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  1. Circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV by 70 percent
  2. Date Ideas....?
  3. What do girls want to hear?
  4. How long is too long to hope?
  5. Birth Control, Yes or No?
  6. Approaching Women In Different Situations
  7. Some advice from the ladies please and men are fine too. :)
  8. so....it's been a while....
  9. Straight, Gay or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited
  10. Delicate Matters
  11. Frightened of the gyno.......
  12. A reminder for the male members
  13. I Masturbate to Anime
  14. Being sexually assertive (as a guy)
  15. Drunken makeout etiquette
  16. Why is it so sensitive?
  17. b'day idea a bit too much?
  18. just best friends, or is it secretly more?
  19. So we did it......
  20. A trip to Europe, wait, what just happened...
  21. Non-erotic piercings giving pleasure...
  22. How to build "stamina"?
  23. Bi-curious girls. Where are they?
  24. Liberator Shapes
  25. Women feel no emotions during orgasm
  26. The dreaded "Going On A Break", need some guidance (female translator requested)
  27. PM erections....what causes them?
  28. What is it about breasts that people like?
  29. Really long distance relationship--to do it or not?
  30. How to judge a woman's interest in you
  31. The correct approach
  32. some advise
  33. Need advice on first relationship
  34. Any tips to help catch a cheating partner?
  35. Ratemy.... dot com sites
  36. Another question about compliments, this time the other way around...
  37. I just met the girl I've been waiting for...and she's freaking me out
  38. Does anybody want to know more about transsexuality?
  39. Moving on troubles from a past relationship
  40. Ex-wife telling lies
  41. Evening of sex, need advice, recommendations
  42. Possibly rocky relationship
  43. What 'type' do you attract.
  44. New story and a new question, opinions?
  45. Relationship patterns - feel sick
  46. Help a some what beginner, please.
  47. Gay Marriages
  48. This may be too heavy for you
  49. Orgasms genetic?
  50. Masturbation with non-dominant hand
  51. Question regarding "mutual masturbation"
  52. Think I lost another one
  53. I don't know what to do...Please help
  54. How do i get my mind off this girl?
  55. Kind of a dumb question about tantra...
  56. Question regarding "Period Sex"
  57. What do you think of bachelor parties
  58. What kind of problems do you have about sex?
  59. Can men REALLY fake an orgasm?
  60. Rare orgasms...normal? abnormal?..???
  61. Can women REALLY fake an orgasm?
  62. drying out of the skin on my penis
  63. About Vaginal Scarring and other Maladies
  64. Struggling, please comment
  66. My Girlfriend has never orgasumed.
  67. Birth Control Pill HELL
  68. Spent the 3-day weekend with a friend.. and wrote this this morning...
  69. where men and women's priorities lie...
  70. oral sex
  71. how do you tell a girl she isn't shallow or easy?
  72. How has your masturbation been lately?
  73. Nails in the back (and other places)
  74. Sickness and period "issues"?
  75. Need some advice
  76. Mistakes women do while having sex with a man
  77. Pre-Gaming it
  78. Quick question
  79. is that normal or should I be cautious?!
  80. Fat vs dick size?
  81. What is your Worst Sexual Experience?
  82. One Night Stands and Regret
  83. Girl wants to go slow and yet I'm a tease?
  85. Advice for commitment.
  86. Condoms on an Airplane?
  87. No-nonsense hooking up online?
  88. Would you call this cheating...
  89. Not on period, but bleeding.
  90. marriage and newlymeds
  91. help: some questions
  92. Penis Plugs
  93. Older Woman and a younger man (me)
  94. Scared of getting oral
  95. lack of compliments
  96. my first butt plug :D
  97. Robot Sex dolls [Now with NSFW pics!]
  98. Painful urination/bowel movement
  99. Am I someones escape?
  100. UPDATED: Help needed :(
  101. More evidence of a biological basis for homosexuality . . .
  102. sustaining yourself - how?
