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  1. If you had to teach a high school subject, what would it be?
  2. Manners at the movies
  3. Open to growth?
  4. Help me get good at reading again
  5. What in the hell have I gotten myself into?
  6. Yeah, so, I'm going to be a dad
  7. Is someone try to scam me?
  8. Kids' fake crying
  9. Why does it seem like all sucessful people get up early?
  10. Need advice on living with an alcoholic roommate/ex-lover
  11. Nail Care
  12. Some people never change; but your views on them do.
  13. Juggling multiple interviews - etiquette question
  14. Online Personals
  15. picking a job title - serious question!
  16. When does it become okay to quit something?
  17. Grocery fundamentals for a new apartment
  18. The Three Day Calling Rule
  19. Europe in January or February
  20. Exec at work does coke, makes bad decisions..etc.. what can I do?
  21. thinking a Career at canada post
  22. Pettibon Chiropractic System
  23. The Cancer Thread - First hand Experiences
  24. Borrowing a car
  25. Relationship Advice (You know you love it)
  26. Chantix no smoke
  27. Anyone have a really good dishwasher?
  28. relationship advice...oh boy
  29. Doomed vacation ethics dilemna
  30. What the hell is wrong with people?!?
  31. Advice on living well
  32. how to cheer someone up?
  33. Need beard advice
  34. Unemployed spouse duties vs. Employed Spouse duties
  35. So who's been to Taipei, Taiwan?
  36. harassment ? or ?
  37. Garage/Yard Sale Tips
  38. Need Some Advise....
  39. Ummm... It's over.
  40. My responsibility? Roommate problem
  41. Dealing With Long Distance Relationships?
  42. Things you can't stand about children
  43. Tax advice help for family member please
  44. Diabetes and MASSIVELY high blood sugar
  45. career/school question
  46. Do we stand a chance?
  47. Staying At Someone's Place Etiquette?
  48. My cat is crying
  49. Joining a class action lawsuit
  50. Shoes for super high arches, need suggestions...
  51. I think I'd like to get into porn.
  52. Attraction
  53. Do you think that once a man strikes a woman....
  54. bad luck disguised as good luck
  55. Would you support gasoline rationing?
  56. Living on my own:
  57. Forehead rash
  58. So, I'm getting sued
  59. Whats your opinion of this statement...
  60. Your young old son wants to wear dresses. Do you let him?
  61. Why did your other marriages go bad?
  62. How happy is your marriage?
  63. quick thought for all
  64. Seeing As We're on the subject........
  65. How long can you work a high paying almost stress-free job?
  66. Cruise Ship employment.
  67. Bad sense of humor
  68. This one's for you ladies [and men...]
  69. PayPal - Woes
  70. Driving from Cali to DC... help me plan a BBQ tour
  71. Gardening Question
  72. Fat Acceptance Movement: Overdue Reform, or Total Denial?
  73. Making the most of a small house, Ikea style
  74. Six-Word Memoirs
  75. Post wisdom-tooth extraction issue...
  76. Seriously need some advice.
  77. Confused with feelings
  78. Appendicitis - Your Stories
  79. What did you do for the first time in your life today?
  80. Cheer Me Up
  81. How do you pick furniture?
  82. I'm either chivalrous or a hooligan
  83. Need advice: Desperately Looking for a Good, Reliable Cell Phone Plan in Ontario
  84. Does the watch make the man?
  85. Muscle tension
  86. Work rant
  87. What do you look for in a gym?
  88. Time to Get a Real Credit Card
  89. What is success and are you it?
  90. Job vs Grad School
  91. How do you gauge how many sweets you eat?
  92. Would you turn your own child in?
  93. Why do we like violence, competition, and sex?
  94. What did you eat for lunch?
  95. More Intimate Date Ideas?
  96. I need study advice....
  97. Losing my sanity.
  98. What is the most violent act you have witnessed?
  99. Defending your child
  100. Dating 101
  101. Making an Ass of Yourself
  102. How will you defend your person, property, and family, if needed?
  103. Parents providing alcohol for their underage kids
  104. Can you be in love with two people at the same time?
  105. Is there anything that offends young, white, males?
  106. conflicts with a family member and a friend?
  107. Relationship advice...
  108. Social Networking and how it has impacted your romantic (or platonic) relationships
  109. Girlfriend moving in?
  110. Self Motivation - I lack it badly. Help!
  111. The way you see yourself or the way others see you
  112. How often do you think about Terrorism, AIDS/HIV, Cancer?
  113. 14 day vacation anywhere in the world
  114. Need legal advice involving contempt of court
  115. Gift for wife after giving birth
  116. Going to Japan: Need Currency Exchange Advice
  117. Wicker furniture
  118. Help me plan my pilgrimage
  119. As a single mom, I don't look forward to this...
  120. Help with unrequited love
  121. Natural Gas vs Electric Heating
  122. Insomnia and sleep related problems
  123. What is the "right" age to be married, and how young is too young?
  124. Ex's Engagement
  125. "I'd hit it" - a discussion
  126. You need to love yourself before you can love others?
  127. Revised CPR method: for those afraid of cooties
  128. Urination Shivers
  129. Workers Unions: pro or con
  130. For all you Brits/Canadians out there...
  131. Did you waste your youth?
  132. Sayings or Slang that you love/ or cringe when heard
  133. Is living in the city supposed to feel so backwards?
  134. Same old love junk, but maybe not
  135. Hey Jazz! I need some more running advice....
  136. Things that make you happy and bring you joy
  137. evicting someone from a sharehouse - advice?
