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The Reforms
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Periodic Table of Sci-Fi in Film and Television

(click for full-size exposure)

In the two minutes I took to search for both a medium and large link direction for the chart above,
I noticed that there were quite a few very cool examples of variant periodic tables.
I'm just sayin' there may be a collective for these in the future.

What's element #6?

thread throwback: http://www.tfproject.org/tfp/found-n...wesoments.html
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Functionally Appropriate
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#6 = Invisible Man

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Eat your vegetables
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Wow. I need to give this to a co-worker.
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No Farscape ...
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Super Moderator
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cool...will dive into this....xoxoxoo
"Life goes on,within you,and...with out you !" xoxoxoo
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Originally Posted by Xerxys View Post
No Farscape ...
Farscape is Fantasy more than it's Scifi.

Personally I'll take No17, B5's one of the fundamental bases of modern scifi shows.
Originally Posted by Hectonkhyres
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She's Actual Size
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I...like this. And Firefly's on there, which makes me happy
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immoral minority
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If Firefly is on there, where is Serenity?

And where is The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy?

Very cool though.
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Getting it.
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There are some missing elements... but I like this.

What elements could you combine to create Farspace?
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I'd say Farscape would be a mix of......... 05 08 32 20 83 and then add more muppets.

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Edit: i also don't see any Lexx up there. I'm not sure what elements can be put together to create a giant cock and balls flying through space tho.

Also another show no one remembers that didn't last long: Space Above and Beyond.

Also also missed Starship Troopers. I would put that into the scifi ballpark.
We Must Dissent.
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film, periodic, scifi, table, televistion

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