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Location: Europe
The US and immigration, confusing.

I think the immigration rules and policy is a bit confusing seen from an European view. Is it the case in the US that the police can not arrest some one for being an illegal alien? If that's the case, it seems strange because in every country in the EU, you can (and probably the rest of the world). For example i can go to Germany, France and so on but i am required to carry some sort of ID or at least have an ID that can prove that i am European (schengen). Is it something like this Arizona is trying to impose? Or is there something i am missing, since they are getting a lot of heat this days.

Another related question, you can apply for work permit to the US. You can go in to the US as a tourist. And you can also get in as a student. But as i understand there are some rules you have to comply with. If you are trying to use some of the social services you can get expelled. So the way i understand it, you have less rights entering legally in to the US than getting there illegally?
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The Reforms
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Originally Posted by Jan71 View Post
So the way i understand it, you have less rights entering legally in to the US than getting there illegally?
This is a confounding question to me, and it irks me in the sense that I have no definitive stance on whether you may be right or wrong on this point.
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European policies are a little different because of the geographic closeness of all the countries.

No, I think you have more rights as a citizen than an illegal. You can vote, go to school, and have an easier time finding a job if you're a citizen.

Here is what the Arizona immigration bill is all about:
U.S. federal law requires certain aliens to register with the U.S. government, and to have registration documents in their possession at all times. The Act additionally makes it a state misdemeanor crime for an alien to be in Arizona without carrying the required documents, bars state or local officials or agencies from restricting enforcement of federal immigration laws, and cracks down on those sheltering, hiring and transporting illegal aliens.
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