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  1. Doggy Style pain? Pain from being on top?
  2. Sore pussy during penetration
  3. Lubricant w/ spermicide?
  4. I still can't seem to get her bra off in one try...
  5. Views on celibacy
  6. girlfriend of four years no more
  7. Any men here ever cried after sex
  8. Lied to wife, now she's not sure....
  9. Need a womans opinion
  10. Loosing my Virginity at a SPA
  11. Sexuality and Choice
  12. Lapdances
  13. Vibrator question
  14. OUCH!
  15. lasting longer
  16. When we get older: thoughts on aging and sex.
  17. Injury during sex.
  18. weight issues
  19. Dirty Sanchez, The Shocker, etc.
  20. I do and don't want to breakup
  21. Need views from NON-anti-gay/lesbian marriage ppl.
  22. What will sex be like at 40? 50? 60?
  23. Veiws on Inter-racial relationships
  24. How often do you have sex?
  25. Stealing Underwear
  26. keeping it down
  27. I need some advice with my 'live-in'
  28. Strange Question
  29. fishing or sex? what do u prefer?
  30. Help me pick a topic for Sexuality Project
  31. Tips for virgin newlyweds?
  32. Girl on top
  33. how can you tell if ur pregnant..
  34. Anyone else not like sex?
  35. Part 2! of girlfriend pregnant from fingering
  36. Abortion
  37. Sex Drive & Meds
  38. Makeout scavenger hunt
  39. condom size
  40. Question
  41. A drink?
  42. Emotional fulfilment is enough?
  43. Have you ever shat yourself?
  44. question about vaginal tears during sex
  45. female period
  46. The Role of Female Directors/Producers in Porn Movies
  47. Dating old ex/now friend's ex?
  48. Valentine's Day is about self-love
  49. premature ejaculation
  50. contact people online
  51. New FDA-approved sextoy for women
  52. So straight guys...ever get hit on by someone of the same sex?
  53. Hitting on Lesbians...
  54. How can a female not realize she's pregnant?
  55. Frenum piercing tomorrow morning! NSFW Link...
  56. Picky about Food, then Picky about Sex
  57. Strap-on deflowering
  58. My friend is gay- how do i support her?
  59. Benni Benassi's Satisfaction
  60. Questions about past sexual experiences to my wife...
  61. Do you share the bathroom with your S/O
  62. A semi-worried Jay You Dee
  63. Online dating profile
  64. Dancing: A defensive endeavor.
  65. Can you be with more than one person?
  66. Hi, I'm stupid and like to point out my downsides to my girlfriend.
  67. Sex Talk
  68. Wife wants to be submissive
  69. Intresting resource/read on sexuality...
  70. male and female reporductive organs
  71. Perspective Insecurities
  72. Didn't know stuff like this happened in real life
  73. Making Love Without Sex (from LL)
  74. An uncircumcised guys first time...
  76. My freind is attracted to his own sister in law ...
  77. Questions pertaining to V-Day
  78. Man Slices His Own Penis (Graphic Pics)
  79. Glass dildo
  80. Dildo vs. Vibrator - what's the difference from her perspective?
  81. Setting the mood in a hotel room for Valentines' Day
  82. Asking the ex out for coffee?
  83. Have you ever broken up with someone…
  84. Sick of my SO playing with me
  85. Apparently chinese women aren't familiar with the term....
  86. I'm in need of (some more) advices, please help.
  87. Please support the TFP.
  88. Girlfriend isn't excited about Little PMF21
  89. How do you pick a Good Porn Movie?
  90. Wine as an aphrodisiac
  91. Will syphilis be eradicated soon?
  92. Places for Oral
  93. Scat part 2, violated with extreme prejudice
  94. Dating Protocol
  95. what do you think of uncircumsicion? (ladies)
  96. wow
  97. Ladies, how do you like your guys?
  98. Sex Map Shows Chain of Almost 300 High School Lovers
  99. Anyone kiss with your eyes open?
  100. WHere do women hang out?
  101. Porn movie reviews/recommendations?
  102. Birth Control Doesn't Work!
  103. Chicagoland strip clubs
  104. girlfriend-sih conundrum
  105. Scat, girlfriend wants me to do it...opinions.
  106. Something interesting I found on FARK
  107. Phone sex skills?
  108. Stability in an open relationship.
  109. Masturbating Question(For guys)
  110. Do you like the taste?
  111. Are our SO's Merely Toys??
  112. SPAMed by big penises
  113. A bit of a "touchy" situation
  114. who likes to freshin up before sex?
  115. Do you miss the hunt?
  116. Long distance relationships...are they for you?
  117. probs with 69
  118. Distance and sensation lacking BIGTIME
  119. Suddenly oversensitive penis?
  120. gaahh women....
