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What To Do With A Sports "Collectible"

I recently won a photo of the home field for the Minnesota Twins, Target Field with a bunch of player photos around the border. The pictures is signed by Tony Oliva. It came with a letter of authentication.

Okay, I appreciate that I won something, but, I have no idea what to do with this.

Problem #1: I don't really watch baseball. If I do, it isn't the Twins because...

Problem #2: I don't even live in Minnesota much less watch the Twins play. (And no, I wasn't in Minnesota when I got the picture either. I was hundreds of miles away).

I tried searching for a similar item on the internet but couldn't find a match.

Anyone have any idea what I could do with this?
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eBay auction
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Find a Twins fan and give it to them. I've got a client whose son is disabled and is a huge Twins fan. I'd bet he'd appreciate it if you want to give it away.


List it on eBay and see how much you can get for it.

That's all I've got.
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Well, at the moment it sounds like it has negative worth to you; you don't want it, and it is taking up space.

I'd say just slap it up on eBay. Any money that you get for it will be more than you had before, and if someone else gets a great deal for it, then two parties will be happy.
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I'd probably find an interested Minnesota charity.
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