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Dream interpreting

Ever since reading about Joseph and his interpreting of the Pharaoh's dreams in the Bible as a kid, I've been fascinated by dreams and the interpretations of them. (Mostly, having mine interpreted, not my interpreting other's.)

I met a fellow from Quebec on another forum, a few years back, who seemed pretty good at interpreting dreams.
He pretty much pegged some of my personality traits, and clarified some things that were kind of puzzling at the time.
We lost track of each other over time, though.

Lately, I've been having some dreams that seem even more weird than usual, and I'm looking to some of you guys with your better analytical and critical thinking skills to help me interpret my dream, and to help others if they want their dreams analyzed, as well.

I realize this topic is semi-silly, but I'd appreciate some seriousness with a bit of the levity, please.

Here's the dream, as far as I can recall...

I'm searching for a vinyl record album of Dolly Parton to show my friend, who's 19 years old. (For some reason, he doesn't know what Dolly Parton looks like in the dream)
I search and search for the right album, but never find it.
I then end up hiring Stewie Griffin from Family Guy to track it down.
He finally tracks the right album down. It has two records in it, and opens up like a book. Very vivid pictures of Dolly on the outside and inside.
I motion Stewie to show it to my friend, and they begin looking at it.
Stewie then opens the cover to look inside and music starts playing, like one of those musical Hallmark cards.
Instead of any of Dolly's songs, "Stand By Your Man" starts playing.That's when I woke up.

Please don't tell me I'm gay. nttawwt

Any takers?

Mods, if this isn't the right forum, feel free, yada-yada...

Anybody else with weird/not-so-weird dreams?
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I was definitely going to say you were gay, but the bit about hiring Stewie changes everything.
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Old 01-23-2010, 04:36 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Sounds like you're stuck in a loop. Searching for something, going around in circles. Stewie could represent that your guide to getting unstuck comes from an unlikely source. To find the record only to had have the music be different could mean that while things may not turn out exactly as you want them, it's still not that bad.

Or it could mean you're gay...
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Free Association can help with dream interpretation. Symbols can mean very different things to different people, so the symbolism of say, Stewie Griffin will not have a standard meaning.

Definitely gay, though.
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Old 01-24-2010, 12:24 AM   #5 (permalink)
With a mustache, the cool factor would be too much
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Location: left side of my couch, East Texas
Thanks, guys. I was worried about the gay part. Now I'm relieved.

Reading inBOIL's link leads me to conclude that getting advice online about dream analysis is alright short term, but if I want to truly plumb for some answers, I need a psychoanalyst, or some such.

Thanks for your posts, guys. And the chuckles.
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Dreams are an odd collection of things from the day your brain is processing during REM sleep and whatever else is rattling around in there. There really is no significant meaning to them, when an interpretation seems dead-on, it's by chance.
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dream, interpreting

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