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  1. Delaying male orgasm
  2. If you are 18, is 15 too young to date?
  3. A question about a girl gettin "fixed"
  4. ex issue revisited
  5. BJs painful?
  6. Help me help my dad
  7. Swinging???
  8. Lube with sperimicide? Does it exist, howcome i cant find any?
  9. How do you finish?
  10. Cuddling vs. Intercourse
  11. Paying for condoms and the Pill
  12. I'm lame, HELP!
  13. Any good websites to buy Condoms, lube, and other sex things?
  14. Being friends with the ex? Need advice..
  15. A challenge
  16. Not talking.....
  17. Questions about the Hymen
  18. getting there the first time..
  19. Masturbation Thoughts
  20. not about sex... i would want to think...
  21. sign me up for two...
  22. The Orgasmatron (not Woody Allen)
  23. Meeting New Girls
  24. Guys adjusting themselves
  25. Erection Concealment
  26. Being single again: how to deal?
  28. Going back to the Ex..
  29. Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women
  30. Suggested Birth Control
  31. Masturbation: Good or Bad
  32. Can anyone reccomend some sites that deal with techniques in foreplay/sex?
  33. well you guys had pics of the clit, have any of the G-spot??????? thanks
  34. Sexual turn-ons / fetishes
  35. funny, but extremely scary at the time.
  36. Michigan bans sex for those under 16!
  37. Intercourse Troubles :(
  38. Should I admit to my bf I have been in a porno?
  39. where is the clit on a girl?
  40. New Toys
  41. Favourite name of the opposite sex?
  42. Butt Crack and Breast Clevage
  43. Hairy legs and other guy hair issues
  44. Help me find a thread....
  45. fine hair on a womens body (NSFW)
  46. Girls hair down
  47. Diapers or naked in public.
  48. Sweet names for your GF?
  49. Just a question
  50. What does hanging out actually mean?
  51. vasectomy:pros & cons?
  52. How do I tell my wife...
  53. A question of etiquette
  54. Use Psychology to Get Laid
  55. Teacher's Pet
  56. Lost the urge?
  57. Semen vs Moisturizer
  58. The effects of age on sexuality
  59. Could you go without sex for the rest of your life?
  60. What should I talk about?
  61. What is the first thing that turn you on when looking at a girl?
  62. Best friends with benefits!
  63. Stomachs and sex...
  64. Using the toys you have
  65. toys
  66. The Morning After
  67. Is it better to have loved and lost?
  68. Ever use an adult dating service?
  69. Has Mom seen you ??
  70. What is a Blow Job like?
  71. Ogling Vs Appreciating
  72. She won't kiss me after I give her Oral
  73. What is in a relationship?
  74. Ladies, I would like some advice
  75. Just Wondering
  76. Wank-free? What the hell?
  77. Dating Strippers
  78. Why Do You Love Me
  79. One and shes done
  80. Shaving + guy?
  81. Freckles on my balls
  82. Penis enlarging pills...do they work ?
  83. Experimenting with food/desert kinda stuff?
  84. Not Tonight, Honey. I'm Logging On
  85. She's got a boyfriend..
  86. The New Position on Casual Sex
  87. The Porn Myth
  88. Holding yourself back....
  89. What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  90. Rules of Dating
  91. Am I Paranoid?
  92. Almost naked better than naked?
  93. Found Finace's bondage stash, should I worry?
  94. Vaginal Wetness as it relates to Masturbation/Excitement
  95. Question about fertilization
  96. Dry Spell
  97. Erotic Storys
  98. Waiting for marriage?
  99. Boob Metaphors
  100. 3-somes...
  101. It's Summertime
  103. Porno texting - how much is too much?
  104. Girl Friend dresses too sexy....
  105. Vagina no good
  106. Yay! More insecurities for me!
  107. Fooling around when her parents are upstairs?
  108. The Nice guy...
  109. Adicted? To masturbation?
  110. Is Sex Necessary?
  111. Giving head, or getting one.
  112. Attractiveness: Bulk vs Toned Body
  113. Do you cheat? Have you been cheated on?
  114. Flirting
  115. the Porn Poll
  116. Green Eyed Monster
  117. Friend Problem.
  118. Why are boobs so good?
  119. 3rd base play is ok -- but Orgasm makes her regret the session
  120. confusing boys
  121. Masturbation aids
  122. Would you date a married person?
  123. Why do I hate "Sloppy Seconds"?
  124. Catholic Churches Say Condoms Don't Stop AIDS - BBC
  125. A question for parents:
  126. What is a queef anyway?
  127. should i ask her to try it again?
