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  1. Ok, going to the toilet....
  2. I dont remember when I lost my virginity.
  3. Can you be driven to cheat?
  4. How should I proceed with this girl?
  5. pregnant or not...?
  6. Is the girl interested or not...
  7. My 21 Birthday!
  8. Getting over the Ex
  9. Doh, I messed up again
  10. 2 girls,1 guy, I'm one of the girls...
  11. Great Night
  12. Can't figure out the opposite sex?
  13. Advice on How to ask a Girl out (note: this thread is two years old)
  14. How do I bring birth control with my girlfriend?
  15. Dating off and on....
  16. to have or not to have sex this weekend.
  17. Hangnails
  18. Detection of Estrus in Humans
  19. Kissing cousins
  20. Nipple play for guys
  21. Very awkward problem
  22. does he want to date or not?
  23. Dating a party girl
  24. morality sex and porn
  25. Reading into this?
  26. Strange drama in my life, someone set me straight
  27. How Long Before Marriage? Is it that Important?
  28. well endowed
  29. Breaking up because of love?
  30. unhealthy views towards sex
  31. Relationhip Advice Needed (Long)
  32. "He's just not that into you"
  33. Girlfriend advice needed (is she cheating?)
  34. Should I tell her or not?
  35. Talking about sex with your SO
  36. Ladies' thoughts on celibate men
  37. What do breast implants feel like?
  38. Ladies poll: would you be pleased if your mate bought you a Sybian?
  39. Male VS Female Masturbation
  40. Dealing With the Memories?
  41. Best and worst thing said to you during sex
  42. Girls: What condoms do *you* like?
  43. How much do the circumstances of getting together matter?
  44. Guys, I need some (serious) relationship advice...
  45. Brand of condom
  46. letting her free
  47. The end of courtship
  48. Kind of confused on this one..
  49. Male geysers....ladies, do you like it??
  50. Musings on Her satisfaction
  51. Random musings on communication
  52. Oral Sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: What risks?
  53. Not enough sex... what would you do??
  54. So What Happens Now?
  55. Sex with a broken limb
  56. What is this?
  57. Vibrating Condom Ring?
  58. Confidence
  59. GF and I broke up
  60. Stupid things you've done on a date
  61. longdistance problems
  62. Girlfriend withdraws from problems
  63. Does anyone else NEVER get "Whiskey Dick"?
  64. Sex in a car..(not moving of course..)
  65. Losing your virginity: does it change you?
  66. Are american men honest
  67. Classic case of mixed signals
  68. The age old question
  69. love and attraction
  70. Sex Computer/Machine?
  71. Non-physical "what is too far" cheating question
  72. The first person you had sex with?
  73. Never have I desired sex
  74. too much? too busy? or just overreacting?
  75. Confrontation
  76. pre cum problems
  77. Maybe a Nice Guy? Help!
  78. Help with a girl i know.
  79. Putting a hold on a relationship?
  80. A possible betrayal - im freaking out..
  81. How would I go about...
  82. Love or Obsession????
  83. When did drool become sexy in porn!??!
  84. There's Something About Mary
  85. London to Get Sexual "Theme Park"
  86. Havent seen my girl for a month, am seeing her next friday...
  87. Blowjob please?
  88. Thanks Tilted
  89. Intimate conversations as sex?
  90. BREASTS, Big or Small?
  91. UPDATED: Proposal Story
  92. whats so special...
  93. question need help
  94. Girl for a day
  95. Depressed over situation with a friend & need advice
  96. Trying light bondage
  97. Slipping and Sliding into the Reservoir
  98. How to start a relationship?
  99. I can't talk to girls.
  100. Married but looking
  101. gay male/rookie
  102. Best wait to ask new girlfriend to get checked up?
  103. Rope humping from a locked thread somewhere down there
  104. Could this be an omen?
  105. Just curious...
  106. slightly embarassing situation
  107. Real breasts that droop some, or perfect fakes?
  108. Abortion - is it murder? In response to...
  109. Playing Dress up
  110. Sexiest sheets?
  111. Abortion - she can't forget it.
  112. How to tell when a tease is true...
  113. helping a woman relax
  114. Kate Moss and Lesbian Threesome - Pick Your Lesbian Threesome
  115. birds and bees? please tell me....
  116. Rabbit vibrator question
  117. just beginning the relationship
  118. Is This Being Unreasonable?
  119. Need a non-creepy way of finding someone...
  120. What is "second base?"
  121. Anyone else do a post game wrap-up??
  122. "true" love vs. a chance at "truer" love
  123. wtf??
  124. Goin' Down.
  125. has anyone tried those online adult personals?
