up Clinton
  17. Cheney may be in the DC madam's little black book
  18. Now...can we agree?
  19. GOP blowing cops for $20
  20. Beneath The Surface, Americans Are Ambivalent About Diversity
  21. Oh Ye'...of little faith
  22. America in Reverse
  23. Can Partisan Spin Rehab 3rd Consecutive GOP President's "Rep" But Kill Our Pol.Forum
  24. The Ron Paul 08 thread! Step on in and learn about him :)
  25. Scooter Libby, "fallen Soldier", or "Hit Man" for Criminal Presidency ?
  26. It's Time !
  27. Al Gore's Son Arrested On Drug Suspicion
  28. Tec Take #3
  29. Tecs Take #2
  30. Tecs Take #1
  31. libby sentence commuted - why the fuss?
  32. Official Declaration of War Against Bush - Cheney and their Republican Supporters
  33. Comparing Scooter's Supporters'l Apoplexy RE:His Jailing vs. Treatment of Ex. Dem Gov
  34. The New Soviet Union
  35. Executive Secrecy
  36. What the fuck is a right?
  37. VP is not a part of the Executive?
  38. MSNBC: Journalists & Editors Overwhelmingly Donate to Democratic Oriented Campaigns
  39. Obstructionist Congress
  40. Iraq was not invaded for oil
  41. Defending ourselves against our government
  42. Driving...a right or privilege?
  43. Should public schools be allowed to force students to perform community service?
  44. Sicko *with spoilers*
  45. African aid is crippling Africa
  46. iraq: there really was no plan
  47. Welcome home...Thanks for...uh.....
  48. Still dealing with Katrina.
  49. Why don't athletes who test positive for steroids get arrested?
  50. The capitalist dictatorship
  51. Bush Appointed Judge Orders Libby to Report to Jail
  52. Why do we bother?
  53. Ok....Can Anyone Tell Me Why Congress Does Not Impeach Bush Now?
  54. Vatican urges end to Amnesty aid
  55. Educate me on "gun control"
  56. civil war in gaza?
  57. 1981 Intelligence rules may be tossed by the White House?
  58. The decider....for true
  59. Is there really an illegal immigration crisis in the US?
  60. Congestion Pricing in New York City
  61. The Karl Rove Thread....
  62. Meet the new surgeon general
  63. Bring Canadian Omar Khadr Home from Guatanamo?
  64. What Are Your Impressions of the 3rd Republican 2008 Presidential Candidates Debate?
  65. Libby Poll
  66. Democratic Congressman William Jefferson Finally Indicted
  67. In the US & UK, are we "Living in a Time of Universal Deceit"?
  68. This pisses me off....
  69. turkish military build-up on the iraq border
  70. Editorialising and the News: Fact, Opinion, and Untruth
  71. I think something bad is going to happen...Part 2
  72. Runoff: homophobia, hate crimes, and tyrany?
  73. Republican Fred Thompson officially Announces Candidacy for President. Good News, Or?
  74. Are Supporters of the VP and Libby Aiding and Abetting War Time Treasonous Acts ?
  75. And thus, Cindy Sheehan hangs up her peace sign
  76. nuclear power as the energy answer?
  77. Accurate Pre-War Intel...it exists!!
  78. Texas speaker claims unchecked power
  79. Damning Senate Intel Report, Released After 3 Years Delay, Over Republican Objections
  80. The definition of Ironic
  81. Global warming helps slow climate change
  82. Finally, real proof of rigged elections. How long until we take action, America?
  83. Does Bush really say what he means and do what he says - part II
  84. Dems betray public, give into Bush
  85. Why do we even need primaries?
  86. The Illustrious "I told You So" Prize
  87. I think something bad is going to happen...
  88. Is Al Gore Giving Dianne Sawyer a Prescription to Revive this Dead Forum & US Focus?
  89. Though our Constitution's Bond and Gagged and They've Chained it to a Chair
  90. Interesting Climate Model
  91. Does George W. Bush really say what he means and do what he says?
  92. Support Our Troops: Stop Bush
  93. A reasonable solution to the Iraq funding statement....or not?
  94. Not for the humor impaired
  95. Is America's Response to Death of NOLA & Pat Robertsonized Fed Gov,another Huey Long?
  96. "The Right" Unleashes Itself on Bill Moyers...