  121. Question about cycles
  122. Who actually enjoys dancing?
  123. When a man has difficulty
  124. Sex with a new person
  125. where to buy nylons?
  126. Good first date idea?
  127. Foot Fetish
  128. Who would you just like to bend over the table TODAY?
  129. ? for Girls about my GF (Concerning sexual abuse in her past)
  130. Ex's and SO's.
  131. To Cheat or NOT to Cheat that is the question
  132. Libido Decreaser
  133. Once you go black do you go back?
  134. For the Guys: Assignment for the weekend
  135. Odd attraction
  136. Acting Silly In Bed
  137. How Long Can Girls Actually Last (P2)
  138. Rope Technique
  139. Guy from an internet site.........
  140. Need advice for potential 3some
  141. Questions about pregnancy
  142. How long can girls actually last?
  143. Cumming in a condom
  144. Help a young couple rent some quality porn!
  145. some help with My friend
  146. Crushes on others while with a SO?
  147. DVDA - Can it be done?
  148. Male Enhancement - Enzyte. anyone try it ?
  149. What the hell just happened?
  150. Sexual Orientation: Should you tell those close to you?
  151. Butt Hair
  152. Sensitivity Issue
  153. Which is better?
  154. online DVD rental
  155. adult toy store advice
  156. Attracted to girls that look like girlfriend.
  157. Co-workers
  158. Helping depression
  159. Question about sex?
  160. What turns you on?
  161. You Get What You Pay For!!!
  162. the traditional woman
  163. No head... sad zxello, help...
  164. Liberator Replacement
  165. Gynecologist Question
  166. Heterosexual Women, Fantasize about Homosexual Men?
  167. breaking the 'touch' barrier
  168. attracted to geeks
  169. Girls, How manipulative are you?
  170. Woohoo! Anal baby!
  171. Flings: Good or Bad?
  172. Whats your go on Dirty Talk
  173. How-to guide on dating.
  174. Breaking the hymen
  175. Semi-new relationship advice please?
  176. My story about seduction
  177. Womens idea about hair (on a man)
  178. What would you do?
  179. Nipple colour
  180. What is "hooking up"?
  181. Getting over the first hump
  182. Sexual Assult
  183. A girl from my past
  184. Second Chances...
  185. What women want
  186. Caught snooping and nothing to show for it...
  187. Kissing!
  188. STD from oral?
  189. Adult Resort Vacations
  190. Sex with relatives (no, not YOUR relatives)
  191. Is my attraction to younger women wrong?
  192. Sextoys after breakup
  193. ever seen the same person in real life as in porn?
  194. She just perplexes me
  195. Turnabout is fair play
  196. Pregnancy from fingering?
  197. My wife won't let me touch it ......
  198. What should i do?
  199. Porn vs. Prostitution?
  200. From a girls perspective, what does this mean?
  201. Porn Addiction
  202. Anyone got a weigh machine??
  203. masturbation..
  204. re-starting relationships
  205. Meeting-people-off-the-internet stories
  206. Allies Here
  207. An X-Rated Christmas
  208. My first time soon..
  209. Road Sex
  210. How long did you know you would lose your virginity?
  211. STD Question
  212. Sex in Dressing Rooms?
  213. Is there a problem with me?
  214. How to use a hand puppet to meet, attract, and date tons of single women...
  215. Haunting dreams
  216. How to go down on a woman
  217. Willravel's "The Sex You Deserve" 12/21/04
  218. chattiness = bad head
  219. Glass sex toys?
  220. A little sexual healing please
  221. How often?
  222. Ladies: actual penis vs. dildo or vibrator?
  223. The Cock.
  224. how much does taste in music matter?
  225. Another famous person thread
  226. I need some urgent advices. Help!
  227. Once you've shot your load :)
  228. should guys shave their armpits ?
  229. finding the despair in confusion
  230. Cynical, bitter, anxious
  231. What celebrity/famous person would give the best head?
  232. Have you done it with anyone famous?
  233. Who is the most famous person to...
  234. Good idea or bad idea for a gift?
  235. Doing it in the backseat
  236. Improving the taiste of cum....
  237. (Tell your) Shut-in sex (stories)
  238. how far do you let religion go into your bedroom?
  239. Incest
  240. What do you call her?
  241. How does your SO feel about you masturbating?
  242. Survey: Can you remember the names of everyone you've had sex with?
  243. Question
  244. Where do you keep it?
  245. Condom sensation letdown . . .
  246. Sperm In Eye
  247. Strange things you've put into your...
  248. Is this just the way some women are??
  249. just some random questions.
  250. WTF!