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Getting it.
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Location: Lion City
How important are Sports to you?

I have never been a big fan of watching sports. Sure, I like the Olympics and will even watch the hockey playoffs from time to time. But by and large, watching sports is not a part of my life.

As for participating in sports, that too is not a priority for me. When I do engage in sports they tend to be things I can do on my own, or that are not team oriented: Windsurfing, Golf, Kendo... Unlike many people I know, sports just aren't a part of my personal identity. By this I mean, I don't have a team that I follow and I don't have a sport that I can point to as something I do all the time and think about doing all the time.

I am curious to hear how important sports are to you? What place does being a spectator have? What about participating? Are you active in other ways?
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Location: NorCal
I followed the Sacramento Kinds a few years ago, back when they were the Cinderella story. I really got into it. I watched all the games on TV, went to games, listened to games on the radio if they weren't on TV. The team was exciting and it was fun to be part of something. The whole community was really getting into it.

But after a few years of really following the team, I began to see how some of the players were grossly overpaid, self centered assholes. Then the team recruited some more guys that weren't really likable human beings. I just couldn't bring myself to cheer for a person who hits is wife, or starves his dogs, or is simply generally unpleasant.

And it just galled me that nobody else seemed to care about this stuff. The fans, the sportscasters, the owners, the coaches; they were always kissing ass. So I lost interest.

I only watch sports if I am around other people who are into it. I enjoy their company. Otherwise, I've got other things to do.
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I Confess a Shiver
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I'm like you, Charlatan. I don't give a flying fuck about some guys in spandex chasing a ball nor do I particularly care to chase one myself.

Been to a few football and hockey games. I like watching UFC and those strong man competitions where the giant guys run with refrigerators.

The doing? I'm into martial arts, running, lifting weights, shooting... those things really aren't sports in that, to me, they're not competitive.
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With a mustache, the cool factor would be too much
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Location: left side of my couch, East Texas
I'll occasionally watch a game of football, tennis (the Grand Slams) or a NASCAR race.
Mostly, I watch playoffs of sports. NBA, NFL, MLB (usually only for underdogs).
I'll watch the World Cup when it rolls around. (men & women)
And, of course, the Olympics.

It seems like a lot, but I feel I barely watch any sports.

As far as playing, none.
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Location: Tennessee
I don't know how easy it is to measure importance, for me, most of the time sports are something to do to pass the time. When I get home at night I love just vegging out for a bit and letting my mind relax, sports are perfect for that. No reruns, condescending scripts, bad acting or lame plots just a fresh new game to watch. Honestly in my opinion its better then most stuff you'll find on tv.

When I was a kid my Dad pushed me into sports a bit, I played baseball, hockey and I even boxed for awhile (never fought and stopped training when I begin to take up music) and I think that may have played a role in being a fan today, sports are just something I've always been into I guess...however sometimes they do transcend the boundaries of just simple entertainment....

Take the Boston Red Sox for example, I've been a fan since...well as long as I can remember. My Dad is a fan...so is my Mom..so are my uncles and aunts...so were both of my Grandparents and all of my Great Grandparents. The Red Sox and baseball were around me all the time and so much of my childhood, in fact family history is attached to that team and sport. My grandfather used to tell stories of sitting in the stands with his Dad at freshly opened Fenway park (opened in 1912) during rare business trips into Boston. His wife, my Grandmother was a lifelong fan as well, only she was 2 years old when they won the world series in 1918...she died in 1996 having never seen them win a world championship and yet she sat in front of the tv or radio for probably every game for pretty much most of her life hoping she might see it happen again.

When my Grandfather died she moved into our house, I was maybe 4 or 5 and I remember sitting at the foot of her chair, baseball cards spread out at my feet, ball cap on backwards and just loving being around my Grandma. Baseball didn't matter, I loved the attention and I watched every game I could with her just like that until I began growing up. As a busy teenager it became harder and harder to spend that time together but I always tried, opening day was a big event for us and I always made sure we got to watch together no matter what was going on in my teenage life. When she suffered a stroke it was 2 weeks before opening day, I remember sitting in my bedroom watching the game with a knot in my stomach because Grandma was stuck in the hospital and couldn't watch...it sounds silly now but it...it was just very sad. Two years later she died, 2 weeks after opening day in April of 96, I didn't watch baseball again for a number of years (I'm honestly getting teary eyed writing this guys).