  97. No Surprise Here: Bill O'Reilly is a Spin Doctor
  98. Supporting Our Troops: Mental Health
  99. Last Night's Reagan "Love Fest" of Republican Presidential Candidates
  100. Wolfowitz the "Iraq war architect" ?
  101. Embassy Baghdad
  102. Jon Stewart on Bill Moyers
  103. Shoddy Reconstruction Work in Iraq
  104. Let's talk about Mike Gravel
  105. Has The US DOJ, Itself been Politicized into a Criminal Enterprise?
  106. George Tenet's New Book: Is US in Iraq Similar "Aggressive War" Charged at Nuremberg
  107. Can They Really Be Getting Away With This, Right Under Our Noses, All This Time ?
  108. Why is GOP & Conservative "Message" Delivered by such a Tiny Media "Fringe"?
  109. Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney
  110. Words can't describe...
  111. Presidential Idol
  112. So Tired of the "It's Both Parties" Denial/Dismissal
  113. Apparently, Politicians are Doctors in Disguise...
  114. If you could grill Gonzales ...
  115. Media Ownership and Telecom Consolidation
  116. "Buying the War" - PBS, April 25th
  117. Canada: Belinda is leaving Politics
  118. Letter sent by Dr Judy Wood to directed energy weapons pros re: 9/11 WTC
  119. Do you think John Stewart/Colbert could run this country?
  120. Imus...
  121. Bush, an afront to Natural Selection
  122. When We Noticed it At FEMA, The Extremist Politicization was Destroying DOJ, too.
  123. They're Still Doing it.....Still Lying while US Troops are Dying in Iraq for???
  124. this is why it should be easy to remove a sitting judge
  125. George W. Bush thinks we're stupid. I think he's right.
  126. "American Idol"
  127. Newt Gingrich: "Abolish Bilingual Education"
  128. Hubris (video NSW)
  129. A tale of 2 Families
  130. Glow in the dark Arse-ies!
  131. Evils of Military Commission Act
  132. If you could change your country or start your own, what would you do?
  133. If you had one question...
  134. The main source of the problems with countries like Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan
  135. I'm Chiquita Banana and I've Come to Say...
  136. This is what is wrong with the USA... (Caution adult language and attitude)
  137. America's Greatest Enemy
  138. Dimwit calls Laura a \!/ !!
  139. Democrats favor PORK, just like republicans.
  140. Alberto GONEzales?
  141. Who is worse; George Bush or Hugo Chavez?
  142. Liberal video
  143. 'Why I Fled George Bush's War'
  144. Neat Political Animation on Privacy
  145. D.C. Gun Ban Overturned.
  146. The Lies that led to War
  147. The Beginning of the End of the Patriot Act?
  148. Bush in Brazil , seeks new deal against the Amazon rainforest
  149. Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe
  150. To the Folks Who Post that They Don't Post Here, Anymore.....
  151. Making government more open and accountable
  152. three cheers for socialism
  153. "Scooter" Libby Found Guilty
  154. Prosecutors getting fired and replaced with Bush Brown-nosers
  155. 1992 Redux: Will "it's the economy, stupid", Be The Big Campaign Issue?
  156. Liberal Bias? Where?
  157. The war in Burma
  158. terrorist begets more terrorists?
  159. Getting away with murder in New Jersey
  160. strategy changes on iraq?
  161. the bush administration's fear of poetry
  162. Al Gore Just Won an Oscar. and All We Got Was....
  163. Have the Dems learned from the Republicans only too well?
  164. In case anyone doesn't think the FCC sucks...
  165. Presidential "Electabilty"
  166. Where's the old heated debate?
  167. A great choice but little chance?
  168. Popular Opinion on Iraq War
  169. When posting articles in reference
  170. Relevant and reputable sources
  171. "Reds" on DVD after 25 years....and what about those "centrist" politics of yours ???
