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  1. Interesting Cop/Open Carry interaction on video.
  2. Time to move, too many firearms though.
  3. personal protection
  4. What is your philosophy for your carbine? (longwinded post)
  5. Wolf ammo sucks
  6. XD Tactical Grip Chop
  7. Made a Thingy to keep my magazines upright in my rear pocket
  8. How to: Removing Duracoat from Anodized Scope
  9. Some Plate Carrier Porn for Plan 9: PIG Plate Carrier Photos
  10. Picked up my first bow today.
  11. Kool Krossbow
  12. The results of bringing a knife to a gunfight
  13. Shooting my first practical 'steel' match today...any tips?
  14. How to make a kydex trigger guard holster (tutorial)
  15. What's a really good hunting rifle?
  16. Gun Humor Thread
  17. Worn Holster Causes ND
  18. Best post-apocalyptic weapon
  19. Building a Precision Rig....
  20. So I temporarily own a drum fed Mossberg pump shotgun...pics inside
  21. My lightly modified PF9 (pics)
  22. Weaponry-Related One-Liners
  23. Kel-Tec KSG 12g
  24. Walt at Work?
  25. New Pistol!
  26. Competitive Shooting Sports
  27. How many hunters we have here?
  28. Shotgun/hunting guys, teach me about chokes.
  29. Consolidating Platforms
  30. Today's project: make a hybrid holster
  31. Getting Confused About Hand Guns:
  32. OC vs CC vs NC
  33. Federal/American Eagle .45 Recall
  34. Questions about SKS
  35. Questions about optics and eye relief
  36. Hornady Critical Defense
  37. P30S 9mm Review & Range Report
  38. Exotic Weapons
  39. ATF to exclude Saiga12 from importation
  40. Anyone here own anything from Henry Repeating Arms?
  41. Knives: how sharp?
  42. Suppressors: Utilitarian or simply a neat toy?
  43. Long gun selection for apocalypse
  44. SHOT Show 2011
  45. The psychological/spiritual consequences of taking a life?
  46. Advice on railed AR-15 models
  47. Revolvers vs auto loaders; reliability
  48. .32 caliber for self defense?
  49. Firepower...Russian???
  50. Give me your Opinion: 9mm HKP30S V3 vs. M&P9 Ambi Safety
  51. Firearm for you woman (OR your "smaller significant other")
  52. Tilted Weaponry Range Meet-Up Thread
  53. So I really want to better arm myself
  54. So I sort of had an intruder in my house/property...
  55. ATF redefines pistol grip shotguns as destructive devices??
  56. Concealed Carry on Campus: Giant White Tees and Shooters with ESP
  57. Sci-Fi Weaponry
  58. List of [Fun] Shooting Range Steroetypes
  59. Short notice: Advanced Carbine II this Sunday Nov. 14th in Central VA
  60. Anyone had any experience with Insights Training?
  61. Undercover Assault Rifles
  62. Composition 4
  63. When SHTF and WROL it's TEOTWAWKI!
  64. what happened to stealth?
  65. The Problems with the Open Carry Movement
  66. Gun Show Shenanigans
  67. The Three Biggest Threats to Gun Rights
  68. CFSC and PAL licensing
  69. Short Notice Match...
  70. Gun Museum in Cody, Wyoming. Worth a visit??
  71. TFP Bear Hunters Patch
  72. Followed Home
  73. Beretta ARX-160
  74. Silly Question Regarding Backpack/Assault Pack
  75. Blade collecters
  76. What your carry gun says about you
  77. Do you know what model gun this is?
  78. Lightened trigger on CCW a legal liability?
  79. Random musings on amount of shots fired in self-defense situations
  80. How long does ammunition last?
  81. Guns: All I know is that I don't know nothin'...
  82. Do you CCW into other people's houses?
  83. High Speed Low Drag Highlights
  84. Seacamp .32 need info
  85. For the first time ever I fired a handgun today, err, several of them.
  86. Chamber pressure
  87. CCW class reviews
  88. The DIY Video Game Arsenal Thread
  89. Hollywood versus Reality
  90. Lego Sniper Rifle..
  91. Walking AR trigger pins
  92. scout
  93. Bushmaster ACR: FINALLY!
  94. How well do AR's shoot WOLF?
  95. Top Shot
  96. Looking for a few tips
  97. Who here already has a lawyer, 'just in case'?
  98. Ohio working to expand CCW Laws!
  99. Guns That You Wish Would Just Go Away
  100. 2010 Century PSL-54C from AIMsurplus
  101. My P-08 Luger
  102. Oh. Goodie. Grand. Gunkid.
  103. Girls and Guns **NSFW**
  104. Kimber Eclipse pro II
  105. Viking Tactics Carbine 1.5 May 29-31st in NC: Any TFP members interested in going?
  106. Beginner's Longbow & Arrows
  107. colt 1851 navy revolver
  108. Bolt vs Break Open
  109. Anybody a Frontsight member???
  110. what is this gun?
  111. CC Permit-Do you Use it?
  112. Iowa going Concealed
  113. Trick shooter !
  114. Shotgun Conundrum
  115. Romanian AK?
  116. Pocket Carry Firearm
  117. 11 months later, my DSArms FAL finally comes!