I eventually got back into it and watched a lot with my Dad, its something that brought us together after a pretty...lets say tense relationship as a teenager. We still didn't always see eye to eye but when a Red Sox game was on we almost became buddies, I still try to call him during games to this day so we can watch a little together over the phone. Anyway in 2004 the Red Sox broke the 86 year curse and actually won a World Series...wow. I made a point of going to my parents house to watch it when my Dad and I realized they might actually do it. There I sat in my parents living room, the same place I sat as a kid, watching the Red Sox win a World Series on my parents ancient 1980's console tv. When the last out happened I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks, not for some dumb sports team but because of how much it meant to so many people I loved who never got to see it (3 of my Grandparents and a cousin died in 95-96), I know it probably sounds ridiculous, I don't know, I can't explain it if you don't get it. In my Grandmothers final years watching the Red Sox was pretty much all she had, crippled by arthritis and diabetes, most of her family long since gone she spent most of her time in a chair in front of the tv she just couldn't do anything, it gave her hope and joy, something to look forward to and it was always there, more importantly it gave us an excuse to spend time together.

The day after they won it I took my old Red Sox cap my parents still had in the closet, scribbled World Series Champs 04 in a felt marker and left it on her grave. The odd thing was is as I was doing this I looked around and noticed dozens upon dozens of Red Sox hats, jackets, t-shirts and baseball cards littering grave sites all up and down the cemetery...apparently I wasn't the only one.

Wow sorry guys for the length guys, I got writing and it just sort of flowed out of me...thanks for reading if you did.
“My god I must have missed it...its hell down here!”

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Currently sour but formerly Dlishs
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Location: Australia/UAE
considering that i have a TV i dont turn on, i follow these sports online or in a restaurant

athletics, especially world championships are a must
rugby league
NBA (go San Antonio!)

granted, ive never been a couch potato, and ive played every one of those sports mentioned at some point.
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Getting it.
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Location: Lion City
Wes... wow. Great story. I've know a lot of people who have this sort of connection to sports but I've never really had it. It's kind of cool to have that sort of family connection around it.
"My hands are on fire. Hands are on fire. Ain't got no more time for all you charlatans and liars."
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Location: Eastern Canada
To me there are 2 aspects of sports... the competitive and the social sides. I played sports my whole life through 40. Growing up in a working class neighbourhood, sports were one of the ways to pass time with your friends. I moved into competitive baseball (GOD it's a dull sport to play, but it passed the summer), hockey (VERY cold practicing/playing on outdoor rinks), and basketball (warm year-round, and exciting to play). Sports were a huge part of my life as I grew up.

As an adult, even while I was still playing, the social side of the sport became more and more important. I had played on many teams over the years, recombining with other players in many different configurations. You got to know them and their families and tended to socialise together. For people who have played high level competitive sports, the friendships you make there are second only to family in terms of endurance. I have friends I literally see about once a decade and it is still like we see each other every day. The intensity of the emotional experiences of playing together is such that time does not erode the memory.

The other social aspect of sports is that watching them is often a social affair, a (usually) male-bonding ritual. The only sport I watch alone is basketball. Otherwise, I like to have friends around. The game is an excuse to get together, and the particular sport is less important than the group... even being with strangers at bar enhances the experience of watching a game.
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Knight of the Old Republic
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Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Not at all. And in NC, that's blasphemy, so it sorta made me an outcast growing up because I was never into it and all my friends and their friends were. I think it may have a lot to do with your parents. My dad was never really into them either so nothing was passed down. I don't even understand how football or basketball works.

I do enjoy racing of all kinds, particularly NHRA drag racing but some people argue whether racing is a sport. And I'm not a huge follower of drag racing but I do enjoy it.

I think it's very interesting how people I grow up with are STILL hugely impacted by sports. Fantasy Football, tournaments, brackets, etc. "Did you watch the game?" They don't even need to say which game when talking to each other.
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Sports has been a huge part of my life since .. well.. birth.

Loving the Red Sox is built into the genetic DNA of my family. To say otherwise would mean being outcast. Granted, I watch a TON of sports, but few sports teams get the love and devotion from me that I give the Red Sox. Even my two kids are already programmed that there is no greater privilege than watching, loving, cheering the Red Sox to victory or supporting them when they go through the rough patches. When you're a Red Sox fan, you don't just cheer the current team, you cheer the history and the traditions that go along with it. The only other team that comes close for me is Man. Utd. That's a completely different story completely.

I'd rather play the sports than watch them, but with the exception of the NBA and the NHL (I quit watching thanks to the stupid rules they have in place now) I watch it all.

