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I really doubt the driver was doing anything wreckless with her kid in the car. sometimes shit just happens. would need to see the road to know but its hard to tell what could of happened. deer another car comming head on? hit a pothole wrong who knows. shit happens and it sucks nothing can be done to stop it. having been in a few accedents myself none of witch were my fault luckly i can say sometimes you just cant avoid them. the most dagerous thing about driving isnt the road conditions or how expericanced you are at driving its other people. If noone else drove while you were driving most likely you would never get into a accedent. but people do drive on the roads and they think for themself so who knows what could have happened. she might of swerved at the last second when a drunken midget jumped out in front of her. You just never know.
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Ok, so everybody breathe and calm down. This is just life, and unpredictable and unplanned things happen, whether we have the best training, knowledge, experience, education, whatever.

The death of another human being, regardless of cause, is always regrettable.

Humility, not only regarding driving, is always a good thing. No-one is perfect, and life isn't always what we plan it to be, no matter how well we prepare or pay attention.

And accidents do happen. And always when you least think they will. Not only because they just do happen, but also because we all live our lives thinking that we will live forever. You can say that you don't, but the truth is, right up until shit happens, we can't believe it will. Even to that milisecond before. And after it happens, we think, I can't believe that happened. So that lady on the cell, who had spoken on her cell in the car before, never really thought that doing that could really get her killed - no, not today. Because she probably thought that people shouldn't talk on their cell in the car, but did it a few times because it was just that once. And why would it happen to her? Life is seldom how we plan it.
Whether we write or speak or do but look
We are ever unapparent. What we are
Cannot be transfused into word or book.
Our soul from us is infinitely far.
However much we give our thoughts the will
To be our soul and gesture it abroad,
Our hearts are incommunicable still.
In what we show ourselves we are ignored.
The abyss from soul to soul cannot be bridged
By any skill of thought or trick of seeming.
Unto our very selves we are abridged
When we would utter to our thought our being.
We are our dreams of ourselves, souls by gleams,
And each to each other dreams of others' dreams.

Fernando Pessoa, 1918
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