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  1. How much bi-partisan spirit can we expect from a POTUS who renames the rival party?
  2. International Reaction to the Midterms
  3. So.....
  4. Limbaugh today..... anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Donald Rumsfeld Resigning
  6. My Midterm Analysis
  7. prognostications based on election results?
  8. Dems ahead by 11744 now in VA...control 51 senate seats,Next:Karl Rove
  9. Close races that would bring balance
  10. Like OMG voter fraud!
  11. What kind of voting machine did you use?
  12. Democrats should leave the joke-telling to Clinton!
  13. Why are we paying for this...
  14. Near 100% Screening at L.A. Port
  15. Will there be long lines at the polls on Tuesday?
  16. Deficit Economy Booming
  17. Today's "News" from "one side of the aisle"
  18. Bush approval rating tracker
  19. US Military says: Time for Rumsfeld to go
  20. All your State Defenses are belong to Dear Leader.
  21. IQ and Politics - Do lower income, lower IQ voters, Elect our Leaders?
  22. We can't change direction ....would be a victory for our enemies. So they control Us?
  23. The new election fraud
  24. Kerry's ill thought out joke
  25. WMD Movement "Evidence" from Duelfer
  26. Fareed Zakaria: Rethinking Iraq
  27. Why Is It That There Is No Discussion on Politics Threads?
  28. Saddam's verdict to be handed down Nov. 5th
  29. in the hopes of On topic discussion, a continuation
  30. Explain something to me about Libertarianism
  31. My election guide from La Raza
  32. Is One of the Two Major US Political Parties Dramatically More Fiscally Responsible
  33. Campaign Ad re:Harold Ford. Click for a laugh.
  34. Let the Election Fraud Begin!
  35. Pro-marijuana legalization ballots in Nevada & Colorado
  36. Bush: ‘We’ve Never Been Stay The Course’
  37. Stem Cell Research
  38. Some HRs the Dems currently have in the bin....
  39. Time for an October Surprise ?....US Military Assets Assembling in the Persian Gulf
  40. 1st Phone Call From Our Son, Deployed By Military To GWOT Frontline
  41. Can't we all just get along?
  42. Muslim scholars send letter to Pope urging mutual tolerance and respect
  43. Another way for the govt to steal money
  44. Well, I just love useless bill submissions by congress
  45. If You Believe "the Left is Looney" and the "News Media has a Liberal Bias"
  46. Kerry in '08: Good or bad move?
  47. Chinese sharpshooter picks off tibetan refugees.
  48. President's agenda for today: Armageddon . . .
  49. Air America
  50. GI Jane a Bad Idea?
  51. Complacency and the Last Days of Oil Suburbia
  52. How many dead is too much?
  53. Mexico may take fence dispute to U.N.
  54. From Federal Budget Surplus, to Disaster, in Just Six Years
  55. Whats wrong with this picture?
  56. Split thread: The shift of Tenn. voters toward Republican candidates
  57. Be honest, what would it take for you to change your views on political parties
  58. the fjordman report
  59. These quotes would be a riot!
  60. The great illusion...
  61. Negative campaign ads
  62. powell didn't resign...
  63. Should/Can the President be able to pardon himself
  64. How do conservatives view torture?
  65. Just 10 Minutes of your time.....
  66. Is the protection of rights enough to ensure a democracy? Or is Virtue needed?
  67. Democrats weak on defense 97 reasons.
  68. Canada: Stephen Harper at La Francophonie
  69. NY Times:Repub Leaders Hastert & Boehner Cover Up Closeted Foley's emails to boys.
  70. Senate approves torture for terrorists
  71. How do Liberals View Business?
  72. Splitting the 9th circuit, could it happen?
  73. Canada in Afghanistan
  74. Dick Morris on Clinton/Wallace
  75. If I Could.......I Would:
  76. Finaly ONE senator understands global warming (long, scroll button)
  77. Emerging Economic Powers, and the US' place in the Future (NO LEFT V RIGHT ALLOWED)
  78. Chavez flatters and lies.
  79. Talk Radio...who is really allowed to "talk"
  80. Vietnam:Reagan's "Noble War", The Left forced the US to fight with one hand tied,Or?
  81. Has Foxnews' Chris Wallace Questioned Bush admin. officials like he did to Clinton?
  82. The effectiveness of the War on Terror
  83. Is Bin Laden Dead?
  84. Can Saddam get a fair trial - and does it matter?
  85. It's time to start taking other world leaders seriously
  86. Taking Stock of Lebanon
  87. Walmart is at it again.
  88. I agree with Chavez
  89. "‘We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now."
