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  1. Favorite masturbation toy
  2. Ladies in their 50's or 60's
  3. Sex to music
  4. Dilemmas...TLDR
  5. Group/public sex fantasies
  6. Definition of Rape?
  7. What's up with women and beer at uni?
  8. women and fetishes, do they have the same kinds as men?
  9. Where is the Gspot thread?
  10. Using Facebook and other social sites to get laid...
  11. On the smaller side
  12. This is embarrassing To ask
  13. Willing to try something "FUN" with not very close friends?
  14. Best friend..... with benefits
  15. Hardcore Pornography: A Conversation
  16. Video Porn Site For Females?
  17. Good but want better
  18. Unusual place to masturbate
  19. phimosis or frenulum breve?
  20. New to anal plugs
  21. My Attraction Issue
  22. Swinging, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
  23. She cheated, she says she's sorry. I still love her
  24. Depression, intense anger and hatred.
  25. Vagina Issue
  26. Pleasing my masochist - Advice would be wonderful
  27. Ahem...Fetish
  28. AMAZING emotional chemistry, terrible sexual chemistry... help! advice pleaaaase
  29. No Orgasm during sex
  30. Is it real or is it the wonder bra?
  31. fucking fingering that might lead to a fucked up pregnancy !!!! we are doomed
  32. Starting a three way relationship. How to find the right person?
  33. Need to learn how to get a girl?
  34. Ever snooped, wish you hadn't?
  35. In need of alone time
  36. Thin Motel Room Walls
  37. weak erections
  38. big stuff
  39. Calling all men - Perfect Blow job?
  40. finding guys for just sex
  41. food for sex
  42. What to do now?
  43. Stats on Cheating Men?
  44. Women who masturbate
  45. anal sex for men
  46. Best way to respond to this?
  47. help
  48. Top 5 traits do you prioritize in the opposite sex and why?
  49. I'm a mess, what do I do?
  50. Is this something homosexuals would find offensive?
  51. Sexless Marriage - almost
  52. The No Hands Orgasm
  53. All Hail the Side-Boob! (NSFW)
  54. Conjugal visits
  55. My wife's libido
  56. sex and immense energy afterward (from a woman)
  57. on the possibility of an ONGOING sex relationship with someone you dont want to date
  58. so, for better or worse
  59. The semi but not really but sort of long distance relationship...
  60. Need opinions...especially from the ladies!
  61. get erections too easily
  62. How old were you and whats the story of your first orgasm?
  63. Does this sound like the end ?
  64. Expanding your body volume?
  65. Never had a long term relationship
  66. break-up sex.
  67. The "gay voice"
  68. So I went to a poser fetish party this weekend..
  69. Help understanding wife's sexual "style"
  70. Freaky fuck buddy. Need advice.
  71. another obsession
  72. How to react to your boyfriend jerking off to topless pics of your roommate?
  73. women....
  74. Sex, while under the influence?
  75. Is porn setting unrealistic expectations for the young?
  76. Girl wants to go slow, yet i had phone sex several times
  77. tattoos *NSFW*
  78. How Is Porn Affecting Men's Libido?
  79. dirty talk. funny ones, really good ones that got you aroused, and anything else
  80. Strangely Progressing crazy fetish
  81. yeesh, annoying possesive semi crazy gal
  82. Keeping it in the (adoptive) family
  83. Weird Fetishes
  84. NSFW Erotic C*ck Images
  85. anal bleaching for men and women
  86. bdsm- first time advice
  87. Personality traits that get you excited
  88. Masturbation within a relationship
  89. I hate it when my "girlfriend" does this...
  90. Being insulted by dating website
  91. The very complicated lesbian experience for men.
  92. Is There Still Sex After 55?
  93. Myth: Can you change the flavor of semen?
  94. Who was the most unexpected sexual experience of your life?
  95. I hate sex.
  96. Hitting Women During Sex?
  97. Air Forced Into Vagina During Intercourse
  98. random vintage smut.
  99. How does the Vagina...
  100. Sex Problems Resulting from it Not Fitting.
  101. anyone ever been to a bondage/fetish party/club?
  102. Tell Us All About Your Best Oral Experience......
  103. Expanding my horizons - where to look?
  104. "How do I get my girlfriend to do ____ with me?"
  105. Advice- My boyfriend masturbates to pictures of my roommate and friends.
  106. I'm completely broken. Desperately need help!
  107. Female hysteria
  108. Vagina tightness: Can a guy really tell?
  109. sex as a drug
  110. Objectification and knowledge
  111. is there a rule of thumb to wait for sex after shaving?
  112. Who is more obsessed with breast size?
  113. In Love With Second Cousin
  114. the "we Vibe" anyone use it?
  115. Pegging Mentioned in Mainstream Media!
  116. Men, if you could suck your own dick, would you?
  117. The roots of your fetish tree
  118. Ever seen an Asian guy with a BIG dick?
  119. cold sores and std tests
  120. rooms for sex (Updated Poll)
  121. confused feelings for sister in law
  122. Does the position affect the quality of your orgasm?
  123. Pregnancy from pre-cum? Fingering? Rubbing?
  124. Men's choice and preference
  125. Prostitution
  126. Hi, how've you been? Oh, and here's a picture of my crotch.
  127. Have any of you had strap on sex
  128. dominant/aggressive women?
