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  1. Not just another sex quiz
  2. Going Against the Height Grain
  3. What 69 position do you like best?
  4. How did you get your partner to participate? Stories?
  5. What's your safe word?
  6. I am bitter!
  7. Ladies making the first move...
  8. how many partners is too much?
  9. Femdom
  10. The first time you consented to sex......
  11. Voyeur or Exhibitionist?
  12. Which came first??
  13. Zivity - The Art of Female
  14. If i break both my arms will a nurse 'take care' of me?
  15. Sensitivity of the intact penis?
  16. Male Birth Control
  17. Your Most "Unfortunate" Porn Experiences
  18. Should sex education classes teach about homosexuality?
  19. What sort of ratio for giving/getting oral sex would be your preference?
  20. What is it that you absolutely need sexually?
  21. G Spot Question
  22. Touching the balls
  23. Arguments and ridicule = relationship success?
  24. Women's underwear in the bathroom
  25. First time you saw an ejaculation, where did it go?
  26. How many fingers can you put into your ladies vagina or ....
  27. Ladies: What have you done to another woman?
  28. If somebody is really ugly, and thus cannot get dates, should they resort to paying f
  29. anything sexual you miss about your ex(es)?
  30. How many men have turned down a woman for sex?
  31. problem with a girl
  32. Relation/sex question
  33. Time span of Levitra
  34. Best feeling during a BJ?
  35. Sexy Clothes
  36. Saying I love you
  37. first post here - my experience of just getting back into "the game" after 7 years
  38. Female Sex Drive falls (significantly) when in a Steady Relationship
  39. What are your thoughts on ANR? (Breastfeeding your man)
  40. Watching Your SO masturbate
  41. Swinging Club in LA
  42. Help me
  43. What does one say after a night of bad sex?
  44. Surprise Party no long a surprise
  45. G-spot detected
  46. Scratch My Head
  47. Do'in it in the Great Outdoors
  48. Ok, we talked facials, how about creampie?
  49. Women, you need to read (and memorize) this...
  50. Facials
  51. Ladies: opinions on the man-thong
  52. How long does it take?
  53. Getting wet...
  54. Sharing a kiss
  55. Relationship has changed, even though she says no..
  56. Does she like me? Or am I just imagining stuff?
  57. Training in the Bedroom
  58. In your current relationship, who gave oral first?
  59. What Sex Position did you use for first time?
  60. You smell good...
  61. Erection & ejaculation
  62. Need an explanation for this
  63. Bruised Testicles from bent penis
  64. Women and Anal Sex
  65. Strapon ?
  66. What makes me feel ugly?
  67. Let's hear some CL/ Internet stories
  68. Things you've learnt about sex
  69. Stuck on handjobs after 2 years...
  70. Sticky situation
  71. Question on Pregnancy and Rape
  72. Cheated on my ex :p
  73. Buying prostitute
  74. Ever slept with someone you didnt find physically attractive?
  75. Preparing for your first time
  76. Best Way To hug someone you dig...
  77. Obsession
  78. Best positions w/ pregant wife?
  79. Would you be ok with your GF to be friends with an ex?
  80. Burning pee *once in a Blue*
  81. Purity Balls
  82. Men, do you care about virginity?
  83. Anal beginner: What position? Any tips?
  84. To get off... or NOT to get off!!
  85. Spur of the moment....
  86. A little long winded, but I am calling for any help!
  87. Protected or unprotected? What is the factor?
  88. Robot gets a vasectomy
  89. Whats your favorite PORNSTAR....NSFW
  90. Someone you’re dating reveals they have a STD. How do you proceed?
  91. Men are naturally better able to separate sex and love
  92. Sexual positions
  93. Broken Battery-Operated Boyfriends
  94. question for women who show cleavage
  95. All tied up and feeling not at all ropey
  96. **NSFW** Harry... Harry Potter!?
  97. How horny does everyone get reading these posts?
  98. What was your attitude to masturbation as a teen?
  99. Sexy Photos and How To Ask For Them
  100. Shaving your shaft.
  101. Sexual Calorie Counter.
  102. Sexy styles that are out of fashion
  103. Site to purchase generic viagra?
  104. First time fingering her, questions
  105. Would it be weird (for her)?
  106. What are you wearing?
  107. sex from the inside out...educational xxx (NSFW)
  108. WtF?
  109. The taste
  110. thank you for good sex and relationships
  111. Scissor Fight!
  112. Weirdest thing you heard, or said, during sex.
  113. Magazine Oui?
  114. Sex with Feet on Shoulders
  115. Best girl friend, 2 months later...
  116. Dating makes me nervous--fix me
  117. GF Cannot Orgasm
  118. could my partner be gay?
  119. Animated Porn Clips?
  120. boob problem
  121. newly single...