  90. The current left vs. right fantasy
  91. The Pope and the West are "doomed"
  92. republican cronyism and debacle in iraq
  93. Jimmy Carter working to weakening the USA
  94. A Diary of Electronic Voting
  95. Novak sets up the bomb.....
  96. test non-lethal weapons on US mobs?
  97. L. Brent Bozell's Websites Take on "The Liberal Media"
  98. The War on Terror
  99. 9/11 Fifth Anniversary: Discuss Our Leaders' Versions of What They Did That Morning
  100. 9/11 Fifth Anniversary: Our Leaders
  101. more proof of the reality of the "war on terror"
  102. About censorship
  103. The 14 Characteristics of Fascism
  104. So Long Taliban; Hello Heroin
  105. President Bush: Honest Head of State, Who Observes/Upholds International Treaties,Or?
  106. Interesting Article on the Middle Class
  107. ok, whats going on with all the oil?
  108. Can corporations be evil? I don't think so.
  109. What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA
  110. The Arab-Israeli Conflict & the Media
  111. The American Enterprise Institute
  112. Bringing Moderation Back - Israel
  113. A New Era in TFP Politics
  114. Fake TV Documentary 'Death of a President' Praised, Panned
  115. The Plame affair.......
  116. Mainstream Media Fails Again.. and Again
  117. Lottery form of elections for House of Reps
  118. Is Catherine Harris, the Hero in the FLA 2000 Vote Recount, a Mainstream Republican?
  119. Teacher burns a flag
  120. It is now illegal to carry large amounts of cash on you
  121. Why Oil, Gold, Silver, Nickel, and the Canadian Dollar, Cost More
  122. illegal claiming sanctuary
  123. VERY interesting article debunking the liquid explosive myth
  124. liquid explosives found in carry on luggage
  125. hersh's new yorker article on lebanon
  126. An Example of Liberal Media Smear of a College and it's Winning Team.
  127. And many in the West wonder why Hezbollah are so popular
  128. Let the Riots Begin...uh....not
  129. Graham crackers
  130. 2008 Democratic Primary Speculation
  131. Is Anyone Who Terrorizes Americans, Exempt from being Labeled a Terrorist?
  132. Bush & Blair Knew & Both Went on Vacation; Is the Code Red Terror Alert Legitimate?
  133. Huh ?
  134. Does Hezbollah have the right to be in Lebanon?
  135. Were the American Indians "terrorists"
  136. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, 21st Century American Government
  137. When gun control doesn't work....
  138. First amendment now subjective
  139. Why do 'they' hate us
  140. Pallywood
  141. What exactly does it take to restore our freedoms?
  142. Impeach 9th circuit Justice Stephen Reinhardt
  143. Photos that damn Hezbollah
  144. the feds suing the states....WTF????
