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Une petite chou
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Location: With All Your Base
How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'm not too contrary and I don't grow
silver bells or cockleshells or little maids all in a row...
But every year I try my hand at plants and veggies.
Last year was awesome.
Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli... yum!
Since I moved, I left that garden behind, but a friend of mine
is using me to help her beat her yellowed thumb and get
an all-organic garden growing at her house.
I bought the awesome seedlings from the same man as before
with fabulous results thus far. I'm going to try to get pictures
of the whole garden soon and I haven't seen the yellow squash,
which was the first to appear, but she gave me one of the
cucumbers that grew before the plant yellowed from too much
direct sun.

So I thought I'd start a new discussion to see what everyone else
is growing this year.
On my balcony so far I've only got my orchid and a catnip.
At Jones' house we have:

purple jalapenos
ancho peppers
hybrid thai peppers
yellow squash

here's my cucumber.
Go ahead and laugh boys, I'm going to eat it, not play with it.

Last year's crop...
Purple jalapenos

Ancho starting.

The little broccoli plant off to the right actually got almost three feet tall
and a gave me four giant crowns.

Whatcha got growing, Mary?
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Originally Posted by Plan9
Just realize that you're armed with smart but heavily outnumbered.
The question isnít who is going to let me; itís who is going to stop me. Ayn Rand
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Kick Ass Kunoichi
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Location: Oregon
Nothing. The weather this spring kind of ruined the gardening season for me. I didn't have time to get stuff planted, and when I did have time, the weather was lousy.

It's okay, though--FMIL has a giant garden and lets us take whatever we want from it, and she even purposefully planted my favorite heirloom tomato!
If I am not better, at least I am different. --Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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I Confess a Shiver
Plan9's Avatar
I'm lazy so I've been using those Topsy Turvy tomato gizmos. They work really well. I hang some 550 cord off the deck above mine to mount them.
Whatever you can carry.

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Location: ❤
Niner mounts his tomatoes.

My garden is flowers this year, they are doing well.

I'll post some pics soon.

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PS. Great looking garden noodle. Happy for you.
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still, wondering.
Ourcrazymodern?'s Avatar
Location: South Minneapolis, somewhere near the gorgeous gorge
(You said "mount them" on purpose, right?)

The tomatoes & peppers we started from seed are now in the ground & doing well. By the dark of the moon we'll finish planting tomorrow. What with all the fish as fertilizer, I expect a good harvest.
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I Confess a Shiver
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Originally Posted by ring View Post
Niner mounts his tomatoes.
*usual Lord Eden-style innuendo*


I love tomatoes. I had no friggin' idea there were so many varieties until I went to the seed store and ended up staring at things called "Big Boys" and "Beefsteaks" and "Cherry" and "Grape" and what have you. Confusing to say the least, but it's been an interesting adventure.


When a guy my age is "gardening," it's time to get a friggin' job, right? I swear, this summer is going to last forever. In a bad way.
Whatever you can carry.

"You should not drink... and bake."
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Old 06-11-2010, 08:30 AM   #7 (permalink)
ring's Avatar
Location: ❤
Hey, you're the one that wanted to put vegetables in our pie holes, remember?

Yes tomatoes are glorious. The heirloom varieties are especially tasty.

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kutulu's Avatar
After 2 years of not landscaping out back yard, we started growing vegetables last spring (Phoenix). We planted 2 different tomato plants, a green bell pepper, an herb garden, squash and two types of watermelon. The squash got attacked and died out, the tomatoes didn't do much but the watermelon was amazing. They ended up covering about a 10x10 area and gave us a lot of fruit. We got a couple tomatoes but they spent the whole summer looking dead.

We stepped it up in the fall, planting broccoli, lettuce, spinach, more herbs, rainbow chard, red beets, golden beets, and rainbow carrots. All were huge successes. The carrots, beets and chard took a long time to be ready for harvest but we got great yields. Some of the beets were up to nearly 2 lbs. The lettuce and spinach lasted all season, you just cut what you need and it keeps growing back. We had so much broccoli we got sick of it. We also planted onions and garlic.

As a bonus, in Phoenix, you get two tomato/bell pepper harvest seasons and this one was great. We couldn't use all the cherry tomatoes.

This spring we planted five types of heirloom tomatoes, four red and yellow bell pepper plants, zucchini, watermelon, and another melon. The zucchini plant is a nice producer. We get about 2-3 per week. The onions and garlic are almost ready. The melons are moving along. The tomatoes just started producing and they are great. There are tons of beautiful tomatoes but now it is 100-110 out and the tomatoes and peppers are getting destroyed by the sun. The same is happening to the new bell pepper plants. I'll build a shade system for them this weekend and hope to salvage what is left on the vines.

We also have apple, orange, and lemon trees and three grape vines. The apples are almost ready for the first harvest. The citrus might give something this season. The grapes are almost ready.

Our dirt is awesome. It is soft to dig through, very easy to put a shovel all the way down. We haven't used any amendments or fertilizers, only organic mulch when planting and then every now and then as it erodes.

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The sky calls to us ...
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Super Moderator
Location: CT
The planters are full of grass and clover, the windowbox is completely barren, and the rock garden is in its fifth year or so of being completely and irreversibly overgrown by fern. I'm thinking about planting wormwood around the edges of the patio for a fresh smell and to keep mosquitoes away, and if some of it ends up cut, dried, and made into absinthe, I can't be held responsible.
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Still Free
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Location: comfortably perched at the top of the bell curve!
My neighbor and I split gardens. I'm growing three types of beans, 4 types of tomatoes and cucumbers. He's growing the 3 types of squash, collards, pepers, and watermelon. Then we swap food. That way, we can focus on same types of plants and it makes it generally easier that babysitting 10-15 varieties at once. I'll take some pictures. My Kentucky wonder beans have climbed the 8 foot trellis and are now climbing into the oak tree. I can't help but let a vine or two go up there. I sort of want to see how high it will climb. We both do individual herb gardens. I'm looking forward to the fall garden. Root vegetables and broccoli!
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Kick Ass Kunoichi
snowy's Avatar
Location: Oregon
I did get some new stuff planted in my herb garden before the weather turned to shit, and my three kinds of mint--peppermint, spearmint, and Moroccan mint--are going crazy! I'm thinking we're going to be drinking a LOT of mojitos this summer.
If I am not better, at least I am different. --Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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garden, grow

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