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  1. Did Jesus really exist?
  2. s moral sensitivity of people sufficient?
  3. Arrogance: Can it ever be constructive?
  4. Why Do We Differ on the Source of Principles and Values?
  5. The Purpose of Life...
  6. Answers and Uncertainty
  7. Philosophy As a Way of Life
  8. Help me find this philosophical idea
  9. reason is a weapon
  10. Help finding ebooks on Hinduism
  11. Actually, that's not in the bible
  12. What Price Anger?
  13. back again?
  14. God Bless America (?)
  15. Religion: Fact and Fantasy
  16. Modern Socialism
  17. The use of uninformative models, or, what do you choose to believe?
  18. Reaching Morality in non-Top-Level Realities
  19. Afterlife without God
  20. Tell me about Yom Kippur.
  21. What primary philosophy do you follow?
  22. The Lent 2011 Thread
  23. The voice of the machine
  24. Faith: Do you have it?
  25. Looking for a word similar to hedonism
  26. External reality
  27. Is there something wrong with the scientific method?
  28. The greatest lesson in silence is....
  29. Life is God
  30. Argument from progression and argument from prosperity
  31. Does the means justify the ends?: Law
  32. Defend human dignity
  33. Is humanity alone?
  34. Evolution and complexity
  35. parts vs. wholes redux
  36. parts or whole
  37. Investor Moral Responsibility
  38. Noumena and Phenomena
  39. Peace
  40. Owner of a lonely heart is better than
  41. Man's nature vs his evolution
  42. Dark and Light: What's inside us?
  43. Vigiliantism
  44. Roman-style Government in America?
  45. Help: Identify new-to-me symbol.
  46. Can ideas be evil? Or just actions?
  47. Off the Beaten Path
  48. Can books be negative?
  49. Is Atheism a Religion?
  50. No God Created the Universe: Stephen Hawking
  51. Humanity, Sexuality & ?
  52. Anne Rice Walks
  53. The God Who Wasn't There: History, Myth, and Christianity
  54. "Discussion"
  55. Mark Twain
  56. Psychological differences between Muslims and Westerners
  57. Should we be the last generation?
  58. Monty Hall math problem
  59. Thelema and Illuminati
  60. Intuition - listening to yourself
  61. What is "art"?
  62. Religious dogma
  63. What do you think of humanity?
  64. His story - a rant
  65. How much credit can you really take for your situation?
  66. Enemies in civilization
  67. Domesticated humans
  68. How far for a job?
  69. What is logical to you?
  70. electronic publishing and decentralization
  71. Worth Watching: Youtube Plug - A journal of Deconversion by Evid3nc3
  72. Intelligent design and the impermanence of Earth
  73. A Christian nation?
  74. Believers and non-believers
  75. The dumb Grand Field Theory
  76. Religious faith and war
  77. Words as a force of nature?
  78. the atheist spirit ...?
  79. Death: What is it?
  80. Atheists and Believers: An Explanation
  81. Daily Quote
  82. Beauty and appeal
  83. How did jesus get his Y chromosome?
  84. Do we make the media, or does the media make us?
  85. Wet Monkey Theory
  86. On Becoming Great
  87. Obligation to care for a child
  88. Emotion and Reason
  89. cannablism, and should we eat meat?
  90. The Codex Sinaiticus (Possibly Oldest Copy of the Bible) Online!
  91. Does it matter?
  92. Spirit Powers! ...?
  93. You have *no* rights
  94. Racism today vs racism of the past.
  95. God's sense of humor?
  96. ANUS
  97. The Quarterlife Crisis
  98. Opinion: Nature vs Nurture
  99. Is Broadcast Journalism Mostly Plagiarism?
  100. Is Magneto an allegory for Israel?
  101. If God created everything, then who created God?
  102. Misanthropes, let's talk
  103. Genetic Engineering
  104. ethics meets cognitive science ny times version
  105. Science of Morality, Anyone?
  106. Reality
  107. Why can't anyone prove ghosts?
  108. Old Earth vs. Young Earth
  109. Free will, something more specific
  110. Time and everything
  111. Faces:
  112. Rejecting atheism
  113. Brain differences between Theists and Atheists
  114. A few questions
  115. Violence...
  116. Trust?
  117. Uncommon Abilities
  118. Meaning of Life
  119. Organized Religion
  120. children and funerals
  121. The ascent of humanity
  122. Destiny?
  123. Alarming Idea
  124. Abortion question ?
  125. An inner font of motivation
  126. Nothing matters really
  127. Over Awareness
  128. Theory on science, religion
  129. Awareness and The 4 realms
  130. All the Truth about 2012
  131. Philosophical vs. Medical Solipsism
  132. Why is incest wrong?
  133. Feelings About Death
  134. Rapture: End of Time, Are You Ready?
  135. What is the Good Life??
  136. Everyone is ethical
  137. philosophical allegory?
