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immoral minority
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Army allows couples to live together in war zone


I'm impressed that the army has done this. It seems it would make things a little better for them during a tough time. And I hope they expand this program and it gets more reporting than this (it started almost 2 years ago?)

But I have two questions for people who have dealt with spending the 12-15 months apart from their partner. If you could be used in a non-combative role (or if you choose as a combat soldier) would you go to a war zone and work to be able to spend the time with them. Maybe as a nurse, engineer, technician, office staff, logistics, etc...

Or if it was offered and you had to pay for it yourself, would you be willing to travel to someplace that may not be 100% safe (but isn't a moving front-line, and has been established for some time) and spend a week or two with them (or more if you weren't a distraction).

Does anybody think they would be too much of a distraction and might mean someone could make a mistake which gets someone killed? Would you be worried that there would be too much violence and gore for your partner to handle? Would you not want to have to expose or risk them to a risky war zone?
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Eccentric insomniac
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Edited for content. Sorry.
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I Confess a Shiver
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Originally Posted by Greg700
It would distract from doing my job which could get me hurt.
+1. They're distracting enough inside your head.


RE: Civvie S/O enlisting in "non-combat" job to stay with their partner.

In my bitter opinion... there aren't any non-combat jobs in the "global war of terrorism." Cooks get shot at by RPGs... truck drivers get their legs blown off by IEDs and the radio nerd gets killed by a mortar round into his tent. Everybody in uniform is a viable target. Everybody with Caucasian skin is a viable target. Locals in the wrong place are viable targets. There are no friendly civilians, there are no good guys or bad guys. Just people with interests and automatic weapons.

From my two deployments I got the feeling that the purpose of modern warfare is to leave your cushy little home "back in the world" and go off to a "strange alien planet" to fight (but not often shoot) "evil-doing global terrorists" in a desolate country that is to be used like a giant toilet.

If my S/O was hurt or killed in a combat zone? I couldn't live with myself. It would be my fault. Despite how much it sucks to go for a year without getting laid or arguing about who'll do the dishes... a lot of soldiers prefer having their reality anchor back home in the states to monitor their home, their kids, maintain some semblance of a normal life.

If you don't have a rifle or a bandage or a wrench or a disgusting T-rat shovel... you don't belong in a combat zone.


What does this really say about how balls-deep we are in this silly "war" anyway? This idea is okay for dual military couples but expanding it on a large scale to encourage enlistment (or allowing civilian partners) would be completely stupid.

What would happen to families with children? Kids in a combat zone? Or would you leave your kids with grandma for a year?

How do you maintain a house / vehicles / job when you're both deployed?


Modern Warfare: Men in fancy clothes doing stupid things in the name of honor.
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Pissing in the cornflakes
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From what I can tell this only applies to married military personal that are already in the area?

So they are already in harms way to start with.

I don't think its a good idea over all, but its not like having your little Missus leave your farm in Dakota to come to Falusa Iraq.
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Sir, I have a plan...
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This is a bad idea any way you cut it.

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