As far as doing, I do wrestling, Muay Thai, American Freestyle Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, running, swimming and still play baseball, softball, and basketball. Sometimes I'll kick the footy around for a bit to relive my glory days or toss the pigskin around on holidays.
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Location: Stuart, Florida
Sports aren't huge for me but I do enjoy watching certain ones if I catch them on tv. I mostly watch football with some hockey, boxing, and mma tossed in occasionally. The last couple weeks I have found myself watching a little lacrosse and rugby, although I'm still trying to figure out how rugby works.
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Functionally Appropriate
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Location: Toronto
Professional Sports as entertainment? Not so much. I like to watch auto-racing but I'm not passionate about it.

I enjoy amateur sports more and certainly the Olympics, but then it's only when brought to my attention.

I don't play myself anymore either though I sorely wish to. When my kids are a little more self sufficient, perhaps next summer, I'm going to join a Softball beer league.

As a kid I played baseball and road hockey and followed baseball and rooted for the Jays but grew cynical as I got older and can't get excited for it anymore. It's too clearly a business and the magic is gone for me.

I also find Sports news coverege mostly boring: Contract negotiations, trading rumours, line strategies...ugh. I think you can successfully recap and sum up a game in a few minutes so I don't understand how any of the rest is interesting.

I wish more Bars had their TVs tuned to the Discovery channel than sports round tables of dudes in stiff suits.
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immoral minority
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Location: Back in Ohio
I like the Olympics, I also watch the championship game/final playoff round of hockey, baseball (sometimes), football, and college football.

I will watch a few World Cup matches this summer as well as some beach volleyball. But I would rather be outside or be playing the sports most of the time.
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Kick Ass Kunoichi
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Location: Oregon
I played soccer for years growing up, played a bit of basketball and softball, and was a 3-time letterman in lacrosse in high school. Post-high school, I've played softball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee for recreation.

As far as following sports...

I LOVE college football and there is nothing I love more than cheering on my Beavers. Second to the Beavers are the UW Huskies, as they are the team I grew up cheering for. My dad is a Husky, and although my grandpa never went to school there, he too was a die-hard Husky fan. I used to be a Seattle Supersonics fan, but alas, they are no more. Since their demise, the Portland Trailblazers have really cleaned up their act (compared to when they were called the Jailblazers) and so I now call myself a Blazers fan. I also follow international soccer loosely, paying more attention to the large competitions such as the European Football Championship and the World Cup. In truth, I watch/follow more sports than my SO does.

One of the major reasons I miss having cable television is the lack of access to Blazers games and Beaver football games. Both are typically on cable only and difficult to find streams of online.
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Please touch this.
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Location: Manhattan
I have an affinity for teams from my hometown... Lakers, Dodgers... it helps that the Lakers are annual contenders. I appreciate the skill and dedication it takes to play sports professionally. This is to say nothing about the worth of said profession. I play sports myself, so I get inspired by the adversity and competition that these people face.

With all that said, I am not as passionate as I used to be. I watch games here and there, and follow the rankings and news stories, but it won't kill me if I forget to check for a week or something.
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Location: UK
Some sports I absolutely can't stand, and others I'm very passionate about. For me, sport is the only reason to own a TV... regular shows just don't entertain me.


Rugby... I passionately support my local team, the Stormers, in the Super14 but will watch just about any rugby match. My no.1 sport.

Motor-racing... anything really... F1, British Touring, MotoGP, WSB, WRC, love the Dakar.

As far as competing, I enjoy squash, MTB'ing, martial arts, beach volleyball. I really don't consider them to be very competitive, just enjoy the social and physical aspects.
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I'm a casual observer of a few sports. It's easy to keep up with MMA fighters because they only fight a few times a year. I like off-road motorsports ranging from ATVs, Dirt bikes, rock/hill climbing, and Rallying but I couldn't tell you the name of anybody. I know more than I want about college basketball and Nascar. It helps me converse with the natives.
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...is a comical chap
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Hubby and I are big fans of our local MLS (Major League Soccer) team. We usually attend 5-6 games a year and catch the rest online. We also watch the English Premier League, but we don't really have a team that we support. We are very excited for the World Cup and hope to attend one in the future.

As far as playing sports, I've never been athletically inclined and didn't participate in school. I do enjoy playing tennis and softball, but I really, really suck at both.
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Location: Houston, Texas
I don't understand how people (especially males) aren't into sports. Completely foreign idea to me, to not like sports and athletic participation. Myself, a huge sports fan. I love sports. I can't put it into words. Everything about sports is very important to me, playing and watching. I'm a big fan of all the Houston teams of course, and then I root for the Northeast teams like Boston and New England.
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We work alone
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Location: Cake Town
If sports disappeared overnight never to be heard from again, I probably wouldn't even notice it. Never been into following sports.

