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  1. I hear the Scopes-Monkey Trial isn't in Kansas history textbooks...
  2. Ideological idiocy
  3. Spokane Mayor, Another Republican Foe of Gay Rights is Outed
  4. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker not extinct! Let's celebrate by logging more of its habitat.
  5. IEDs Exploded at British Consulate in NYC.... ??
  6. Big Brother wants to know everything about you......
  7. Human Guinea Pigs: Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on foster children
  8. Abortion rights: stay polarized or compromise?
  9. Fair Taxing....?
  10. Judge rules 13 year old Florida Girl can have abortion
  11. Congressman John Conyers wants to know if Bush lied about WMD
  12. One more judicial thread, though strictly confined.
  13. MSNBC - Two U.S. F-18s reportedly collide over Iraq
  14. Interested in what the US Goverment doesn't want you to know?
  15. Pat Robertson: Federal judges are worse than Al-Qaeda
  16. British Elections in 3 days, your choice.
  17. UK Elections and TV coverage
  18. Im properly going to get shit for this
  19. In the Senate, only Republicans vote against providing armored Humvees for our troops
  20. ABC Nightline:14 Fed. Justice Officials 1980's Misconduct: False Prosecution
  21. culture wars - someone help me!
  22. All together now: Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are L - I - A - R - S
  23. Texas School Board Adds Bible Class
  24. It's time to ban gay books
  25. Political Litmus Tests for Technical Confrences
  26. Pro-GOP business groups refuse to back the nuclear option
  27. The Democratic Parties Royalty Fight It Out!
  28. Delay is at it again. He wants to appoint politically religous juges
  29. Finding the middle ground: The Six Moderate Senators
  30. Would someone please...
  31. Santorum's Latest Corporate Welfare Bill
  32. Forsaken Roots
  33. Politics - Reality Soap Opera Entertainment
  34. the new pope,whats really in this guys past?
  35. Scalia and a gallon of Astroglide
  36. Jane Fonda, Kerry, Prescott & GHW Bush,& Reagan Traitors?=Bush & Nixon War Criminals?
  37. Does anything go right at the Air Force Academy?
  38. Hati, Aristide, and what can be done.
  39. Ann Coulter on the cover of Time Magazine
  40. more abortions = less crime?
  41. Any avid watchers of c-span?
  42. What Do You KNOW About The Status of Post War Iraq or of the War on Terror?
  43. John Pilger - Palestine
  44. Sexual assualt in high school
  45. Is there a bigger scumbag than Harry Reid?
  46. If I say, "Nigger", And mean no offense, do I still offend
  47. A Black Scholar in Politically Correct Academia
  48. Filibustering Judges is Anti-Christian
  49. Prisons, my view and yours
  50. Kiss Chapter 7's goodbye. Thank you Pres. Bush
  51. The bucks stops.....over there
  52. Christian Fundamentalist Pornography?
  53. Americans Support Blog Censorship
  54. BSE coverup in the USA?
  55. spinning globalization?
  56. John McCain takes a stand against changing the filibuster
  57. Oink! Oink!
  58. Are we heading towards communism?
  59. Florida to legalize public dueling
  60. The Environmental Protection Agency Takes On A New Role
  61. Schiavo talking points memo...fake?
  62. When pharmacists refuse, market is best medicine
  63. Canada: Is the Gomery Inquiry going to bring down the Liberals?
  64. Iraqis demand reality TV
  65. British General Election
  66. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX): Violence against judges is political
  67. TFP Annoyances
  68. Kudos to John Danforth for Speaking Out Against Republican "Religious Agenda"
  69. Tell me what's wrong with this income tax model
  70. Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky called "fiction-writers" by By James DeMeo, Ph.D.
  71. The Attrocities of Christopher Columbus
  72. Are They Turning the U.S.into the fundamentalist christian republic of America?
  73. Shoukd We "Move On" or Take to the Streets?
  74. Nuclear missiles discovered in hidden Iraqi bunkers
  75. Koran scholar: US will cease to exist in 2007
  76. Is there a bigger scumbag than Tom Delay?
  77. Veggie Pope?
  78. What can I say....
  79. Not pleased with my party at this time
  80. Woman Sues Over N.C. Anti-Cohabitation Law
  81. I Am a Liberal, But I Am Amoral ??? Compared to What?
  82. AARP: The Real Heavyweight on Social Security
  83. College Faculties and the free marketplace of ideas, not
  84. MSNBC Sez; 61 yrs. old High Ranking BSA Official Guilty of Having Male Child Porn
  85. Time to throw in the towel?
  86. political parties...
