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Hallowe'en Haunted House experiences.

We've all been to them, right?
Share some of your HHH experiences.

When I was 7 or so, one of our mom-and-pop grocery stores in my town cleared out all of their merchandise and made a store-wide haunted house.
It looped through the back in the loading/unloading area, up through the front of the store, and then out front.
I can't imagine all the expense they had to go through to pull that off, but it sure gave a lot of scary joy to a bunch of us kids and adults.

Another I remember well was one held at one of our local colleges.
The had the ubiquitous guy running around waving a chainsaw, but the part that scared me was when I turned a corner, they had some guy laid out on a mad doctor's operating table, hammering on the guy's leg (his pants were ripped open at the shin and he was still wearing his sneakers), which was already down to the bone. It freaked me out at the time.
My brother later told me it was a beef leg stuck out of his pants.
Oh, and they had a bowl full of guts and eyeballs (spaghetti, colored red, and grapes) you could root your hand through and try to find a fifty-cent piece.

Let's hear your tales.
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I looooooooove haunted houses. Outside haunted trails kinda freak me out a bit, though.

Something else that freaks me out? Clowns. Yeah, fine, it's a cliche. I don't care.

So, one year, I went to the local haunted trail with my family (mom, brother, stepdad, aunt, cousins.) There was a part of the trail dedicated to clowns. I kept my head down & my eyes closed, and got through it. I was completely unaware that while walking through, my stepdad told one of the sadist trail workers, "hey, she HATES clowns." When we got past the clown part, I turned around to say something to my stepdad, and instead of his friendly face.....there was a painted one with a wig. I screamed. A lot.

The damn guy followed me through the entire rest of the trail. Stupid clown.

(much as I was pissed at the time...in retrospect, fine, it was funny.)
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Hah, just seeing this thread title made me smile. I'm all giddy as I type this.

As many know, I'm a huge fan of monsters, Halloween and scaring/being scared. Hell, the music I listen to regularly is basically all about horror movies.

So, yeah, I'm a haunted house aficionado. One of the best "haunted houses" I've been to is Markoff's Haunted Forest outside DC. I've been several times now and I can honestly say it never ceases to impress. It's a top notch dark-path-in-the-woods crawl that starts with a wrecked bus maze (my favorite), takes you through the shacks with homicidal hillbillies, and ends with something that would make the early White Zombie-era Rob Zombie squeal with delight (so, basically, it's like a trip to visit LordEden). Anybody within driving distance of this annual awesomebomb needs to hit it up. A few other TFP personalities have also attended this venue and liked it. I believe it's rated as one of the Top Ten best on the East Coast (maybe the country?) Also be sure to check out the gnarly zip line and paintball zap-a-ghoul. It's expensive but the money goes to one of those keep-the-kids-off-drugs things.

The reviews at the site say it all.


I'm disappointed that my job will prevent me from enjoying Halloween this year. Oh, well. Maybe I'll make up for it next year.
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