Sure, played football (soccer to some) with friends all the time when we were young, but other than that, I was never interested in any sports other than tennis and even that I haven't played in a while.
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Her Jay
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Location: Ontario for now....
As a kid hockey was important to me from the ages of 4-21, the ages I played, usually 11 months of the year, summer and winter hockey, with maybe 2 weeks off inbetween but on around age 19 or so the shine started to come off my love of hockey, well it started way before that.

I had a 'hockey father', who felt that the best way to make your son better at the game was to yell as much as humanly possible. I remember leaving the arena and being yelled at for 30 minutes of the 45 minute drive home, then get a little more for good measure once you got home. My father kept that up until I was around 10-12 I guess and I informed him that I no longer wanted to see him at the arena during my games. That kept up for about 3/4 of the season until I decided to let him come watch me play again, he learned his lesson to a degree, I told him top stay away a few more times during minor hockey, but by the time I went to play Jr. at 15 he knew better than to yell and rant.

At 21 I left the team I was with and was supposed to come back to Canada and play for my old Jr. team for a year, then go back to the US and play there after I got a little more seasoning, never played another game of hockey again, only had my full equiptment on once in the last 11 years.

So hockey was very important in my life at one point and time, used to live, breath, everything involved hockey, but after 21, it just hasn't been the same. I still follow the Leafs quite a bit, but not like before, I love sports, hockey inparticular, but too much sports ina short period of time, can turn that love to hate quite quickly.

And Wes, excellent story, reminds me of watching hockey games with grandpa when I was a kid, of course he cheers for the Sens now, so we don't do that anymore haha

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I remember a conversation I was having with a professor of mine who couldn't stand sports and thought of them as akin to religion. He was going on and on about how pointless they are and wondered why anyone would waste a minute of their time following them, then after a 15 minute rant asked me why I watched them. I simply said "it's a way to connect with people." He was speechless for awhile and I think in the middle of experiencing an epiphany. Those moments were the biggest confirming factor for me why I enjoy sports, can afford to devote time following sports, and why they are important and useful.
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Location: Anchorage, AK
0% dont watch them, dont play them anymore. would rather read a book or something. I'll play from time to time but NEVER will I watch or cheer on sports. that is just me though.
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Originally Posted by Charlatan View Post
Wes... wow. Great story. I've know a lot of people who have this sort of connection to sports but I've never really had it. It's kind of cool to have that sort of family connection around it.
Thanks Truth be told I felt a little embarrassed after posting it, to somebody on the outside looking in probably sounds a little dumb to have so much emotion wrapped up in something so pointless but I thought it might add to your thread, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

guccilvr Somebody else effected by the disease huh? Its a bizarre connection isn't it? I follow a lot of different sports teams too but none come close to how I feel about the Sox, there is just something about them that few other teams seem to have...maybe it was all those years of consecutive, collective suffering we had to endure?
“My god I must have missed it...its hell down here!”
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Registered User
Originally Posted by Wes Mantooth View Post
Thanks Truth be told I felt a little embarrassed after posting it, to somebody on the outside looking in probably sounds a little dumb to have so much emotion wrapped up in something so pointless but I thought it might add to your thread, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

guccilvr Somebody else effected by the disease huh? Its a bizarre connection isn't it? I follow a lot of different sports teams too but none come close to how I feel about the Sox, there is just something about them that few other teams seem to have...maybe it was all those years of consecutive, collective suffering we had to endure?
You shouldn't be embarrassed about the emotions. Lots of us had emotions when they finally won the series. Now our emotions have switched to such high expectations that we act like idiots if our team fails to make the series. I remember watching a Sox Yanks game in 07 (think that was the year) when Boston hit 4 home runs in a row and I had tears in my eyes. It was a mixture of happiness, watching something I hadn't seen before and knowing we put a real dagger into the hearts of our most bitter of enemies.

We suffered, we endured and we surpassed. I cringe thinking about what's going to happen if the Cubs ever win another series.
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Location: Tennessee
Originally Posted by guccilvr View Post
You shouldn't be embarrassed about the emotions. Lots of us had emotions when they finally won the series. Now our emotions have switched to such high expectations that we act like idiots if our team fails to make the series. I remember watching a Sox Yanks game in 07 (think that was the year) when Boston hit 4 home runs in a row and I had tears in my eyes. It was a mixture of happiness, watching something I hadn't seen before and knowing we put a real dagger into the hearts of our most bitter of enemies.

