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White Black People

Albino African Americans
In Thread images Removed - Pictures show children under 18 years of age.

Click for bigger:
'Everything that can be invented has been invented.- - 1899, Charles Duell, U.S. Office of Patents.

'There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.' - Ken Olson, 1977, Digital Equipment Corporation

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I thought this was a thread on micheal jackson.

very freaky looking people!
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don't ignore this-->
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There must be an interesting story behind each of those faces. I'd especially like to hear what the older lady has to say, I'm sure she had to go through quite a lot.

This brings me to the question that I feel this thread should have been started to discuss, instead of just showcasing human abnormality:
How would you feel if you were born into a culture that judged you on looks, and your physical appearance places you in a different social group than the one in which you were raised?

I am reminded of the 1959 movie Imitation of Life. It has been a long time since I had watched the film, but I remember the inner turmoil of the young woman who was black, but had the chance at a "better life" by denying her heritage and posing as white, which damaged her relationship with her mother and those around her. So what I suppose I'm asking is, how would your apparent racial identity affect the kind of life you lead? Would you attempt to "pose" as a different race if it meant a shot at a better social standing, or career opportunities? Or would you reject your appearance and perhaps reinforce your cultural heritage by conforming to stereotypical behavior? How would you (or do you) cope with having a physical appearance that doesn't match up with the racial group you were born into?

I couldn't say for sure what I would do if I were raised in such situations, but in my current incarnation, I can't say I'd do anything differently. All of my friends came into my life by chance, regardless of their race or social class; although my dress and behavior has been influenced by those around me, I've never sought out any particular group of people to befriend and I can't imagine doing so, regardless of how I look.

What about you?
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Kinda look like the people from Hills Have Eyes~
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black, people, white

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