  128. Exhibitionist or perv? or both? :P
  129. The Sexual Experience Poll. No, this hasn't been done before.
  130. Guys--how do you get over infidelity? (vent warning)
  131. Shaving problem!
  132. Experimenting (sp?)
  133. Fragrance and Sexuality
  134. Hey, biracial couples
  135. Ladies, have you ever used your sexuality to get something
  136. Guys how long did you last your first time
  137. Petite women and childbirth
  138. Why can't I cut her out of my life?
  139. farting after anal
  140. Is college freshman/high school junior creepy?
  141. turn ons
  142. Would you date a single mom/dad?
  143. All this talk about bustin nuts
  144. How old were you...
  145. Ingrown pube hairs
  146. Whose getting fucked?
  147. Resisting temptation/someone bitchslap some sense into me please
  148. Movie fetish
  149. What size do the ladies like?
  150. Top Ten Women to Avoid
  151. The girl is a PISSER.
  152. Sex standing up?
  153. The Unsexy List
  154. video taping?
  155. shoot your load!
  156. more male contraceptives
  157. fingering
  158. Pussy Control
  159. How to last longer??
  160. What is it with guys and anal?
  161. Bad Feeling
  162. Sexual Preference Poll...
  163. Just a sexual preference poll...
  164. Kegels for men; a couple of questions
  165. sex killed my career
  166. Why Masturbate?
  167. Wax Play
  168. Being under the weather.
  169. I need some worldly advice...
  170. trying to find a thong
  171. How to keep long distance relationships going?
  172. |Guys| What about urethra play?
  173. non-exclusive relationship
  174. cannot orgasm
  175. Friend seperated from husband
  176. I guess its just me...
  177. What to say (or IM) to the opposite sex to make them want to talk
  178. Weird advice: masturbate to wake up, when getting sleepy while driving
  179. Cheating, how much is too much?
  180. "Gentle" or "Abrupt" breakups: which are easier to get over?
  181. some relationship/dating advice
  182. Ex-loves and your feelings
  183. Nervous about three-some
  184. masturbation mishaps
  185. Electro stimulation
  186. Positions
  187. Problem with a classmate...
  188. help with famous sex, please can you?
  189. Do u play music while having sex.
  190. Over-Masturbating
  192. How do i get a girl over me?
  193. piercings!
  194. Teen Dies on Abortion Pill
  195. Okay, did I miss the memo?
  196. Orgasm from intercourse alone/multiples
  197. Marrige Changes
  198. Getting a girl to see you as more then just a friend.
  199. Can Guys and Girls be "Just Friends?"
  200. What size do you like most?
  201. How do i get over it.
  202. Are men really more stimulated by visuals than women?
  203. techniques
  204. Oh so confusing women
  205. Nude Beaches
  206. Book on Sex Postions?
  207. what men REALLY want!
  208. Which is better:
  209. male Contraceptive introduced.
  210. age and sex
  211. Roleplaying, what is your best?
  212. And when it came out, it went *drip drip drip*...
  214. How to get into Porn Industry
  215. Chivalry in general
  216. Selfish Lovers
  217. Sex in Socks
  218. A bit of a predicament
  219. The mutual orgasm
  220. Packin on the lbs.
  221. soulmates
  222. am I looking for an escort?
  223. Circumsized Penises
  224. Hold your SO...
  225. The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus
  226. Christian girl: no sex, but blowjobs ok. WTF?!
  227. Back door
  228. Small girls vs Curvy girls
  229. I can't figure her out...a little help?
  230. The Pill and alcohol
  231. Yet another reason to go out, and find yourself a lady friend.
  232. A real, honest question for all...
  233. Men in pantyhose
  234. Marrage Advise needed
  235. possible threesome
  237. IS Modern Woman the new Frat-Boy?
  238. Soul Mate? Have you Found one?
  239. Flirting? WTF?
  240. can YOU vibrate??
  241. To Get a vasectomy or not
  242. Bleeding after sex
  243. "Young" vasectomy?
  244. A personal dilema
  245. Question about women
  246. Where did you lose your virginity?
  247. Whats the longest you went without sex?
  248. Blow Job Do's and Don'ts (big don't!)
  249. Sex shops
  250. Love vs Lust