We suffered, we endured and we surpassed. I cringe thinking about what's going to happen if the Cubs ever win another series.
Tell me about it, I remember when it was something special just to make the postseason, now fans are calling for blood if they don't win it all every year. I was never so disappointed in Sox fans as when I saw people flooding out of Fenway in the 08 ALCS against the Rays, you could tell who the real fans are because they stayed and sat in the stands looking miserable but never gave up. Times change I suppose but I hope we fans don't wind up going Yankee and just expect a world series every single year.

Anyway yeah it gets so easy to get wrapped up in, something you cheer for and hope for so much year after year and then watching the whole thing fall apart only to be let down again...the following year you just want it that much more and it grows into some kind of obsession...I don't know I can never put this into words but after awhile it just comes to mean so much more then just another game.

Those poor Cubs fans huh? I think this coming season will be year 102 since they last won a Series...its to a point where if the Red Sox are out of the running I start supporting them just hoping their poor fans won't have to suffer any more.
“My god I must have missed it...its hell down here!”
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She's Actual Size
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Location: Central Republic of Where-in-the-Hell
I started playing organized sports when I was four or five-- started out playing ragball, which led to tee-ball, then softball, then fast-pitch (comes to a total of about fourteen years. Every summer, plus three springs for school.) I ran track in junior high and my last year of high school, and played volleyball from seventh to twelfth grade.

There were tons of benefits. For one thing, I have an aggressive streak, and playing let me take that out in more constructive ways. Good coaches, and my parents, taught me sportsmanship and fair play.

I played on a volleyball team with friends this past summer and fall, and was reminded of how much I love it. Besides getting the physical exercise (and being able to serve the hell out of the ball), it was a definite bonding experience.

Entertainment-wise, I grew up with the Bengals, the Buckeyes, the Reds, and later on, the Bearcats. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of games with my parents and friends. When I visited my great-grandpa, we'd talk about Bret Boone and Barry Larkin and Sean Casey. It was awesome, the fact that we were, what? Sixty, almost seventy years apart in age, but we'd sit and talk about baseball together all afternoon.

I'm very different from my family...they're all hardcore Republican, conservative, and religious...and I'm the crazy liberal hippie. The fact that we can still bond over watching a Reds game, or cheer together for the Buckeyes is pretty awesome (unfortunately, my mom's a Steeler's fan, but hell, we still have fun with that.)
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Who You Crappin?
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extremely important
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Mine is an evil laugh
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Location: Sydney, Australia
Pretty important. I've played sports since 6 or 7 years of age and have played soccer, baseball and volleyball competitively.

I was a semi-decent middle distance runner in high school and play golf weekly now.

I also love to watch sport - rugby league is probably my favourite (yes, I'm going to a game this weekend, and went last weekend). If I can't make it to a game, I'll try to watch on TV or listen to the radio.

My eldest son (who is almost 6) also loves it. I took him to his first cricket game (NSW v QLD at the SCG) this summer - he loved it. When we play backyard cricket he says "I'm Ricky Ponting" (Oz captain), then when he gets another bat "I'm Cameron White" (another Oz player). He also loves car racing, which I can take or leave really. He has a V8 supercar cap which he has displayed in pride of place.

Aussies are sports mad - what did you expect me to say?
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Minion of Joss
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Location: The Windy City

In terms of watching, I will very, very occasionally turn on a baseball game, or go to Dodger Stadium. But I don't really follow the standings, or care much. If there's an NBA game on, I might watch, but I won't really ever bother to turn one on myself. I find pro basketball impressive, but not compelling. I like baseball, but not enough to be a fan. Other sports do nothing for me at all. Who was it that said of football that it combines the two worst aspects of American society: mass violence and committee meetings?

As for playing, I have very occasionally played some softball, but I have no real desire or passion for doing so. I like martial arts, but for the spiritual work, not for tournaments or whatever other things there are that try to make them into sports. I can shoot with a bow, but I have no interest in competitive archery. My passion is broadsword combat: I have a friend or two with whom I spar. But that's not really "sports."
Dull sublunary lovers love,
Whose soul is sense, cannot admit
Absence, because it doth remove
That thing which elemented it.