  138. Nietzsche
  139. Measuring Success
  140. Work is justification for the Excuse...
  141. what is normal?
  142. Why Do We Believe What We Believe?
  143. Gaussian adaptation as a model of evolution
  144. fisher's fundamental theorem of natural selection
  145. The subconsciousness of God
  146. Innocent premeditated
  147. What cant we change?
  148. The 10th Dimension
  149. The Philosophy of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  150. I dont believe it when I see it
  151. Is Google Making Us Stupid?
  152. Oh noes..the future in 2012
  153. "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn
  154. good existentialism/"intro to existentialism" books?
  155. Survival 1000 years ago
  156. Contemporary philosophers
  157. Native American Wisdom
  158. The essence of us
  159. Do we want problems?
  160. Empathizing society
  161. Philosophical Taoist vs. Christian Morality
  162. Where would you rather live?
  163. Ethogens and faith
  164. The Holy Trinity: Polytheism?
  165. Free will. ...in heaven?
  166. Should I tell someone the truth about a placebo?
  167. Summarize your world-view in five statements or less!
  168. Bribery - What's so wrong about it?
  169. Inspired by the Atheism Thread
  170. Should the United States of America torture people?
  171. A question for atheists
  172. The Theory Of Universal Creativity
  173. Heaven and/or hell would be boring.
  174. Post your incredulous Evolution questions here!
  175. Tao Te Ching
  176. Is the human soul Mortal or Immortal?
  177. "They" don't hate us... they believe almost the same thing:
  178. What the hell is it
  179. Is the Universe Infinite?
  180. An Open Letter to Superintendent Grimmel
  181. Pretension
  182. preference vs discrimination
  183. An Existential Question
  184. Finding peace, inner strength and faith (an epically long read)
  185. Becoming adult
  186. What is Philosophy?
  187. Is happiness a fundamental goal?
  188. New eye opening list
  189. Is Theism down for the count?
  190. Forgiveness for remorseless, willful behavior
  191. Cyber bullying: Technology and McLuhan
  192. Theory of love
  193. Can we talk?
  194. Kool-Aid didnít kill those people.
  195. Science, technology and repercussions
  196. The fuel to debate, how do you get it?
  197. children: the last frontier of sexual perversion
  198. Is impersonating another personality wrong?
  199. Christianity, as a philosophy and not a religion
  200. Ethics Question: coorporate hotel discounts
  201. Unspeakable Truths
  202. All praise the water bearer!
  203. Race, Intelligence and the value of scientific inquiry
  204. Another way of looking at Christianity
  205. Human Petroleum?
  206. A few thoughts from Yukimura
  207. Scientific American: The God Helmet
  208. Richard Dawkins Debates John Lennox
  209. Fired by Satan?
  210. Your Life Perspective
  211. From where are ethics derived?
  212. Money. The goal of your 'pursuit of happiness?'
  213. To me this proves we are all interconnected and the Pagans just maybe right
  214. Do Advanced ET Species Know We're Here???
  215. Non-religious Morality
  216. The Golden Record
  217. The Power of Now
  218. Absolute Power: Violence
  219. Television and Growth
  220. I want JPELCU
  221. Existential angst
  222. 2 long sticks on earth
  223. If half an onion is rotten...
  224. A thought here.
  225. Birthday Traditions
  226. Modern Philosophy
  227. is child pornography wrong?
  228. A picture of God
  229. Why parents drink
  230. Something I think is missing from the eye-openers reading list.
  231. The Love of Harlots
  232. Assassination Paradox
  233. Freebirthing - are you people nuts?
  234. Living with autism
  235. Obligations of the Military
  236. Universal Life Excuse #1
  237. A recognisable symbol for atheism
  238. What should a mother tell her daughter at 16
  239. Does the government really have the right...
  240. I am seriously curious....
  241. What makes us so special?
  242. excellent new book on buddhism
  243. at what point are you no longer human?
  244. Perception of Incompetence in Dads
  245. Grandfather Paradox.
  246. Free will in the context of atheism
  247. Jeebus Panty Syndrome
  248. Name help...
  249. Plagued with lice? Here's how to rid!
  250. Adopted child, when and how to tell her?