  87. Mind Siege - Tim LaHaye & David Nobel: A Call to Arms?
  88. the best form of Economy...
  89. A taste of what Bush has for us...
  90. Saudis' chartered flights: The debate was heightened by the filmmaker Michael Moore
  91. Neal Boortz commentary on Terri Schiavo issue, entitled "Because She's Earned It"
  92. Seperation of Church and Conservatism
  93. Political Bake Sale
  94. NRA Says Teachers Should Have Guns
  95. Native Americans Criticize Bush's Silence on Red Lake
  96. Nice to see someone asking the tough questions
  97. Smut's Insidious Threat
  98. GOP on the brink of losing on the nuclear option
  99. Would you personally pull the plug on Schiavo?
  100. 1 of the truths about tax cuts:
  101. How/when will the US current acount deficit turn around.
  102. Are the Highest Response "Politics" Thread Subjects Least Likely to Impact Any of Us?
  103. If you were in Terri Schiavo's shoes, what would you want done?
  104. Is there some sort of daily Right Wing Memo?
  105. secrecy of US government
  106. Americans heavily disapprove of gov't action in Schiavo case
  107. Playgirl editor fired after admitting being Republican
  108. US misleads Allies
  109. GOP needs a name change
  110. What is the value of compromise?
  111. Long Term Thinking
  112. Wolfowitz nominated to head world bank?
  113. It Appears that Bush & Cheney Are Wrong on Oil Policy, When Are These Guys Right?
  114. Men are better than women at being cops
  115. Nuclear option in the Senate: Opinions
  116. Common Ground Exp.1: Universal Healthcare
  117. I need some help guys!
  118. Does anyone think this is a good thing?
  119. Paid Propaganda
  120. A Different Take on Iran
  121. The Prevention of Terrorism Bill
  122. Bathroom Humor - Politicians can be funny sometimes
  123. Is this good news for the "War on Terrorism"?
  124. Ward Churchill's Buyout
  125. University of CO professor Reprimanded
  126. Corporate Backstabbing at (WorkPlace Politics)
  127. Political Experiment: Common Ground
  128. Bankruptcy Reform: Are Bush & Republican Legislators "Betraying" Their Constituents ?
  129. Is Founder and Publisher of Captol Hill Blue, Doug Thompson, Criticism Premature?
  130. Race as a Factor in College Admissions/AA and MLK
  131. We're number 37!! We're number 37!!
  132. Incompetence, deliberate or a genuine mistake?
  133. And China ramps up
  134. The Politics of Hotel Rwanda
  135. Iran Tells Everybody to "Stick It"
  136. Michael Moore exposed
  137. Fatal Flaw in "No Child Left Behind Act"
  138. Is Greenspan a "Hack"?
  139. Hiring based on a person's religion: Good or Bad?
  140. Smoking Ban
  141. Are the Feb. 18 Harris Iraq Poll Results "The triumph of Opinion Over News"?
  142. Iraqis demonstrate against terrorism
  143. Farmers should know that you reap what you sow.
  144. Free Speech vs $1,560,000.00 Speech
  145. Foreigners Adopting More African-American Babies
  146. Anyone else getting bored in here????
  147. Was it More Balls or Hypocrisy to Publicly Lecture Putin About Democracy?
  148. Finally, a pro life bill that liberals can agree on
  149. currency crash?