  145. A question about the history of gun ownership
  146. closer to oligarchy
  147. Christian Fundy effect on official policy: Israel, Global Warming, Stem Cell, Schiavo
  148. the rigidity of power
  149. The root of islamic fundamentalism
  150. innocent lives vs. militarized SWAT teams
  151. Border Control
  152. Gun control is our gravest national security threat
  153. Israel invades Lebanon, Hezbollah attacks N. Israel
  154. Uses of the word "terrorism"
  155. Post Proof Here: Plame's employment & NSA telecom & SWIFT Program were not "Secrets"
  156. Rove was the leak
  157. The 14 Worst Corporations
  158. The NY Times vs. The President. Who determines the People's Legitimate Right to Know?
  159. So what is the Rub?
  160. What is going to happen with North Korea?
  161. New Jersey Shuts Down-mini-rant
  162. The Need for Anonymity
  163. To What Purpose?
  164. Lacking seperation of church and state:
  165. More Gitmo Insanity
  166. Who should pay for this?
  167. Chemical Attack Against Israel?
  168. Talking politics around here and some changes
  169. No Flag Burning Amendment
  170. An interesting experience with a soldier
  171. Yucca Mountain
  172. The Judiciary vs. the Executive...
  173. Minumum wage
  174. Moore Defeated
  175. Jury Duty - Pain or Privilege
  176. Supply Side Economics Is Working.
  177. Asymetric warfare is coming for you!
  178. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead
  179. Will people move to states where their views are the norm?
  180. Haditha
  181. SIRA and why it's bad for you...
  182. fifth amendment
  183. Canada: Terrorist Cell broken
  184. The "C Word"
  185. How Does Someone Go About Dodging The Draft
  186. Further Proof
  187. and even more first amendment infringement
  188. California police can now enter your home w/o a warrant
  189. Third party possibilities?
  190. Spiegel Interview with President Ahmadinejad
  191. Reason to think twice
  192. Where's the common sense on immigration?
  193. Is the USA a police state yet?
  194. Enron's Skilling Convicted of Insider Trading....and Mr. Bush ?
  195. It's Time to Teach China a Lesson
  196. It's because they're BETTER than the rest of us
  197. Unsolicited Political Talk
  198. Ethanol future?
  199. Housing Bubble Busted
  200. Should Newsweek Report U.S. Abuse of the Afghan Who Rescued the Wounded Navy Sea?
  201. Journalist's phone records used in investigations.
  202. Clinton vs. Bush Poll Results & Is it Time for Al Gore to Run & Win Again?
  203. 2008 Early Candidacy
  204. NSA phone database controversy
  205. Bush's last 31%:Too Many Complicated Scandals for "Liberal" Press to Explain to Them?
  206. Ahmadinejad's Letter to Bush
  207. Why did Goss resign?
  208. Reverse Latino discrimination in Public School
  209. Like Father, Like Son
  210. Smalles Political Quiz
  211. British locals
  212. Bolivia goes insane - gas prices sure to rise
  213. The Hidden Influence of JINSA and CSP on Conservative Opinion
  214. Fourth Amendment
  215. (Video) Stephen Colbert At The White House Correspondents Dinner
  216. 9/11 Flight 93 Film Opens In Theaters. Is it a Tribute to Heroes or Just Propaganda
  217. Do YOU think Iran is developing nuclear weapons?
  218. Terrorism is the new Eurasia/Eastasia...
  219. The Life Span of a Republic
  220. Did Cheney Lie about Amnesty International and Admit to War Crimes?
  221. Third amendment
  222. Clarification Requested
  223. Pink (Live) - Dear Mr President
  224. Karl Rove Replaced By Fake "Protestor" of Miami-Dade Vote Recount in 2000
  225. Ex Illinois Gov Ryan Convicted & Liberal Press Hides His Party Affiliation
  226. Are Americans Welcome to Live in Mexico?
  227. Military Criticism of Civilian Leadership
  228. When run of the mill propaganda won't work, who do you hire?
  229. It's a wonderful world...or it is just liberal?
  230. What do you know about Iran?
  231. Second Amendment
  232. This just screams out that TSA/GOV has no common sense
  233. Constitutional Interpretation
  234. Do you think the US has a plan to attack Iran?
  235. Helen Thomas asks White House: "Is the U.S. going to attack Iran?"
  236. Who is John McCain?
  237. Another detrimental law being considered
  238. Canada: Liberal Leadership
  239. Economic Boom, Detested President, how to run in '06 and '08?
  240. About that california thing again...
  241. First Amendment
  242. Mass to vote on universal healthcare
  243. Net neutrality under attack
  244. Immigration & Wage Suppression
  245. Academic Report on U.S. "Israel Lobby" & Is Israel a U.S. Ally?
  246. a cool map (globalization)
  247. Guilt by Association
  248. Who's wrong here?
  249. GDP & the Sinking Economy
  250. Question Regarding Gun Opinions