  172. Non-binding resolution
  173. Your thoughts on President 2.0
  174. The U.S., Canada, and Mahar Arar
  175. Tragic Comedy
  176. powerclown.... is this an example of "the problem"?
  177. Some of You Voted Twice for Officials Who Don't "Support Our Troops"
  178. Don't Insult Our Saudi Masters
  179. We are done, this world is done
  180. Is the President Really the President, Or....?
  181. What happens if the Middle East fights a major civil war?
  182. The Middle East in their own words...
  183. Idiot Judge May have Freed First Lieutenant Ehren Watada
  184. 12 billion dollars vaporizes in iraq
  185. Legislating Common Sense
  186. A Beginning?
  187. Bush takes aim at executive salaries
  188. Problem with so many candidates.....
  189. "support our troops" offensive to troops?
  190. pentagon partisianship?
  191. Patraeus confirmation hypocrisy?
  192. Is Chavez good for Venezuelans?
  193. SOTU Address: Is This What a Failed Presidency Looks Like?
  194. How Did This Guy Get a Pass From the Liberal Media,The Hudson Inst. & Reagan's Admin?
  195. Is the Income Tax legal ?
  196. Health care....Fix?
  197. I'm In!
  198. Chinese Demonstrate Ability to Destroy Satellites, Is it Time to Destroy China Yet?
  199. WaPo Exposť:Bush/RNC Croney Lurita Doan is "GSA Chief Seeks to Cut Budget For Audits"
  200. What about Iraq?
  201. Help me out here, are they trying to persuade al-Qaeda not to "hate us
  202. Specialist Lee Tucker
  203. Political Satire "Face Off", Is One Side of the Political Spectrum Better At It?
  204. New Muslim sitcom...
  205. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
  206. State Solutions to Healthcare
  207. Maybe more of a vent than debate..
  208. One Decision down, Two to go...is Mr. Bush Daring Congress to Impeach Him?
  209. Global minimum wage?
  210. Maybe...this time
  211. Does this make sense....At All?
  212. international congress on iraq? chirac's modest proposal
  213. Are the Thugs and Corrupt and Mediocre Partisans Destroying the USA?
  214. Signing statements/Mail privacy
  215. get ready to bend over, Pittsburgh
  216. One World Government?
  217. Hi to all Readers, wondering what to write in my first message
  218. Saddam is hanged - How about his accomplices ?
  219. The money and banking system - what are money ?
  220. Polar Bears, Global Warming and Bush.
  221. Why Isn't the Reaction to this, A Call for Violent Revolution or "Tax the Rich"?
  222. Hispanic Groups Call For Moratorium On Work Raids
  223. How freedom will die in the USA
  224. More Troops?
  225. The case for third party alternatives in the US
  226. Varieties of darkness...
  227. Economy: Fed Manipulating Statistics (again)
  228. Censoring Science?
  229. Michael Crichton's "small penis/child rapist Revenge Against Critic of his Politics
  230. Illness could shift balance of power in Senate
  231. Outsourcing Bonanza: Vietnamese Trade Normalization
  232. Where is the Outrage???
  233. Are the GWOT and the "anti liberal media" noise machine, similar overreactions?
  234. Democrats first move: No more earmarks until reform.
  235. New Intelligence Chairman?
  236. meta-question
  237. Fare thee well, John Bolton, we hardly knew ye...
  238. conservative economic ideology and iraq
  239. the next genocide in somalia?
  240. A democrat never changes its spots
  241. Support our troops....
  242. Iran helping Iraq: what does it mean?
  243. Cut and Run: The Only Brave Thing to Do?
  244. Faith and Politics: Evangelical Support for Israel
  245. Will New Democratic Party Controlled Congress, Investigate Secret Republican "Orgs"?
  246. Legality of a revote
  247. Nancy Pelosi has a problem
  248. Chairmanship Changes & Potential Impact
  249. Maher to out gay Republicans; and CNN censorship
  250. The times, they are a changin'