  150. judicial nominee circus ready to begin
  151. Has The White House and Texas Republican Party Lied About Ties To Jeff Gannon And Why
  152. Protection for doctors
  153. Medical Malpractice
  154. Why does America try to force democracy?
  155. Has Bush Become Too Isolated and Controversial To Even Be A Benefit To His Supporters
  156. File Sharing Not Dead
  157. Canada backs out of North American missile defence system
  158. Is anyone actually worried about global warming?
  159. The AARP loves gays and hates America
  160. First SpongeBob gets it for being gay, now Shrek
  161. Compassion, Canadian Style
  162. The founding fathers don't care about you or your religious causes.
  163. A big win for the 1st Amendment
  164. Voting against the separation of church and state
  165. FCC and News
  166. Son of Satan promoted by Bush again.
  167. Paul Martin on Gay Marriage
  168. Martial Law coming to a city near you
  169. What is the "Uriah Syndrome"
  170. Michael Moore Exposed Truth about our Leaders' Wartime Commitment
  171. Iran Freedom and Support Act of 2005 Introduced in Senate
  172. Looks like we're going to have a "draft" after all
  173. Refute Democratic Policy here! (but with facts)
  174. Using eminent domain to take church-owned property
  175. You Gotta be Kidding Me
  176. Kyoto Protocol enters in action
  177. Bash the Dems here (but with facts)
  178. U.S. pulling Ambassador out of Syria
  179. Popular Mechanis & the fire in Madrid
  180. Do Religious Right's Beliefs Pose Threat to U.S.?
  181. Academic 'Bill of Rights' or Government Censorship?
  182. 65% of Americans support teaching creationism in public schools
  183. The future of the world
  184. Opinion poll "Dean"
  185. Memo...and Rice
  186. What is your political affiliation (or do you even have one)?
  187. Blair Apology to 'terrorists'
  188. How much do you value the right to vote?
  189. Thanks For The Memories
  190. A Proposal for the new Liberal
  191. Is the White House doing more harm than good...
  192. Political parties should be unconstitutional
  193. Bill sets fine for low-riding pants
  194. Looks like N. Korea's on the agenda now too...
  195. Your thoughts wanted here.
  196. So... Iran IS on the agenda.
  197. Bush Puts The "Big" Back in Big Government
  198. Mental health of the president and electorate
  199. Formal ceasefire between Israel & Palestine
  200. what did you expect?
  201. A Deconstruction
  202. The American Conservative, "Hunger for Dictatorship"
  203. Hypothetical...home budget
  204. How to truly "cure" SS
  205. "Choose Death" License Plates
  206. Survey sheds new light on Arab views of West
  207. State of the Union online?
  208. New York's same-sex marriage ban struck down
  209. Make it Stop....I Can't Take Anymore, Can You?
  210. The GOP gets caught in yet another media scam
  211. Anti-Semitic ads in the Washington Times
  212. Bush's plan to forfeit your SS account profits
  213. Inheritance of Email
  214. Bush pledges big foreign aid to Palestine. Should we do it?
  215. How adultery is punished in Islamic nations
  216. Sunni muslims question Iraq vote verocity
  217. Fact check
  218. Tens of thousands of Iraqi voters were turned away
  219. Fox News Buys Al-Jazeera
  220. Judge declares military tribunals in Guantanamo unconstitutional
  221. Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder
  222. Evolution Takes a Back Seat in U.S. Classes
  223. Was Bush Right?
  224. Virginia's "Traditional Marriage" License Plate
  225. Gorbachev Calls Iraqi Elections 'Fake'
  226. Is forced freedom still freedom?
  227. Students these days don't mind government censorship
  228. Motor nerves successfully grown from stem cells
  229. Red State Road Trip Videos -- Highly Recommended
  230. Christian ultimatum to Bush on the gay marriage amendment
  231. What was Cheney thinking? Nothing?
  232. Electoral College
  233. Bush spends $6.1 billion on 23 helicopters
  234. Who will win the Iraqi Election?
  235. The most obvious problem with the Iraqi elections..
  236. Iraqis Abroad Voting?
  237. Iraqi Elections: Poll
  238. Did I do that?
  239. Thinking of responding to this pro-life editorial, but not sure where to start.
  240. The Minimum Wage Argument: Is it too Low?
  241. PBS show 'banned' for depicting gay couples.
  242. Today's economic news, thanks George
  243. Bush payoffs to yet another journalist are uncovered
  244. Pat Buchanan claims Bush is NOT a true or tough conservative?
  245. Interesting new take on Affirmative Action
  246. Founding Fathers? So what?
  247. The Armstrong Williams saga
  248. My sentiments exactly.
  249. Broader search rules for the police ...
  250. National 'No Name-Calling' Week Irks Conservatives