  122. Have you ever "taken one for the team" v2.0
  123. Libido decrease even in the 20s?
  124. The Thanksgiving Challenge
  125. If you are a man and you were raped by another man, would you report it...
  126. What does "dating" mean to you?
  127. The Slippery Slope
  128. Best, anniversary present, ever
  129. GOOD terms for body parts? Non-derogatory, non-scientific? I'm at a loss...
  130. Re-experimenting with new partners?
  131. Pussy != vagina
  132. Criminals who use date-rape drugs
  133. Hair amount
  134. Does the modern media devalue sex?
  135. SPINOFF: Does it matter what your SOs count is?
  136. 10 Necessary Qualities in a man???
  137. masturbation 6 times a week too much?
  138. Sex on the dance floor
  139. Locker Room Nudity
  140. Interesting blog I found on perception of women's tendencies.
  141. Men: Are you "Good Will Humping?"
  142. A hand obsession?
  143. Women's Orgasms
  144. I'm an embarrassment to the human race.
  145. Affects of menopause on sex life.
  146. Sex on "X"?
  147. Hello everybody! New to the forum.
  148. Friends with Benefits
  149. Having sex with a fictional/fantasy character - NSFW
  150. Herpes Question.
  151. Kissing, Foreplay, Sex and Music
  152. Bubbly Stomach. Pregnant Virgin?
  153. My new mans stamina
  154. How do i make my cum taste better?
  155. Girls and Guys, should a guy give up his ass if he gets hers?
  156. Just call me Cupid...
  157. Advice for a new member? Please
  158. did the coconut thread get anyone else hot?
  159. Any thoughts on Replens????
  160. Who's banging a superhero soon?
  161. Vaginal Odor?
  162. Hitachi Magic Wand....
  163. What differences do you notice dating a college-educated person vs not?
  164. Fordyce Spots?
  165. why is NOT cheating looked so poorly upon?
  166. Where to start looking?
  167. looks vs personality
  168. Do you keep count? (male edition)
  169. 21 male and no libido
  170. The Ladder Theory
  171. What does this mean? Ladies input please.
  172. do *ANY* women like hairy guys?
  173. Macho Culture (Warning, bloody long thread)
  174. Initiative...
  175. when do you think is the right time for...
  176. Sibling (Your partner's) fantasy?
  177. The first "going down"
  178. the first blowjob
  179. Spray on condoms
  180. Anal Play for Beginners...
  181. Effects of Celebacy
  182. Am I a heartless bastard? or not?
  183. A little worried about our future. Advice please.
  184. Vibrator w/ Hand Crank (Probably NSFW)
  185. Me and my Best Girl Friend, what next?
  186. stuff you wanted to know about sex....
  187. Now you too can smell like a vagina...
  188. Blokes and their willies
  189. Adult Arcade
  190. Dating a friends Ex
  191. How often should a partner say "no"?
  192. Lewis Hamilton - My New Obsession
  193. Underarm fetish
  194. The Sexual Challenge Game Thread
  195. Sexual myths
  196. how fast can a woman orgasm
  197. Do women drivers like to be flashed ??
  198. How many women and men enjoy Exhibitionism
  199. Settle an icky argument
  200. The Pickup Artist/Mystery Method
  201. the good old "lead on"
  202. Age when you were in your first relationship?
  203. Sex after 10 years
  204. How we act in relationships: some things to consider...
  205. A question for the caucasian ladies out there.
  206. TFP womens guide to....men
  207. I guess I need help to "move on"
  208. Yet Another I just Broke Up Thread
  209. safe sex......
  210. I want to have a threesome
  211. strange, new behavior by girlfriend....
  212. Can a Woman Rape a Man?
  213. Relationship Advice
  214. Something to spice it up a bit?
  215. Just broken up
  216. I want my wife to do me with a strap-on
  217. Dating your long time best friend?
  218. girlfriend hates porn....what do I do?
  219. has this ever happened to you? underwear thievery
  220. Sex while others watch?
  221. Discovering the Facts of Life
  222. Maintaining an erection
  223. Feds trying to regulate porn....
  224. Flirting and Sexual Harassment
  225. You and your SO...lets call it the SO appreciation thread
  226. Wanted: Sugar Mama
  227. Do You Find Vaginas Attractive??? (NSFW)
  228. Fisting
  229. To Get Paid....
  230. Is Bush back in? And I don't mean George
  231. Need some advice (long)
  232. Freeweight
  233. cumming way too quick for my liking.
  234. Widowed And Moving On
  235. Closing the Deal...
  236. I'm taken but...
  237. 1 year anniversary
  238. The spitting has begun...
  239. Private Doller
  240. How would you handle this situation?
  241. two girls, one problem
  242. Whisker Burn
  243. When your past pops up in front of you...
  244. Great sex, mediocre everything else
  245. A question for the ladies
  246. Saying I love you
  247. Ladies, do you "see things" when you orgasm?
  248. World's most uncomfortable bra...
  249. If you wanted to have sex with somebody would you tell them or keep it a secret?
  250. How to say no