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Russia - the Bear has become the world's bully again

Discussion in 'Tilted Philosophy, Politics, and Economics' started by rogue49, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    Russia suspected of stealing thousands of State Department emails

    And they just figured out it got deeper and broader.
    I make ya a bet that it gets even more DEEP and extensive.

    Basically, they likely had insiders throwing them bones over the fence.

    This going to be peeling an onion.
    Making us cry the whole way.

    Keep drilling, there's more to uncover.
    Russia and China are like a bunch of cockroaches. (not the people....their governments)
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    Russia is amassing unprecedented military might in the Arctic

    Oh no...they so innocent :rolleyes: nothing going on here...
  2. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    U.S. to Sanction Russia, Expel Diplomats Over Alleged Election Interference, Hacking — The Wall Street Journal

    And meh...

    This both a starting shot across the bow of Russia

    But it’s not being paid attention to by the media much
    And it seems like a hand-slap in comparison to all the audacious actions Russia has done recently.

    Kinda like saying to the bully, “I’m telling on you”
    To which the bully shrugs
    And the other kids go through their day oblivious.

    The US and allies need to get Russia to back off.
    Honestly, it will likely just deny and double-down

    Instigation and chaos are it’s MO
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  3. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
    It seems like something the US government just had to do to go through the motions.

    There are secret threats that they could probably make. And maybe even other quieter government regulations they could pass that would hurt them more. But there has been a bureaucratic fight between Russia and the US for the past decade.

    This is one that the implementation was started under the Obama administration, but was changed. It is now back in effect. It might not be written with Russia in mind, but any oil and gas development by US companies have to disclose where the money went and who they "bribed".
    SEC.gov | SEC Adopts Final Rules for the Disclosure of Payments by Resource Extraction Issuers

    The previous administration did put in some sanctions that were passed by the Congress, but who knows why and how badly they impacted Russia.
    Gibson Dunn | Trump Administration Imposes Unprecedented Russia Sanctions
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  4. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

  5. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
    I wonder if Putin would give the Biden admin info about what happened for reduced sanctions and to put it behind us?