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  1. your mates job.
  2. Perfect woman vs maid
  3. What do you look for in a mate?
  4. More relationship advice...
  5. boy meets girl, boy would like input
  6. Shaved or no shaved (guys)
  7. How to explain to a girl....
  8. Remote Butterfly Review
  9. too funny
  10. Condoms for a smaller size
  11. Relationship Adive
  12. very hot girl at work for the summer
  13. I am getting tired of this being said over and over again...
  14. long distance relationship
  15. Pimple on penis?
  16. I am a horrible human being (advice needed)
  17. The Perfect Vagina (NSFW)
  18. Amazing sex
  19. pursue or play it safe?
  20. Building an anti-rebound relationship.
  21. My first porn magazine
  22. Nothing like being penalized for being TOO good at things
  23. Girlfriend's Ex
  24. Confused
  25. why are humans drawn to monogamy?
  26. lack of mystery
  27. GF's lubrication feels like lotion: Is this normal?
  28. Eyes closed during sex
  29. TFP Lonely Hearts Club
  30. Is this what marriage is supposed to be like?
  31. Monty Python Sketch
  32. This sucks!!!
  33. Help!
  34. Getting over a girl...
  35. Ok so I learned something today
  36. Need some advice
  37. Found your wife a girlfriend?
  38. Sex Makes Me _______!
  39. Why do I feel guilty about my dream!?
  40. For the married, career-oriented people...
  41. How can my wife increase her sex drive?
  42. What else do you need besides Love?
  43. Bought concert tickets, broke up with girl, now what?
  44. Candle Play
  45. Nine Songs
  46. Getting over the past
  47. Breaking a cherry advice
  48. Asking someone out that you know has a boyfriend
  49. Webcams
  50. A summer night serenade?
  51. Waiting until marriage to the extreme^^
  52. Underwear or no underwear?
  53. Ok boys, which is it?
  54. What are the chances?
  55. condoms causing cancer (o.O)
  56. how about sex in a pool??
  57. Deflowering a Virgin
  58. Am I crazy? Warning: Very Long.
  59. Long Distance over!
  60. Hickeys: like or no?
  61. Poll for the ladies
  62. Jealousy question......
  63. Going in for a certain "male procedure" this week...
  64. Unflirtable.
  65. Time to pop the question... one question for TFP...
  66. Older Women
  67. Gah, I'm too horny for my own good, I think.
  68. losing your virginity?
  69. ISO Most Natural-Feeling Condom
  70. Breaking up with your best friend, is this right?
  71. relationships after highschool
  72. True Love??
  73. need advice on somewhat distant relationship
  74. Guy + Patch (Ortho Evra) = ?
  75. Brutally honest personal ads
  76. How often do you see your SO?
  77. Eyes Wide Shut
  78. Fight with the wife.
  79. dress to impress
  80. Minor STD vs. Pregnancy
  81. Yohimbine kicks ass
  82. Is there a stigma with being single?
  83. useful phrases for describing hot people...
  84. Who would you like to see...
  85. Couple "movies" to get in the mood?
  86. Oh, the drama.
  87. Can anyone help me????
  88. Sex in the bathtub?
  89. mood lipstick
  90. 1 year jitters in a relationship :-/
  91. How Long?
  92. Frustration
  93. Songs to Make out/Have sex to
  94. a dream i had
  95. getting her to orgasm
  96. too much cum?
  97. Bigger Risk
  98. Friends after breakup
  99. so I heard this saying...and have no idea what it means
  100. Getting 'tested'?
  101. Advice on First Time Sex
  102. Viagra Questions
  103. Does Love really last forever?
  104. Single?
  105. Couldn't get it in?
  106. Premature Ejaculation-Wife No Orgasm
  107. My wife doesn't orgasm during sex. Any tips?
  108. What do you guys out there think of your girlfriend having a guy friend?
  109. Poll: Women what would you rather
  110. Why can't I...
  111. Need advice about relationship
  112. Can somebody answer a question for me?
  113. Looking for some new positions. Links needed.
  114. What is the difference...Sex vs. say a pedicure
  115. In need of advice -long read-
  116. Pregnancy?
  117. For The Ladies: Victoria's Secret
  118. Party PickUps
  119. I think I did something stupid
  120. how to 'clear' up nailmarks?
  121. Picking up women
  122. I can't orgasm :(
  123. Stupid teenagers can't keep it in their pants!
  124. Oral Sex Taste: Making it better
  125. *gasp* signs!
