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  1. History and Philosophy: Tilted By Poetry
  2. subliminal advertising
  3. Golden Rule doesn't apply to your children?(Kind of a rant)
  4. happy day.....
  5. Tolerance a slippery slope?
  6. Confrontational thread: Raising your kids in a religion is wrong
  7. Scientists debate blending of human, animal forms...
  8. head or heart?
  9. "It's a good idea!"
  10. Pain man made or not?
  11. Greatest Event in History
  12. To sleep, To Dream, Does the baby have to scream?
  13. You're not going to believe this
  14. Issue of confidence
  15. As a mother, Im gonna brag
  16. Argue to Christianity
  17. kids and computer programming
  18. Parenting my Parents
  19. question of physics
  20. Threads regarding evolution/creationism
  21. the infinality of knowledge
  22. let's see some eVidEncE
  23. The Role of Culture in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences
  24. Free Will??
  25. how do deaf people think
  26. Are beliefs a choice?
  27. Let's See Some Evidence
  28. Thoughts on a Hooters wet-nap
  29. Thou shalt have no seperation of Church and State.
  30. New School Prayer
  31. Let's see some evidence
  32. Why do I feel like I can see the end even though I'm still young?
  33. Spanking vs. not spanking
  34. Is life a test?
  35. Brain Transplant
  36. So I amuse you, is that it?
  37. Evenflo Natural Comfort Pacifiers
  38. Does the desire for happiness, make it impossible?
  39. Molinism, Or On God's Providence and It's Compatibility with Free Will
  40. Movie: What the BLEEP do we know?
  41. What to Buy the Little Brat on Your Holiday List
  42. Why are you a Christian?
  43. Macro-evoloution
  44. Panorama on the tweens
  45. Need Help with Kid #8's Name
  46. Theory vs Application
  47. Post Pregnancy Recipes
  48. Artistic Responses
  49. The whole body transplant
  50. A question about Pi
  51. Too Friendly?
  52. Insane Philosophy
  53. Why is the Bible so vague ambiguous
  54. What is love worth to you?
  55. Creationism vs. Evolutionism in schools
  56. school - when do things get interesting?
  57. homosexuality.. biologically unreasonable?
  58. Race, class, and gender
  59. bible questions
  60. Unexpected pregnancy-been married 5 weeks
  61. Dynamic Balance
  62. lazy teen kids, at my wits end
  63. Questioning faith
  64. We're all neck-deep in Christianity...
  65. Israel area
  66. Who do you believe Jesus was?
  67. I'm seeking a well versed Catholic to answer this argument
  68. The Sphere
  69. breast mik production stopped
  70. Selling Organs
  71. Aborting when life at risk
  72. I'm a Daddy!
  73. Is life one big playground just for you?
  74. A [long] thought experiment...
  75. Question About The Bible
  76. Quick Heads up for parents with kids in AP Calc
  77. Teething
  78. Trying to have a child
  79. Last words?
  80. Me vs. You (et al): What we sense!?
  81. the truth we know
  82. hold old is old enogh to leave alone?
  83. Write what you're thinking
  84. For a sick man - What's a good thermometer?
  85. Controlling the Universe
  86. Interpretation
  87. What would it take for you to not beleive in god
  88. The Plagues of Egypt
  89. Is it right to use the results of torture in medical science.
  90. Worth dying for...
  91. Is it too late for my grandma?
  92. Ultimate God?
  93. How much is too much?
  94. Sartre/Nietzsche Project Thread
  95. The Role of Education
  96. Cloning ethics - thoughst?
  97. What do you really think on this?
  98. Math: Discovery or Invention?
  99. My Sons friends
  100. Batman BOOTS!
  101. Weird little quiz I found..
  102. Fear is the beginning of wisdom?
  103. The inevitable (death)
  104. What the Bleep do we know?
  105. using the bible as proof or a verifier in religous discussion and debate
  106. So you don't believe in God; do you believe in love?
  107. Mark of the Beast or Convenient ID?
  108. Do you think you should have the right to end your own life?
  109. ~sigh~ I'm so proud: A Father's pride!
  110. Using your kids to mess with Telemarketers.....
  111. Hyperactivity because of illness??
  112. The stuff of science-fiction keeps getting nearer and nearer
  113. The problem of existence; interested in thoughts/articles
  114. Murder
  115. Who wants to live forever?
  116. Opposing abortion in the event of rape
  117. O Brother...
  118. derrida died last night
  119. Theories of abstracts
  120. Self inflicted wounds
  121. What I believe
  122. Why do my son's pants have pockets?
  123. Good, but twisted toy for a 2 year old boy... Need suggestions...
  124. Are We all Wrong
  125. mirror, mirror on the wall
  126. Satan can't be all that bad!
  127. simple physics question
  128. Christian Death Sentence
  129. Whats in a name?
  130. scientific proof of fate?
