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Refute Meme Ban Idiots Not Guns

Discussion in 'Tilted Philosophy, Politics, and Economics' started by Solitary Man, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Solitary Man

    Solitary Man Very Tilted

  2. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

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  3. redux

    redux Very Tilted Donor

    Foggy Bottom
    We should start with the example cited above and this fact:


    But not just the room where the gun in stored, but when it is easily accessible (like in a "grandma's purse.")

    There are simple technologies that can prevent these unintentional shootings (trigger locks/guards, fingerprint recognition, etc.) that should be mandatory.

    This would also likely prevent some of the growing number of child suicides using an easily accessible gun.

    Such mandatory access controls would also likely limit this:


    Just a start for mandatory gun safety w/o infringing on anyone's rights.
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  4. omega

    omega Very Tilted

    The idiots have spoken, and elected their clown prince to the office of fucking idiot in chief.
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  5. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    it seems like everytime there is any kind of shooting, people want to ban guns.... that confuses me because its not the way to handle it. maybe there should be more of a way to check the people buying a new one, but you ever know. people can beat the system no matter what it is. so theres no real answer. other than just to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to your friends, but that's just in general