  129. Stumped about inexperienced guy
  130. Chemical castration?
  131. Does anal sex feel better than vaginal sex for men?
  132. Mutual Masturbation
  133. I need your help ladies!
  134. Curious if anyone shares in this strange fetish
  135. good sex/sexy blogs!
  136. My girlfriend tells me she's not a fan of oral sex
  137. Mercurial Love
  138. Biting, Being Bitten, Teeth Involvement - NSFW
  139. Asians: Discomfort of their own Size.
  140. Her Vagina is on Sabbatical
  141. IS Eating Pussy Unhealthy?
  142. a theory on and question for girls with larger breasts
  143. Can most women accept man boobs on her man when all else is in order
  144. let's discuss. anonymous sexuality on the internet.
  145. How easy is it to get..
  146. How to properly..
  147. A limiting relationship, and sexual evolution
  148. Birth Control..
  149. my gf cant last long in bed
  150. sexual acts while breastfeeding
  151. Help a girl out with a project
  152. How many of you straight guys would share a bed with another guy?
  153. Karen Owen's Fuck List - Duke University Student's mock thesis on Jocks she bedded
  154. looking for game
  155. How would you handle this? (I saw my bf phone logs)
  157. couple's fetishes/acts/desires/etc.
  158. how do i initiate sex with a girl?
  159. Sex at Dawn (Book) Polygamy/Monogamy spotlight?
  160. How to ask if they are STD free?
  161. Need help, bad sexual experience
  162. Herpes
  163. mixed emotions
  164. a new kind of 'relationship' for me... so I need advice.. please read.
  165. Sex on Your Wedding Night
  166. discovering and liking the 'underbelly' of the internet , but i still have 1 problem
  167. I have to ask...
  168. Original Sexual Positions!
  169. Escort vs Traditional Date
  170. how come most girls dont like to do anal?
  171. Pickup Lines
  172. Problems reaching orgasm via masturbation
  173. Sex Gone Wrong
  174. Relationship Help!
  175. Interesting video of orgasm during a carnival ride
  176. "Sugarbabe" thinks you're no smarter than your cock
  177. Not quite public sex
  178. I am a sex addict.
  179. guys, do you like vibrating rings?
  180. Question for the ladies: an amazing partner?
  181. motivated females & Pegging. What if:.......
  182. Confused about my husband's sexual desires
  183. Being in a slump!
  184. First Time to a Swinger Club
  185. caught looking
  186. Copa del Mundo *NSFW*
  187. Coconut oil as a lube?
  188. Girl won't let me get her anything
  189. question about vasectomies
  190. Looking for a new form of birth control
  191. most enjoyable and least enjoyable orgy experience
  192. Dating a Submissive.
  193. pregnant women - i guess NSFW
  194. Condoms. I loathe thee.
  195. "How to undress in front of your husband"
  196. A little steamy...
  197. You're Not Going Anywhere Without a Blowjob
  198. Why is it taken as a lot worse insult
  199. Could be a serious question (not)
  200. Breast size
  201. The use of terminology
  202. Male nipple enlargement.
  203. Incredible Website, A must see
  204. Long Distance Relationships....
  205. The effects of Porn on young men and women
  206. What was/is your favorite porn site? NSFW
  207. Booty Calls... When and where
  208. Orientation
  209. My foreskin: Keep or Cut?
  210. I Feel So Dirty And Alone When I Jack Off To My Ex...
  211. His penis belongs to me!
  212. Sex buddy dilemma
  213. "Long as a whore's dream!" Need Help.
  214. Incall / outcall sevices
  215. Sex and Honesty
  216. Survey: the largest penises in America
  217. Trouble cumming during sex
  218. Husband wants to watch me have sex with another guy??
  219. Could Really Use Some Opinions Please....
  220. question about skipping periods
  221. sowing your wild oats
  222. From Porn to Norm
  223. Masturbation and cough meds?
  224. Moments of extreme desire for strangers
  225. Girlfriend has lost her sex drive, and its killing our relationship
  226. Science studies everything - best way for a woman to pick up men
  227. The One Night Stand and its Complex Aftermath
  228. sex tapes
  229. Have you seen someone that looks like you in a porn movie?
  230. My penis is too wide
  231. Major Appliances Lead to Fondling
  232. Would You Pay?
  233. doggy style help
  234. So while in new orleans...
  235. My b/f has an odd request.
  236. Can you hear your neighbors having sex?
  237. How much for a job?
  238. anal sex....??
  239. Pegging aka BOB, Revisited
  240. sex with self is better than sex with partner!
  241. Allergic to Semen?
  242. Anal Douche recommendations
  243. Bring a Condom?
  244. The forbidden fruit of women in relationships.
  245. Do I need to break it off with her?
  246. The G-spot 'doesn't appear to exist', say researchers (now NSFW)
  247. Women with good male friends.
  248. im over it!
  249. What Are Some Sexy Stripping Games?
  250. Help with Wife