  126. How strong is your average orgasm?
  127. Wife's vampire fetish
  128. Wet Dreams-or lack thereof
  129. so how long after..
  130. Do you remember..?
  131. just tried a fun position...
  132. Commando
  133. Booty Call
  134. Another question for the ladies
  135. Question for females
  136. Getting over your SO
  137. Asian female/White male relationships.
  138. 3 month
  139. Advice on Cirumcism
  140. is this cheating????
  141. Has anyone gotten blue balls before?
  142. oh......MY GOD
  143. masturbation time?
  144. Why am I so addicted to Glory Holes?
  145. What's your take on interracial relationships?
  146. Autoloader or single shot?
  147. Purity tests
  148. Penis pump
  149. My girlfriend is allergic to me sexually
  150. Girlfriend Wont Kiss me.
  151. Blowing your...nose
  152. Keeping Relationships Fresh
  153. Female fertility Cycle
  154. How long before you BLOW??
  155. bruised/chaffed penis?
  156. Seduction...yes or no?
  157. Love/Liking
  158. Flavoured Condom Saftey Issues
  159. Don't know if you remember this story...
  160. Where are the Sex Positive People?
  161. Tastes of Oral
  162. Okay guys, pretend that you are getting head...
  163. What should a man do when she lets herself slack?
  164. for those on the patch
  165. Need ideas quickly for dominating my S/O
  166. Getting to Know You: Questions and Topics for your Date
  167. What kind of car do you drive?
  168. Kink test...I scored a 404...
  169. Oral sex technique, What do you ladies like?
  170. First Kiss Technique
  171. Sex before/after high school
  172. clitoral stimulation w/ doggy style
  173. (Another) potential relationship question...
  174. Does your SO know about and/or surf the TFP?
  175. What's worse?
  176. Work Crush. Worse Then You Think.
  177. What Does Your SO Smell Like?
  178. When did you get married?
  179. finding out the absolute wrong way....
  180. Porn with girlfriend
  181. How to get out those stubborn cum stains.
  182. What is your 'thing' ?
  183. quick question...
  184. Asking out on date.
  185. When you lay/sleep with your SO, how do you get comfortable?
  186. Topics and habits to avoid falling in to dreaded "Friend Zone?"
  187. Possible TFP matchmaking?
  188. long distance, internet relationships
  189. The Friend Zone
  190. How do I know...
  191. can anyone explain what happened? (30 minute orgasm?)
  192. If everyone could see pussy...
  193. Dream interpreters
  194. What is it with her?
  195. Im scared to death
  196. Why don't girls ever ask guys out?
  197. Condoms w/ numbing agent
  198. Why is it that...
  199. long distance
  200. I need some help with this one, it's a bit long of a read...
  201. problems with the patch
  202. Most reliable condom?
  203. Sure, I'll be right back, I have to go throw up!
  204. A Question for the Ladies
  205. where are my wet dreams?
  206. Help me decide which toy to buy my girlfriend...
  207. Autoerotic Asphyxia
  208. Sex = Headaches ?
  209. A lil nick....
  210. two too many nipples? NSFW
  211. Biggest line you've used to get in someone's pants
  212. Things you've said/heard DURING sex...
  213. Things said BEFORE sex...
  214. Things you've said after sex...
  215. If an attractive stranger asked...
  216. Things you love hearing after sex
  217. Crossdressing
  218. Video games vs. your significant other
  219. When did you have "the best sex ever?"
  220. Nipple size: do they grow?
  221. problems with relationships (long!)
  222. Masturbation Techniques
  223. Afterglow?
  224. Fetishes:
  225. Why does sex make me feel guilty?
  226. Jacuzzi
  227. need some advice.
  228. Another Threesome
  229. Ebay question
  230. Types of porn
  231. Mastrabation questions (orgasm)
  232. Ever almost get caught "pleasuring yourself"
  233. Female Viagra - anyone know what it's called?
  234. on and off relationships
  235. Why don't straight men cuddle with straight men
  236. met a new girl
  237. ever fall asleep during a blow job?
  238. Post-Sex Guilt
  239. troubles with the gf....need advice
  240. Anal Beads
  241. "Where'd you get that dildo ?" (Poll for the Women) NSFW
  242. Sabaecus Prominence Pt. II
  243. Reading a BDSM picture.
  244. Growing Older = Better Sex?
  245. unequally yoked
  246. worried about my girlfriend
  247. Make Masturbating More Interesting
  248. What's the stigma about sex toys for men?
  249. So I Had My Threesome
  250. Too Soon For Sex?