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  1. could someone explain "grace"?
  2. Suicide or Stupidity!
  3. philosophy for life
  4. Zodiac compatability
  5. 3 meals away from Anarchy?
  6. 5 handshakes away from the president?
  7. evolution of the mind, body and soul
  8. question bout christians etc...
  9. "Rationalistic Theism"
  10. A question for the atheists
  11. Is sexuality socially constructed?
  12. A question from philosophy class for you to ponder about
  13. socialism
  14. Your thoughts: Porn Industry as a catlyst for social change?
  15. Violent dreams?
  16. Space travel thru folding space?
  17. Is Jesus a scarecrow?
  18. time
  19. Time Travel?
  20. The Afterlife
  21. The one true religion
  22. If God were to be brought up on charges...
  23. The self
  24. Love
  25. Money
  26. The Wiccan Religion
  27. Scientology summary for the interested
  29. Is jesus coming back?
  30. What exactly IS hell?
  31. the Zen of Physics
  32. death
  33. Request book advice here.
  34. A Thought on homosexuality...
  35. The nature of faith
  36. Why are men shamed into controlling their sexuality?
  37. difference between signs and symbols?
  38. is there a difference between bad and evil?
  39. Red Pill or Blue Pill?
  40. On Scientific Theory
  41. Quantum Evolution
  42. Are you a brain in a jar?
  43. Mathematics of Insanity
  44. Was Jesus Black?
  45. Perceived Quality of an Orgasm
  46. Does Infinity exist?
  47. Bruce Lee
  48. The Koch curve
  49. Morality of drug testing, and the circumventing of
  50. An eye for an eye
  51. Individuality, Can You Be Completely Unique?
  52. Emotion: Man's Greatest Fault
  53. God's single greatest creation (Pornstars aside)
  54. Religion
  55. Suggested Reading or Watching for our Philosophers
  56. Entertainment…
  57. Who's to blame?
  58. Clone sex
  59. Philosophers . . keen to learn.
  60. Questions about the Bible and Christianity, and how it relates to other religions
  61. the beatitudes
  62. God Universal or God Exclusive?
  63. Orgasmic Spiritual Experience?
  64. Is Mankind basically good or bad?
  65. Abortion from a Philosophical Standpoint
  66. bible question
  67. Evidence for Evolution
  68. Automaton Theory
  69. Where does your conciousness reside?
  70. marcus aurelius: mediations
  71. why is this
  72. Nature Extinction vs. Man Made Extinction
  73. Does coincidence exist?
  74. The meaning of sex
  75. Which part of you contains your "personhood"?
  76. Did Jesus Eat Magic Mushrooms At Last Supper?
  77. Does the bible predict the future?
  78. Isn't everything relative to something?
  79. Religious Leaders Call for Support of Civil Marriage for Gays and Lesbians
  80. Public School Ranking (Advanced, AP, etc)
  81. So you come here often....
  82. Would you say that the only purpose in life is to work?
  83. Imagine a world . . .
  84. Meaning of Life and What it is to be Human
  85. When God ordains a mans time to die...
  86. Aritist's Statement No. 45,730,944: The Perfect Artistic Web Site by Young-Hae Chang
  87. another time/relativity question
  88. Thinking vs. Feeling
  89. The Map is not the territory
  90. Are morals worth perfection?
  91. Astrology
  92. Ignorance is bliss?
  93. Alternative religious beliefs...
  94. Free Your Mind - What does that mean to you?
  95. Ishmael: Has anyone read it?
  96. Moral Dilemma?
  97. A Great Delimma
  98. Religious Tolerance?
  99. I wish I could accept Pascal's wager.
  100. Most influential man ever?
  101. Questions about relativism
  102. do women have low self-esteems?
  103. Bahá'í - One God, many messengers?
  104. An Atheist's Views
  105. What would you like to discuss today?
  106. perception of time?
  107. Right vs. Fun
  108. Jesus was gay?
  109. HELL
  110. Religious Age of Consent
  111. The 4thTimeLucky Prayer Question Thread
  112. My take on Philosophy....
  113. Everything is like everything else when you're synaesthesiac !
  114. The TFP as a collective consciousness
  115. The Subconscious - what? (Awareness, Dreams, and other shit)
  116. What are your core beliefs?
  117. The ASK LEBELL Thread: Philosophy and Religion
  118. Happiness Vs. Complacency
  119. How far can you jump?
  120. How does culture affect us?
  121. Dreaming: more then whats in your head?
  122. Time of Death
  123. This guy is saying the new Matrix movie is - um - mostly hot air, I think
  124. Happiness vs. Joy
  125. The Allegory of the Cave and The Matrix
  126. Your Matrix Life
  127. How much influence did your parents have?
  128. Do you believe in Karma?
  129. Agree or not?
  130. what *IS* an agnostic
  131. Happy vs. Unhappy people
  132. Do the needs of the many outweigh those of the few?
  133. Thoughts or Memes?
  134. Addiction a choice or a disease?
  135. Inhumanity on a small scale - what does it tell us about ourselves?
  136. What is time? Is time travel possible?
  137. Waking Life: Discussion
  138. This was the old evolution thread, go to the new thread to post
  139. Help with Karl Marx's theory of "The Production of Surplus Value"
  140. Jehovah's Witnesses: Misconceptions/sterotypes
  141. Familiars (paranormal/occultic disc)
  142. Do you associate human intelligence to your pet?
  143. religions
  144. Why do some societies make bad decisions?
  145. How to gain wisdom
  146. Tilted Philosophy?
  147. If you could be reincarnated as anything...
  148. How would you react if the afterlife wasn't what you expected?
  149. Have you ever try to comprehend your nonexistence?
  150. Lucid dreams
  151. What is Morality?
  152. TFP Dreamers
  153. What is the Fate of Humanity?
  154. death and rituals
  155. Philosophy