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warrior bodhisattva
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Set Your Inner Nerd Free...on the Web

I've been thinking recently about how I tend to deprive myself much of my inherent nerdiness, and I think that's a shame. Also, it came up in another thread that I tend to have a very narrow Internet experience these days, mainly TFP, YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. I do the occasional Google search but land mostly on random websites that are specific to information I seek.

I don't really have many favourite websites, and I don't visit enough nerdy sites. I know they're out there. Whether they cover science, science fiction/fantasy, pop culture, technology, or whatever, I'm not aware of enough of them. I know there are several mainstream sites that cover these things, but are there more authoritative/elitist sites geared towards nerds like me?

My problem? I'm too book nerdy. I need to balance my other nerd aspects.

What are your favourite nerdy sites? Help a nerd out?
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PennyArcade (everyone should like this)
Kotaku (if you like video games)
DailyWTF (if you like coding)
Slashdot (Tech news, mostly Linux)
Massively (if you have any interest in MMOs)

I really don't visit that much either, with the exception of the above, TFP, Facebook, Digg and a slew of Atheist blogs.
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Kick Ass Kunoichi
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Hah, I have a folder in Google Reader titled "Nerd Stuff", but there's not a lot in there at the moment, just my subscriptions to the Onion, xkcd, LOLcats, and Lifehacker. Both my husband and I really like Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done because it's full of tips--tech-related and otherwise--meant to make life easier.
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Good to the last drop.
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I'm on the Popular Science website a lot....and various sites where sciency things are published. It's for work though and I have NO idea what half that stuff says.

I like webcomics though. Questionable Content is like a soap opera for me. The only reason I'd want to go to a con would be to meet Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties as well as attend her kilt blowing session. I'd probably run away from everyone else though.

I like LOLcats, because I like cats. I hate when people talk like LOLcats though. I only tolerate "nom, nom, nom," because that's just funny. I like Pundit Kitchen because it's the new wave of Political Cartoons. All of these are in my google reader, so I never actually go to the websites.

Other than that, I'm pretty much a jock. The internet is mainly used for ESPN.com and streaming Bengals games since I can't watch those out here on regular tv. Netflix is also pretty boss.
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If you don't know where to go, Stumble.
StumbleUpon.com: Sign In to get Your Personalized Recommendations

Looking for a fun project, Instructables.
Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY

LifeHacker is awesome, I waste a lot of time there.
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It sounds like you need help with your IT nerdiness. I am too new to post a link, but if you need to step up your game, go to majorgeeks.com.

I work in IT and this site has some great resources. I would suggest downloading Malware Bytes and CCleaner to get you started.
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I monitor a few jazz & classical music forums and two electronics forums.
Maybe that's considered nerdy.
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