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  1. suggestions for a romantic evening
  2. Problems getting it up...
  3. Girlfriend leaving & turning lesbian.
  4. help...relationship stuff
  5. Small problem... I love her, but she doesn't satisfy...
  6. Uncircumcized Wang
  7. Showdown at the Lesbian Corral: Am I or Am I Not a Bigot
  8. Looking for GIrls
  9. Good Source of Adult Toys
  10. Interracial relashionship
  11. ...deepthroat?
  12. Oral sex after marriage?
  13. Dealing with my girlfriends Ex
  14. Going Insane and Just Confused Out Of My Mind
  15. How do you do it from the side?
  16. Bad Smell *Down There*
  17. It's kinda weird... [girl-sex troubles]
  18. Girl I've admired from afar
  19. I'm going to college, she's still a senior in high school
  20. what is sex
  21. If you are into your religion, is it a sin to masturbate?
  22. Question for the ladies, bare w/me here.
  23. An Unfortunate Situation
  24. The question with no answer
  25. Need help telling off a girl
  26. finger in the butt
  27. Get Back Together With Ex?
  28. My love, but his love too.
  29. Girlfriend didn't bleed our first time...
  30. Feeling the loss of not doing what i was supposed to?
  31. Feeling very emotional...
  32. Asking about ex's...
  33. F*ck buddies - urban legend?
  34. Sex after pregnancy
  35. Age Difference?
  36. My totally crappy life...help me get back on track...PLZ
  37. New Forms Masturbation??
  38. Lettin the girl down easy.
  39. What to do about Ex-GF and best friend?
  40. anal: why?
  41. a little help needed
  42. outta my life?
  43. Should I Be Worried?
  44. Can you get a girl pregnant if you cum on her pussy?
  45. What did I do wrong? GF advice
  46. Fun Dates
  47. The first time...
  48. Need advice
  49. Relationship troubles
  50. where's the best place for pick up?
  51. She loves me, but yet she hurts me
  52. Nice girl with a lousy boyfriend
  53. She asks me to marry her...but then
  54. the friend to girlfriend switch
  55. An must-read article for all men...
  56. what would you do in my place
  57. Online personals?
  58. another woman problem
  59. She's uncomfortable with public affection.
  60. Fingerin'
  61. This girl is confusing me.
  62. Posing Nude....
  63. Still be friends?
  64. I'm over her. Is it ok to not be friends?
  65. Online Dating Services
  66. Male Masturbation Methods.
  67. how to deal with my guts being torn out..
  68. Rules for a long-distance break-up?
  69. I came, she saw, now I'm confused
  70. Girl at work..
  71. Sex -- Better for guys or girls?
  72. How to make my girl happy
  73. Please help me.
  74. questions about female nipple piercings...
  75. Woman troubles...
  76. coke and sex
  77. tongue piercing.
  78. Talking During Sex?
  79. how do you know ?
  80. *Insert advice about girls here*
  81. I'd appreciate some standard girlfirend advice
  82. How do you get over being cheated on?
  83. Penis Enlargment
  84. accused of rape?!?
  85. Chris, I can not get over her.
  86. need help fast :-(
  87. older women
  88. the truth hurts
  89. spit or swallow... which do you prefer?
  90. Need help... long distance stuff, moving too fast, etc....
  91. I found the G spot
  92. Urgent need of advice...please
  93. Why do people cheat?
  94. Instructional sex sites?
  95. Looks or Personality....?
  96. Picking up girls.....
  97. I don't want to be with her, but I still become jealous!
  98. My wandering eye..
  99. Penis Size revisited
  100. porn addiction?!
  101. How do you know when to end a relationship?
  102. Is my ex-gf a b*tch, or is this normal?
  103. Girl Problems?
  104. Threesome
  105. I've been used...
  106. When to Marry
  107. girlfriend overseas, new interest....wtf
  108. Are there any good women out there?
  109. Too much drama...help?
  110. Line in the sand?
  111. Long distance relationship problems...
  112. how to say 'i think your really nice, but i dont want to be with you' nicely?
  113. Sex.
  114. need advise on office crush....
  115. What to bring?
  116. daddy issues and boyfriend freakouts
  117. The affair - what the hell am I doing?
  118. Report: Premature Ejaculation, Lasting Longer, Research.
  119. A nice 'clean' porno?
  120. Getting hard Too Quickly
  121. you people's take on my sit.
  122. Follow my heart, or my conscience?
  123. breaking up
  124. I think I have fallen in love on the internet.
  125. best pickupline...
  126. Pillow talk
  127. why does doing the right thing, not always feel so good?
  128. Asparagus
  129. A moral/legal dilemma
  131. Bad idea to contact ex to see how she's doing?
  132. I need a point of view from people uninvolved
  133. Date Ideas?
  134. Sexual Stamina
  135. Shooting, eh, man juice
  136. GF to marry or not to marry
  137. No sex before marriage
  138. what are some good ways to propose?
  139. hopelessly in love
  140. just another paranoid male
  141. Once again.. pursuing a friend..
  142. Strategies for breaking up
  143. the melting kiss
  144. best way to pick up chicks
  145. Long-distance relationships
  146. What Made You Choose Your Partner
  147. "You're too nice..."
  148. advice in bed
  149. advice please
  150. sex advice
  151. To those who are married, how did you meet?
  152. Need some Advice
  153. sexual tension with a friend
  154. Is there anyone out there who doesn't like oral?