(From "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" by John Donne)
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i wasn't really into sports at all untill i met mrs. dubbs. she rowed for a big east school, and i got into watching games and stuff with her. moving to a city where there are 2 professional teams (we're not going to talk about the bills) minor league baseball, and lax, you kinda have to root, root, root for the home team. i don't go out of my way to attend games/watch them, but if they're on. I'll do it.
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Location: Australia
I lurv cricket, especially when the Aussies are thrashing the Poms or Kiwis, I like Rugby, especially when we are thrashing the Poms and the rare occasion when we beat the All Blacks [hasn't happened for a while, we must be about due].

I played social baseball and fast-pitch softball for a few years, then got into umpiring both. I did that for almost 20 years.

It may sound a bit weird for an Aussie to admit it, but I HATE Australian Rules football, and I'm not a great fan of Rugby League. There simply isn't the strategy in those games that there is in Rugby Union.

Soccer is for pooftahs, Gridiron is for the brain dead and Basketball is for those with nothing better do do with their time. What other sport can take 15 minutes to play the last two minutes of a game. Golf is almost as interesting as going down to the local petrol station and watching the numbers go round.

There, I reckon I've offended at least 50% of the viewing public.
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Currently sour but formerly Dlishs
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hank, you're going to go far in this place. for the record, i think you've offended at least 90% of the viewing public!

i love cricket too, but i cheer for anyone but the arrogant aussies. unless they're playing the poms or kiwis of course. then its aussies all the way!

i grew up watching the Windies in their golden era with Viv Richards, Desmond Haynes, Jeffery Dujon, Malcolm Marshall, Curtly and Courtney rip apart the aussies every single time. Then the pakis came along with Imran Khan and took the World cup with Wasim, and Waqar, and i was their biggest fan after beating the boring poms again ( i think it was mike atherton and his boring sods then). Usually ill cheer the underdogs. lately ive been following bangladesh against the poms, who have improved immensely in the last few years, so watch out for them in a couple of years.

as for ausie rules..yeah ill watch it if the finals are on, but its not my numbe 1 choice to watch, or play. I grew up in sydney playing league and union, but followed league because i lived in sydney which has a massive league base. With all the professionalism in sport now, league has tightened up defensively. gone are the days where players had REAL jobs during the week and played on the weekend. Those guys were hard as nails.

as for union, i dont see how you can get a scoreline like 20-18 without anyone crossing the line for a try. sorry, but johnny wilkinson did a disservice to rugby union with his kicking prowess. glad he's not on the english team anymore.
An injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere

I always sign my facebook comments with ()()===========(}. Does that make me gay?
- Filthy
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5%. I watch but they don't hurt my feelings if I miss a game.

I will watch FIFA world cup, some olympic coverage, and bits of curling/hockey if I'm really bored.

As far as racing goes, I completely stopped but I would still watch F1, WRC, Dakar, and any other rally or drifting racing if it was on a channel i watched on a regular schedule.
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Sports are not only very important to me, but I feel they are extremely helpful and vital in the growth of a child/teen. Not just physically, but socially, anyone who has been very involved in sports knows how many paths sports can open up for you just from the experiences you gain and people you meet.
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Very Insignificant Pawn
Location: Amsterdam, NL
I don't watch, play, read, or talk about sports.
However I'm very weak and should exercise.
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Location: Sarasota
^^^ +1 (Boggy)

I never really thought of as "important", but now that you mention it.......It is about all that I watch on TV, I have season tickets for the Rays, Lightning, and Buccaneers, I play volleyball, I recently returned from a week in Sebring attending the 58th Annual 12 Hours of Sebring auto race, played golf yesterday afternoon, bicycling tomorrow. So yeah, it probably rates as 'important'.

I am not the first one to say "Sports is a metaphor for Life", but it's true.
I am just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe...

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." - Thoreau

"Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm" - Emerson

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Sports were, and are, a way for me to develop and maintain self-esteem.

My short wrestling and boxing high school careers were very important for me in developing a sense of accomplishment, setting performance standards, understanding success, and knowing the importance of exercise.

So while I no longer continue in organized sports, my fitness training has become a way for me to measure my physical capabilities, and refresh my mental attitude by focusing on my body as a project.

Sports are incidentally fascinating as entertainment.
Where there is doubt there is freedom.
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Count me in as not very important to me. I will watch some games if they are on, but only if someone else is watching and nothing else comes along. I only watch MMA with any kind of regularity.

I can understand how people can get into it, even if I'm not. What I don't fully understand are the sports shows where people are sitting around and yacking about sports nonstop without any actual games going on. I can't stand that.
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important, sports

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