  103. Advice: Unconventional Physical Dynamics and You (Well, Me)
  104. Feeling low / need a cheer up / going on a break?
  105. Food effecting the taste of Cum
  106. Pic trading?
  107. Women; Do women even get women?
  108. Can you transfer oral herpes to the genitals between outbreaks?
  109. Threesomes
  110. my first time
  111. GF is sore after 1st time
  112. how do you get rid of the smell
  113. People in monogamous relationships: is your sex life satisfying?
  114. Solicited
  115. Bad news and good news...
  116. How noticeable are public erections?
  117. Semen Volumiser
  118. Girl's scared of relationship, what do I do?
  119. Birthday Night
  120. Sexuall confessions
  121. Enema play...
  122. Need advice desperately!
  123. Longest you've gone without porn?
  124. one moment shes cool, the next day she changes
  125. Long distance relationships - coping
  126. Too much sex?
  127. Using Home Pregnancy Tests
  128. Interesting quote from Angelina Jolie
  129. past relationships:the backlash...your opinions please
  130. Now I've Seen Everything...
  131. Best Introduction??
  132. Is Cheating Sex Better?
  133. in a relationship
  134. Nipple Erections...
  135. Do gay men feel welcome here?
  136. I need serious help. I can't get my wife off.
  137. Relationship Philosophy
  138. Stuffing...
  139. Surreal question
  140. Sex education anyone?
  141. Is sex really the most important thing??
  142. Sexual pleasure and religion
  143. Women's favourite colognes for men
  144. Are girls more likely to 'experiment' with the same sex.
  145. blow job etiquette?
  146. Women: Do you rub your clit during sex?
  147. Calling all Groupies! Who would you rather?
  148. i messed up and need advice
  149. eek!! Need some Girlfriend advice!
  150. How to find other bi/curious people?
  151. topic of the day...
  152. eating sperm?
  153. Role Playing
  154. What to do about fingers smelling like vagina?
  155. Can masturbation cause depression?
  156. Cunt.
  157. Has this happened to anyone else?
  158. What Would You Do To........
  159. You guys that are getting viagra online...
  160. Pain after ejaculation?
  161. Butt plug retension issues
  162. Insecurity with a relationship
  163. Man Date
  164. trusting?
  165. Observations
  166. What makes a woman's cycle irregular?
  167. Need advice from more experience forum members.
  168. Question For the Ladies
  169. Why do you watch XXX
  170. Sex question~
  171. My girlfriend is a bit overweight...
  172. Research...please help!
  173. Singles Night at Wal-Mart
  174. facial hair styles
  175. She wants to try some kind of female Viagra..
  176. A couple of Q's
  177. Girl's anatomy
  178. Woo! I'm a stud :D Only took 5 years...
  179. Heeeeeelp!
  180. Need advice.
  181. Cleanliness issues... am I too strict?
  182. Not Finishing Quick Enough??
  183. Bi women. They've got two sides.
  184. Are old guys supposed to give up sex?
  185. Girlfriend just went on pill, questions...
  186. Methods for remembering the Pill
  187. licking ass
  188. Game Survey
  189. Why did you get divorced?
  190. Met on Internet THEN we Met Live!!!!
  191. making a move
  192. I guess I'm celibate
  193. Piercings
  194. Bukkake Pronunciation
  195. Ladies (& gents??) Rabbit question
  196. Condoms too small? & Saliva as lubrication?
  197. erotic letter writing help
  198. waiting for sex
  199. A couple related topics
  200. Just been cheated on, but I still love her
  201. Too Wet.
  202. any such thing as a bad BJ....
  203. Bed sharing: Yes or No?
  204. Need advice on a love predicament.....
  205. Flying solo again
  206. Sex question
  207. Introducing masturbation into marriage..
  208. why did you get married??
  209. crazyness.... someone wants me
  210. Gaaarrrh!! Everything's changed
  211. I require assistance
  212. women's size and proportions
  213. Get her to do Anal
  214. Nuva ring
  215. Tips for female masturbation
  216. Gone away
  217. Your fetishe(s) / fixation(s) exposed
  218. Meeting new people . . .
  219. Advice Request: Infrequent Sex
  220. Pick-Up Lines
  221. Face Sitting...mmmm!!
  222. Pocket Rocket?
  223. Just another: My GF dumped me thread
  224. Ladies: Which would you prefer... (nsfw)
  225. Trying to get to know her...
  226. Changing birth control
  227. Feminine hygiene
  228. What's your fav. position (part deux)
  229. Oral sex stamina?
  230. My current plans for completing my piercings... (NSFW Hand Drawn Pic)
  231. Pain?
  232. Killing the pain without killing me??
  233. Hot in bed?
  234. A friend in need....
  236. Scabbed cut inside vagina?
  237. I can never give him enough, and it's depressing me.
  238. she never initiates
  239. nothing to do...
  240. Whats your favorite position?
  241. Dark past...
  242. I need some advice...
  243. how do i find a professional waxer?
  244. Ladies: Your man's "fluids"
  245. Game's got me all confused
  246. awkward feeling...
  247. Who's keeping count?
  248. Never had this feeling before
  249. Possible breakup
  250. How I long to work at Wellesley...