  126. OK, need everyone's opinion on this
  127. Did I 'Blow' it?
  128. Internet Flirtation
  129. Having trouble orgasming when masturbating :/
  130. I think ive found the one but need advice
  131. Polyurethane condom and size
  132. Advice Required... One Man Can't Do Anything Alone
  133. Comparing sensations ofvaginal/anal sex
  134. Improvement Wth Age
  135. Here's a good one for you guys...
  136. How To Deal With A Cheater
  137. porn with more....substance?
  138. Polyurethane condom question
  139. Getting things to work: sex compatibility
  140. First date (ever). Advice?
  141. Stuff I ndeed to talk about
  142. What is the best teasing for You?
  143. MUFF
  144. Fisting questions for the ladies
  145. Could use some help soon, please
  146. Dating an ex's best friend?
  147. Frenum Piercing and Anal Sex- Go or no go?
  148. Relationship Confusion
  149. Toys for the Rich and Lonely/Horny
  150. Herpes, ingrown hair, or something else?
  151. I last too long...help!!!!
  152. Sexual rules for non-sexual games
  153. Durex Advanti breakage?
  154. Some people are real assholes
  155. Sexy furniture.
  156. I hate my life...
  157. Topic on radio show about porn
  158. The pill and ..(da da da).. THE PERIOD!!
  159. herpes type I?
  160. Good sex music
  161. Is there such thing as sexual withdrawl symptoms?
  162. Where the best place to find a REAL Man?
  163. New Research says IUD users happier with sex
  164. sex with a new girlfriend
  165. Anal lube?
  166. Date tips
  167. Mom has issues with my gf
  168. Sex on the first date vs. Marriage
  169. My penis has finally stopped bleeding...
  170. Only had sex with one person, how to know if this how it's supposed to feel?
  171. Girls saying they don't get hit on
  172. Tan Lines?
  173. Being Straightforward
  174. Sex while living with parents!
  175. 24 hours from now my divorce is final.......
  176. Problem
  177. Need Advice - Dating a Married Woman!!
  178. Cyber Sex (Your Opinion)
  179. Sexile
  180. The penis is way too delicate for masturbation
  181. Being felt up in public.
  182. What kind of sex is it?
  183. Advice?
  184. Designer Vaginas - Gasp, please girls, don't do this
  185. Religious Relationship
  186. What are some things you WONT do for or to your partner?
  187. How long before "I love you"?
  188. No Sex Cuddle Party?!?
  189. Are relationships exclusive?
  190. 40 year old virgin
  191. best bed for sex
  192. Relationship Research
  193. How to ask the girlfriend...
  194. road head...
  196. Looking for love online
  197. Coming out as an asexual?
  198. Have you ever had unprotected sex?
  199. Emptiness/Loneliness and meeting women
  200. Condom Blues
  201. ADVICE HELP NEEDED: What does it mean when the ex asks if you have had sex since her
  202. Homemade random sexual fantasy generator
  203. Dating one's best friend...
  204. need help Giving a sensual Massage
  205. Am I wrong here?
  206. Hmmm, i guess it is their house...but come on. Parent issues.
  207. Do you care if your partner Cums?
  208. Opinions on Guys Making the first move.
  209. Unexpected and not all that welcome side effect of working out
  210. Bouncing Sex (those crazy Russians ...) NSFW pictures.
  211. Temperature play for the neat freak
  212. Slimming Issues Upside Down - What would you do?
  213. Question for the fairer sex on weight (male input welcomed, too)
  214. What ever happened to courting?
  215. Told a girl how i felt but dident get a good answer
  216. Ladies: Attraction to men
  217. The first person you masturbated over
  218. Nipple Piercings - Making them pleasurable
  219. Ancient phallus unearthed in cave
  220. Tubal - side effects
  221. Old fashioned love triangle...
  222. Question about my guy materbating?
  223. Large Ladies/Hispanic Women: Odor Question.
  225. Naked with a fully clothed woman
  226. My girlfriend never makes it :[ hrelp
  227. Interesting Article on Islamic/Asian/Indian Cineme
  228. Odd Situation with Girlfriend
  229. Erection... issue
  230. image hosting services that allow nude or semi-nude pictures
  231. Give A Lady Road Head
  232. My SO just got the Paraguard IUD
  233. women and feeling of the big squirt
  234. Visions during orgasm?
  235. I need advice in a major way.
  236. Kissing and Sex: Can they be disconnected?
  237. Analyze this: strange co-worker behavior.
  238. What happened to Lube with Spermicide?
  239. My wife wants another man....what to do?
  240. Have I just been hit on by a gay guy?
  241. Intensity of orgasm: sex vs. masturbation for males
  242. Unclasping Bras 101
  243. To say "I love you" or to not... that is the question
  244. Hooking up at weddings
  245. Girls in Groups and Fugly Girl Cockblocking
  246. WHat Is the KinkiesT thing That Women Fantasize abouT?
  247. What drives men? love, sex or both?
  248. Internet Kiss
  249. Odd Issues; Harem?
  250. Getting the pill (plus misc sex question)