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Location: Orlando, FL
MIAMI-ans: Where can I park cheaply near the Port?

I am about to head out on a 7-day cruise from the Port of Miami next weekend. I read that the parking at the port is $20/day! Does anybody from Miami (or elsewhere) have any tips about where I could park cheaper? Unfortunately, the timing will be tight as I live in Orlando and will be picking up a friend at the Orlando airport around 9am on the day the cruise leaves. We will be driving down (~4 hours) to get to the Port. Embarkation (that just means the boarding begins, right, not that the boat is leaving?) begins at 1:30pm. Because I will be driving down the day of the cruise, this eliminates the free parking that hotels give if you stay with them overnight (and that would cost more than the parking anyway).

If anybody has recommendations, please send let me know. Thanks! I would even pay one of you if I were able to park at your place and you could drive me and my friend down to the Port.
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yes, embrakation means its just boarding.

i doubt you will be able to find anywhere cheap to park, ever been to miami man? its a big enough pain in the ass to find a place to park for a few hours.

i would talk to some of my friends that live in coral springs, but you dont want to leave your car with those untrustworthy bastards.
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Location: Central Central Florida
I used to work in Miami and know they do have several garages which would be within (good) walking distance or a short bus or shuttle ride. Here's a link to garages that are less expensive. The road to the Port is off Biscayne Boulevard around 5th Street, I believe.

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