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Old 05-06-2008, 02:10 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Location: Ontario, Canada
And then there are people like this (Natalie du Toit)

OK, with only one leg, this girl just finished fourth in a 10 km world class open swim event and has likely just qualified to swim in the Olympics (not the Paralympics, but rather the big show itself). She beat Olympic medal contenders in this race and now actually has a shot at an Olympic medal herself. With just one leg.

I'm a cynical old bugger sometimes, but hearing about this girl really made my day:


Paralympian Natalie Du Toit said she was surprised to qualify for the open water events at the Beijing Olympics.

South African amputee Du Toit made Beijing by finishing fourth in Sunday's 10km world championships in Seville.

Britons Cassandra Patten and Keri-Anne Payne also qualified for the open water events at the Olympics.

"Fourth was much better than expected and hopefully I'm going to Beijing," said Du Toit. "I've got to wait for my federation to give me the go-ahead."

She added: "It's been a dream for me since I was six years old to go to the Olympic Games and to finally have that dream realised is something massive for me.

"When I get home it will all sink in, when I start preparing for the Olympics."

Du Toit finished just five minutes behind the leader in the two-hour able-bodied event in Seville.

The 10km swim - often described as "wrestling in water" because of its aggressive tactics - will be making its debut at the Games in August.

"Probably for the first 5km of the race everybody's together and I myself came out with a bit of a blue eye," Du Toit told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"A couple of the boys even have cut eyes, it is pretty rough, but in the last couple of kilometres it does spread out. It's quite a gruelling event."

Du Toit will be swimming in the 100m freestyle at this week's Paralympic World Cup in Manchester.
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Let's put a smile on that face
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Location: On the road...
Wow thats pretty amazing. This kind of reminds me of the old story of the sprinter we discussed here some time ago. Only he had prosthetic legs that actually helped him run.

I have two good legs and I can hardly swim, to hear of a person who has overcome all odds to do this with only one leg is absolutely inspiring!
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Old 05-06-2008, 02:40 PM   #3 (permalink)
has a plan
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Location: middle of Whywouldanyonebethere
Wow it just goes to show you that human potential is limitless.
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Young Crumudgeon
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Location: Canada
Is it bad that all I could think of at first was how her name makes me giggle?

I mean, yeah. Good on her!
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I have eaten the slaw
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Originally Posted by Martian
Is it bad that all I could think of at first was how her name makes me giggle?
I thought the same thing.
And you believe Bush and the liberals and divorced parents and gays and blacks and the Christian right and fossil fuels and Xbox are all to blame, meanwhile you yourselves create an ad where your kid hits you in the head with a baseball and you don't understand the message that the problem is you.
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Found my way back
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Location: South Africa
Natalie du Toit's been a national hero of ours for the last few years. She's an inspiration to so many. Makes me proud to call her a fellow South African.
Originally Posted by blahblah454
Wow thats pretty amazing. This kind of reminds me of the old story of the sprinter we discussed here some time ago. Only he had prosthetic legs that actually helped him run.
The difference between her and Oscar Pistorius is that she is not going to go and get a prosthetic leg before competing in the able-bodied events.
Originally Posted by The_Jazz
Ok - can I edit my posts to read "what healer said"?
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warrior bodhisattva
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Location: East-central Canada
Okay, I really like hearing stories like this. There are few things that are truly inspirational. This is one of them. Very encouraging.
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natalie, people, toit

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