  131. space odysee 2001
  132. Another "Would You?" Thread
  133. Biggots
  134. Are you a hero...
  135. would you kill 63 people for world peace
  136. The Golden Calf
  137. Christ for President
  138. Raising multi-lingual kids
  139. Late night musings
  140. Can loud sporting events hurt babies' ears?
  141. when should a girl start wearing a bra and what kinds and styles
  142. Father of Statutorially Raped Teen Mom
  143. Hatred
  144. Shiji
  145. What is space?
  146. What's wrong with polygamy?
  147. How to deal with a family members child?
  148. Human nature - From corporate to theological
  149. Euthanasia
  150. Homosexuality
  151. Did God commit Adultery?
  152. Dealing w/ Parents
  153. Baby Boy Born August 10th
  154. Moral Subjectivism
  155. Why is the Bible a valid scource?
  156. kids in Toronto
  157. Single Parent - Moving On
  158. The mark of our times
  159. Validity of sources - Who do you trust?
  160. Chemical Interactions
  161. Good toy for 4-1/2 year old boy?
  162. Whatever happened to Jesus?
  163. Philosophical question, Computer, or just Gen.?
  164. Baby food!
  165. Anybody's kids drive?
  166. Are you pregnant if...
  167. Thoughts on existentialism
  168. Non-Existance
  169. 1.61803399 (Phi)
  170. Time: Linear, non-linear or both?
  171. And baby makes five!!!
  172. Synthetic a priori
  173. Spiritual Bitterness
  174. Meme Wars
  175. Living Forever - Not via Planeria-based psuedo-science
  176. Is God really his name?
  177. Say What You Think
  178. How to keep 15-month-old off furniture?
  179. The Egg came first.
  180. Kids and Moods
  181. The argument from evil...again.
  182. For those of you who do not believe in a god
  183. flat head on my baby
  184. chew with your mouth closed
  185. How do we go on ignoring?
  186. God has a plan for everyone.
  187. Embrionic Gender Selection
  188. where do get your faith from?
  189. Pure Motives.
  190. Lice
  191. Newborn snatched in carpark, mother bashed
  192. question about possible pregnancy
  193. ARRRGGG- My kids are so........lazy
  194. cool quotes from movie bulletproof monk
  195. What came 1st, the chicken or the egg
  196. Universal Language
  197. does the New Testament endorse monogamy?
  198. Ignorance=bliss
  199. Could this be a massive discovery?
  200. Living Forever - A Real Possiblity?
  201. Equality
  202. There is something wrong with our society
  203. Probably a good way to look at it...
  204. Treatment theory
  205. about curfew?
  206. Preaching Tolerance
  207. last name determines grades??
  208. Fights you've been in and how you felt about them
  209. Timeless universe theory
  210. Steven hawking- New Black Hole theory
  211. Is Pornography Sinful?
  212. Starting the infant on solids - what did YOU do?
  213. seize the day?
  214. Question: "Guaranteeing" the sex of your baby
  215. baby on the doorstep
  216. divorced dad support group -- Know any?
  217. my 'afterlife'
  218. psychoactive philosophy?
  219. Colors
  220. If minds started afresh on religion
  221. Are you every person?
  222. Baby clothes!
  223. Advice for a new dad to be
  224. Is this it?
  225. Hypthetical Question: Entrapment
  226. Hypothetical question
  227. Quick question...
  228. Is a river perfect?
  229. They said he raped them that night.
  230. Can you prove your exsistance?
  231. What's your purpose?
  232. What is the "breaking point"
  233. God - His purpose for us?
  234. A theory I was thinking about
  235. Child bonus feeds SA poker machines: MP
  236. Kids Names
  237. Abandoned baby still listed critical
  239. Did you want to know the gender of your child?
  240. tilted Religion?
  241. Social activism (or how do you be good?)
  242. Multiverses
  243. Leaving a child
  244. Catholicism vs. Christianity
  245. Beginning of Life
  246. Advice for my sons - if I die too soon.
  247. is there a god?
  248. Would you use the teleporting machine?
  249. Laura Bush/Catholic Question
  250. How long do you want to live?