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immoral minority
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Do you think the Olympics will have any problems?

They have already had one protester that hung a big sign. The torch relay had a bunch of protests. And the air pollution is slow to improve.

Concerns over the 2008 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But, do you think that there will be any major incidents?
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Well, what constitutes a major incident?

Personally, I think that everything within the Chinese Committee's control will go over just fine.

Its the stuff outside their control - like the pollution - that will cause problems. I would not be surprised to see the marathon be virtually unwatchable in 2 weeks because of the smog.
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Old 08-08-2008, 07:28 AM   #3 (permalink)
at this point, its all up to the chinese... they either can look really good, or really bad... and the IOC it kinda sticking their fingers in their ears and singing la la la to a lot of different issues, but then will turn around at slap the wrists of some of our athletes who chose to wear masks to protect themselves

be it underage chinese gymnists that somehow amazing came up with "legtimate" and "official" chinese passports saying that they were the correct age just last week... like someone was like "hey ping, print these girls up some passports that say they are 16 will ya"

or be it limiting media access to the internet, or access to certain areas... or flat out denying visa to athletes like joey cheek and others...

it will at least add an interesting side story to this years games
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So.. somebody was denied a visa.. big whoop! Cheek supports the Darfur leader that's now being accused of Genocide by the International Criminal Court and he's very outspoken about China's presence in Darfur. Had things been differently, I doubt he'd be able to get into the US with a rep like that. He wasn't even competing in the Olympics.

China is trying to keep up appearances. If anything goes wrong, I don't think there will be much blame on their side of things. They need the Olympics to go off smoothly more than anyone.
“It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick” - Dave Barry
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olympics, problems

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