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Old 05-15-2010, 12:00 PM   #1 (permalink)

After several years in Boston I'm thinking about moving somewhere else. I haven't really decided yet, but one of the things that I think about in considering a location is humidity.
I really hate high humidity. Even moderate temps (70-80 degrees) leave me dripping and uncomfortable. Part of that might be from growing up in dry Western Kansas, but I can't imagine why anyone would want to live in Florida. Or Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, etc. Even in the winter. Sticky, sticky, sticky.

How do TFPers feel about humidity? I think it is a Left Coast vs. Right Coast thing. Southeast vs. Southwest.

Does anyone actually LIKE high humidity?

I love the climate in Southern California, and the main thing about it is low humidity. I like the culture better too, but... If I could just get 20 or 30 million people to leave... Even on a sunny beach I can feel comfortably dry. Same is true of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, etc. To me, 100 in Phoenix is much more comfortable than 80 in Miami.

What do you think.

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Originally Posted by Lindy View Post

Does anyone actually LIKE high humidity?

Yeah, maybe I'm crazy but I grew up in the dry chaparral of California. The summertime humidity here in Southwestern Ohio is so different it's quaint. I really enjoy running in humid weather. I get far less dehydrated and it makes it easier to breathe. The same goes for hiking. I find the clinging nature of the air akin to a warm embrace - good for the soul.

Then again, I work in air conditioned buildings, I'm not forced to deal with the elements at all times.
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still, wondering.
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Location: South Minneapolis, somewhere near the gorgeous gorge
People here complain about it a lot in the summer. I don't even notice it. Hot & wet beats cold & dry as far as I'm concerned.
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I hate it, however after a long cold midwestern winter, I'm ready for some warm muggy weather.
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Kick Ass Kunoichi
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Location: Oregon
Ugh, after walking around Chicago on a soupy afternoon in September, I'll pass on humidity, thanks. Here it never gets too bad, and I like that. The only time it gets bad is sometimes in August, right after it rains. It's not the dry heat of the Southwest in the summer, but it's not soupy either, most of the time.
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pinche vato
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The gulf coast of Florida does not have high humidity. If you go inland a little bit, then hell yes. But not much humidity on the coast.
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warrior bodhisattva
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Location: East-central Canada
Rural Ontario humidity? Yes.

Cuba humidity? Yes.

Toronto humidity? Hell no.
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Location: NJ
I grew up here in Jersey, but I've also lived in MD, FL, and NM. MD's climate is pretty much exactly the same as Jersey... cold, somewhat snowy winters and hot, humid summers. FL is ridiculous. 90% of the time I felt like I was practically under water when stepping outside. The only tollerable time there is December through February, when I was comfortable in jeans and a light weight shirt and all the Floridians were wearing parkas. I didn't actually like the dryness of NM, either, though, as it made my eyes hurt and my skin very dry. For me, I think ME might be perfect, as I hate any kind of heat but don't want to be too far from family... I've never been there, though, so that's just a guess.
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Location: Ohio!
I used to think Ohio was humid. Then I spent over a year living in Virginia, and Ohio is a lot more tolerable now.

I don't enjoy humidity very much - it takes a lot out of me when I'm being active outside. I sweat a LOT, and when it's humid it doesn't evaporate well, so I overheat AND get soaked in sweat and feel grimy. It's a gross feeling. Combine that with wearing sunscreen and riding my bike, and I just collect grit and my skin gets very sensitive.

Compared to Virginia, though.. Ohio is great. If I get up early enough, I can beat the humidity.
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Except for a 6-year stint on the Gulf Coast from '99-'05, I've lived in Arizona since 1978, so I've been at both extremes of the humidity range.

I'll take 105 in Phoenix over 85 in Houston any time. It's much more comfortable.
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Getting it.
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If you don't like humidity avoid living in South East Asia. Trust me.
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Kick Ass Kunoichi
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Originally Posted by PonyPotato View Post
I used to think Ohio was humid. Then I spent over a year living in Virginia, and Ohio is a lot more tolerable now.

I don't enjoy humidity very much - it takes a lot out of me when I'm being active outside. I sweat a LOT, and when it's humid it doesn't evaporate well, so I overheat AND get soaked in sweat and feel grimy. It's a gross feeling. Combine that with wearing sunscreen and riding my bike, and I just collect grit and my skin gets very sensitive.

Compared to Virginia, though.. Ohio is great. If I get up early enough, I can beat the humidity.
Virginia is really bad, like wearing a heavy wool coat in soup.

My family visited Arlington National Cemetery a day or so after the remnants of Hurricane Bertha swept over the greater Washington, D.C. area. It was so hot and humid that my brother nearly fainted during the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Thankfully my dad caught him just as he was starting to wobble and was able to escort him out of the silent crowd before he caused a real disturbance. After drinking some water and being doused with it, he was fine.
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Moderate humidity is best for me. I hate the dry skin and dehydration of the drier climates, and I hate the stickiness of very humid areas.
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I boil water in the winter time here in MD just to force humidity into the air to the point that the windows sweat. I am a hard core central to coastal Floridian who misses the humid sticky south so much I can't stand myself sometimes. The air here to me in MD is so dry my skin cracks and bleeds.

I would take 83 to 97 degrees with 70 to 100% humidity any day, every day if it were up to me..... soon I will make it that way and just return home to my mosquitoes and gators and sand in my bed, minimal clothing and dripping sweat, sunsets, fishing and rednecks.

My most favorite times are after a summer rainstorm when the air is so heavy with moisture that it feels like I am living in a steam bath, the moisture visibly raising up from the rain cooled heated ground beneath me, the steam seeming to surround me with tangible love, it's just pure heaven, and so very sensual.

I'm going to go take a hot shower now and imagine I can hear the waves when I close my eyes.
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Une petite chou
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Location: With All Your Base
I've lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Central Florida, and now on the northeast corner.
It's hot.
It's humid everywhere. I freak out in the wintertime when the humidity drops below 50%.
I can't deal with low humidity at all. I need around 75 -85% to feel "normal."
But, I'll admit, 95% at 95F sucks.
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Originally Posted by Plan9
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"Yeah, man, but it's a dry heat."


Humidity doesn't bother me. You just have to dress accordingly and be comfortable with the fact that sweat happens.

Then again, I'm generally fine in the heat whether its humid (South Carolina) or not (Kuwait). I totally suck in the cold.

Hmm, maybe the giant veins in my temples and forehead ("stress pipes") act as some type of heat sink.
Whatever you can carry.

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Humidity sucks and you'll wishyou were anywhere else in the world at that moment. And Houston has alot of it, so avoid moving here.

Actual temperature: 85, feels like: 100.
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dont move to the UAE

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