  118. Getting a CC permit
  119. New Blue/Nickel P-22
  120. Nightstand Revolver
  121. US Army Picks MultiCam for Afghanistan Units
  122. First Pistol --- (But interest in service pistol models)
  123. unexperienced firing a shotgun
  124. 5mm Rifles
  125. Gallery of custom knives
  126. Foul! Religious Message on Weapons?
  127. SHOT Show 2010'
  128. VA Pistol Class?
  129. Internet Movie Firearms Database, where have you been all my life?
  130. "Sawed-off shotgun"?
  131. Finally: AK Sights Better Than Makarov
  132. A chart to help non-weapon users identify guns
  133. Glock Clock
  134. Thorough shotgun reviews
  135. AK and AR informal Dust Tests
  136. Weapons Humour
  137. What I saw through my scope this past weekend.......
  138. AR Bolt / Carrier Combo Cleaning Tools
  139. stun gun and .45 ineffective against pit bull
  140. couldn't hit a barn door from inside the barn...
  141. SKS bayonet stuck open
  142. Need something ultra concealable for carrying while running.
  143. Stoeger Double Defense
  144. Helped a little mouse today at the range.
  145. Gun Care
  146. Strange Fire-arms
  147. Bullets @ 1 Million FPS
  148. M4 Failure on Headlines
  149. Acquiring a 9mm Service Pistol
  150. Are all M4 uppers created equal?
  151. Thompson Center Encore
  152. New rifle
  153. Your pistol of choice
  154. antique pistols (mauser/luger)
  155. Soldier accidentally kills GF while cleaning gun
  156. Gun Broker
  157. What condition do you carry your CCW in?
  158. online firearms manuals
  159. How not to clear a corner
  160. The XD VS XDM
  161. Man tries to kill mother-in-law with anti-tank missile launcher
  162. 10mm
  163. Going to an auction, gonna buy me a gun.
  164. looking for concealable pistol
  165. Need advice on optics for my deer rifle
  166. Possible Range Rifle
  167. Handguns and their power
  168. Need a New Rig
  169. Today, I got a gift.
  170. Ammo shortage...over?
  171. How can the thermite experiment be done safely (may be wrong forum)?
  172. Crimson Tace laser sites??
  173. USMC's IAR: Brilliance or sheer stupidity?
  174. cobra .380
  175. Ruger M77 II 7.62x39mm
  176. M14 / M1A Scope Mount
  177. Guy reveals gun to aggressive group, gets beat down.
  178. Think Non-Lethal rounds are effective?
  179. Ruger P-94 Barrel
  180. Smith & Wesson, Model 60
  181. SpikeTV's The Deadliest Warrior
  182. US customs trying to define any knife as a switchblade
  183. New PF9, that I suck at shooting :(
  184. Has anybody been to Frontsight?
  185. Guns in Church
  186. M4 Sling Adapter Choice - Magpul, KZ, or ?
  187. 60 caliber pistol
  188. Went out and shot my new gun for the first time today.
  189. Sharp-shooting in Pink
  190. S&W Sigma 9 Trigger Pull
  191. Ruger MK III (Hunter)
  192. If you could wish...
  193. Buying a rifle (Yes I read the "advice...first gun" sticky)
  194. Deciding on when and where to be armed.
  195. Personal space
  196. Great example of responsible firearms use.
  197. The "OMG I wish this were real" fantasy thread
  198. whats on your nightstand?
  199. m-14
  200. I think I do "get" guns, maybe?
  201. Degree for developing new weapons?
  202. remington 798 08 rifle
  203. HK45: Any chance of using as CCW?
  204. '09 Turkey Season
  205. Thinking about buying a Mini 14
  206. In the market for a shotgun
  207. Archers! Assemble!!!!
  208. Boomstick Questions.
  209. If you own a gun, when do you have it on you?
  210. Thinking about buying Body Armor...
  211. Strike anywhere matches
  212. Pistol-Caliber Carbines
  213. 2nd Most Expensive Knife in the World
  214. WTB: Jody Samson
  215. Air Force Geek
  216. 10 22 ruger sub sonic rounds
  217. Buying a .243...some issues
  218. Upgrading a Colt Government
  219. Building a "match" AR and need help
  220. Initial review - Bersa Thunder .380
  221. Noveske ejection port cover
  222. Gun Grab Grocery List
  223. Blown AR-15 gas ring
  224. Aaaaargh....
  225. H-S Precision Rifles BOYCOTT
  226. Blowing up a Cache
  227. sharps
  228. Just how trusting are you....
  229. Tell me about marksmanship
  230. NC/VA Range Trip
  231. 5.11 Tactical - T-Shirt Holster Review (Pics)
  232. Hell Kitten
  233. The Effects Of Reducing The Barrel Length On Velocity And Accuracy
  234. The Taurus "Judge"
  235. ammo size
  236. New shotgun
  237. Hypothetical Situation Fun (15ft duel)
  238. Your Body as a Weapon
  239. Cimarron .45 cal SAA
  240. Shotgun for home defense
  241. Collecting Blades
  242. One Heck of a Birthday Gift
  243. The WASP knife
  244. A Husband's Revenge
  245. Post Your Battle Bra
  246. What rifle should I get?
  247. So I want to start handloading
  248. Looking for a new gun safe
  249. Open Carry
  250. Should I trade my Mossberg 500 for an this SKS?