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Location: Chicago

I've been going through much self-reflection and improvement in the past several months. One thing that I worked on was figuring out the motivation for my actions and then working on it from there. I noticed that it generally came down to 2 types of trips.

ego trip: Informal something that a person does in order to boost his or her self-image

power trip: An action undertaken chiefly for the gratification associated with the exercise of power over another or others

Personally, I was doing many actions for ego trips that was shown through attention seeking and low self-esteem behaviors. Many people do this through emotional manipulation and don't even realize it.

As for power trips, I'm realizing that I don't always have to be right, it's ok not to know things, and I don't have to be in charge. Many people get involved in back and forth discussions that don't go anywhere and have no purpose other than to see who gets the last word.

I'm not sure if the general population's trips have gotten worse recently or just more visible, but the media screams it. Reality shows consist of people on ego and power trips. The internet also makes it easier for people to get their attention and power needs met. I see people use it everyday for power and attention.

So for discussion, what trips do you use, see, get annoyed by, or have worked on? Do you think that using these trips is a positive thing? Obviously, I'm more aware of it when it is used in the way I used it or it was used against me in the past. Are there other trips or motivations that you have stumbled across?
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Location: Windiwana
well i've currently been working on acid trips.

Okay, in all seriousness i tent to go on what one would probably call a "Stupid Trip."

You see, my since of humor isnt that of most people, and when i say something jokingly i usually get a bunch of looks that clearly say "Man, your an idiot."

i have friends down in florida who have the same style of humor, they get me, and they laugh. But not here, not in georgia. So what i tend to do (being the social retard that i am) is keep my mouth shut.

i dont think i should necessarily work on my since of humor, but im sick of keeping my yapper closed.

i guess i will forever get stupid looks.
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Originally Posted by SSJTWIZTA
i dont think i should necessarily work on my since of humor, but im sick of keeping my yapper closed.

i guess i will forever get stupid looks.
I know how you feel. I live in your attic (*cough*geographical joke*cough*), and up here not many people get my sense of humor (oddly enough, I'm also from Florida). However, I barrel on through, and because of that people get used to and eventually laugh at me. Or try to kill me. One or the other.

As to the OP's topic of discussion: I'm a egomaniac. I love, love, love, love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE myself. As such, I enjoy going on numerous power trips and ego trips to boost my image and remind myself that I am awesome.

For example, I'm very lazy and don't do much work, period. Half the time, I'm on the Internet. Actually, more than half, but whatever. Anywho, that helps me because I'm always up-to-date with news and useful information (for example, I own in debates, and that fills me with happiness. Winning rules). Meanwhile, when I take the initiative to actually do something like, say, write, I do it in spurts followed by long periods of nada. When I eventually finish a piece of work, I feel like a fuckin' GOD. Of course, I realize this isn't true and I'm really not that spectacular, but then the voice that tells me that is promptly done away with like Joe Pesci in Casino.

So yes, there we are. I'm going to go watch a YouTube video on evolutionary theory now...
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Young Crumudgeon
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Location: Canada
I suppose I'm prone to ego trips. I occasionally get a bit overconfident (some would say cocky) and it has come back to bite me in the ass before.
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At work, I sometimes power trip, but I AM the manager, and generally, I'm right.

The rest of my life, I'm pretty much on an anti-ego trip, except where music is concerned... then I fish for all the attention I can get.

Around me, I see the great unwashed masses on an idiot trip. I have trouble understanding how most people actually remember to exhale without being reminded. I treat myself to TFP to get some relief from the sheer stupidity I witness all day long. (I'm channeling the Grumpy One again!)
"Regret can be a harder pill to swallow than failure .With failure you at least know you gave it a chance..." David Howard
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Old 07-09-2008, 05:33 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Location: Chicago
So basically, it seems that ego trip is a loving yourself thing for those that replied. Which the positive side of ego, self-confidence.

I was speaking more of the negative aspects of ego trips like, "look at me and validate my actions or make me feel better" thing. This is what I see mostly on the internet and reality shows. It follows the same line of, "I must love you more, miss you more, care more, etc." Or blatantly used with 'if you loved, cared, etc you'd *action*"

When power is used, it's a one up-manship or know-it-allness which verges on pretension. "How dare you question me?" mentality rears its head. Or, you give something for the sole reason of wanting something done in return.

Both of these deal with manipulation by getting the person to say or do something that you want them to say.

So looking at your use of ego and/or power, do you feel you are using it for good or evil? Or is it a possible to do good? Does it fall in the same category of know selfless good deed?
Whatever did happen to your soul?
I heard you sold it

Choose Heaven for the weather and Hell for the company
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Old 07-09-2008, 07:39 PM   #7 (permalink)
Deliberately unfocused
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Location: Amazon.com and CDBaby
I'm pretty sure that we're all familiar with the trippin' that you're referring to, shesus. I believe that ego and power trips stem from a lack of humility, unhealthily prideful behavior that is difficult for someone to recognize in oneself.

When I look in the mirror, I see someone worthy of all of the wonderful things I think about myself. If someone else witnesses my excessive self-love, to them, I'm ego-tripping. I see them as just a "hater."

I know a few control freaks. They can't stand for things to stray from their intended agenda. I confess that, on the job, I can don this persona too easily, although I try to keep it in check. I'd much rather be in charge than take orders from someone I consider less competent. Am I power tripping?

As I see it, people go on "trips" all the time. I think it's a healthy thing, in small doses. Most just take short little vacations, while some seem to spend their lives on that road. Personally, I find amusement when a constant "tripper" gets smacked in the ass by their trip. Should that send me on a guilt trip?
"Regret can be a harder pill to swallow than failure .With failure you at least know you gave it a chance..." David Howard
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