  138. Things that bug / annoy you in life (or in general)
  139. Would You Date/Marry/Have Children With
  140. Unconditional love. Is there ever really such a thing?
  141. Moving! Minnesota to California.
  142. Picking a Therapist
  143. I want to convince a friend to get lasik....
  144. night driving
  145. How do you deal with your coworkers?
  146. Ever find yourself attracted to someone for no good reason?
  147. my girl thinks I should see a doctor about depression
  148. Legal vs. illegal addictions
  149. why wont he just leave me alone. what should i do?
  150. Kleptomania
  151. Woman Issues - "The Gay Friend"
  152. Chantix and smoking cessation
  153. Expecting parent tips.
  154. Drugs, Sex, and Neighbors...
  155. MIP in California, help!
  156. relationship advice?
  157. Apnea, the slow death sentence?
  158. Need help with guiding siblings
  159. Speaking of Working Out - P90X?
  160. Explain Life Insurance to Me
  161. Applying sunscreen after burnt?
  162. Trying to find an old friend. Help?
  163. help me out here
  164. Translate phrase to Latin
  165. Any coin collectors here?
  166. I hate feeling so old.
  167. Are my standards for women too high?
  168. Do you think people\'s true feelings come out when they are drinking?
  169. Primary reason a kid becomes a bully?
  170. Married folks: How often do you have those "connections" with others?
  171. Sibling Issues
  172. Drugs for kids
  173. Paternal questions.
  174. So I found an injured bird
  175. Planning a trip to Japan: What should I know?
  176. Eating disorders
  177. About thinking
  178. So my girlfriend and I had a fight tonight.
  179. Rate cuts and IRA
  180. Interfering Mother
  181. Low Prescription Glasses
  182. Why do some married people cut off contact with their good friends?
  183. Theatre Workshops/Programs of The World
  184. I'm being raped, help (USBank)
  185. Running advice....
  186. What happens if you have found yourself, but no one likes you?
  187. Is there an attorney on tfp?
  188. To carry no matter what?
  189. How has your house been damaged, vandalized, etc.?
  190. Jobs That Will Improve My Social Skills?
  191. Man date statistic
  192. Cutting the Cable - Life without Television
  193. You're a fucking badass
  194. Banking experiences
  195. One night stand turned into more?
  196. Life's better with
  197. I got charged with minor in possession in California, but I'm not gulity help!
  198. Fight it in court.
  199. I am one step closer to my dream job
  200. The "Instead of X, Try Y" Recommendations Thread
  201. RSVPing...
  202. What to wear?
  203. Punch Power! (Hi-Yah!)
  204. Salary advice
  205. Stimulus Plan: When can we expect our checks?
  206. License plate fraud
  207. Tattoos...your thoughts?
  208. How do some people get so much back on their tax returns?
  209. Meat & potato
  210. Lovers: Third part responsibility?
  211. How can you tell you're well enough?
  212. TFP Cribs: Let's see your closets!
  213. Need Help!!!! Finding a "Poconos" type hotel room without the price
  214. 4 Year Degree: Use it or useless?
  215. Everyday instinct
  216. On the upswing
  217. "F**k It!" Moments
  218. Not smoking should be my choice . . . right?
  219. Your daughter tells you she's pregnant
  220. Child Custody Hell
  221. If you saw one parent cheating on the other, would you tell the other parent?
  222. Do you think a couple should get married when faced with an unexpected pregnancy?
  223. Gold
  224. Suddenly huge appetite
  225. Discussion on Classic Shaving Equipment and Techniques (Straight and Safety Razors)
  226. On proposing: Asking her father.
  227. Recommend a reasonably priced microwave for a modest apartment
  228. Starting up a fishtank
  229. sentenced for life... to antidepressants?
  230. Self intelligence realization.
  231. Shaving issue
  232. Scammed out of 7 grand, whaddya do?
  233. Buying airplane tickets
  234. Musings on Dancing...
  235. Considering a Bearded Dragon or two
  236. Lessons Learned the Hard Way
  237. Carrying my friend..
  238. Scar remedies?
  239. Bleeding out
  240. "Move on!" - plus a confession
  241. Need outside opinions on STBX wife...
  242. Can't look into peoples' eyes?
  243. What Should I Do?
  244. Italy and the Eurail
  245. The Bucket List
  246. words to live by
  247. Slummin' It
  248. Caring for Your Introvert
  249. Style: Men's Shoes
  250. Look-A-Like