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Old 11-11-2010, 05:27 AM   #1 (permalink)
People in masks cannot be trusted
Xazy's Avatar
Location: NYC
Worst hotel experience

I was recently thinking about a trip we took to Florida, where the hotel had not informed us it was doing renovation. While the trip was nice, the hotel was not a place for us to relax in at all.

What was your worst hotel experience?
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Currently sour but formerly Dlishs
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Super Moderator
Location: Australia/UAE
having the privilage of staying in a hotel where you pay by the hour.

i only realised when i saw wet footprints on the carpet of someone that had just been in the room only just before i took it. i didnt sleep well that night. dont think i have since.
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I Confess a Shiver
Plan9's Avatar
Our boy KirStang and I stayed in the worst hotel on the east coast during a shooting class last year.

I'll let him warm it up with his commentary before I get all retarded. No light bulbs? Roaches? Oh yeah.
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The_Jazz's Avatar
Location: Chicago
Just undergoing a renovation? That's nothing.

Let's see: I've been next to an all-male orgy in San Diego, in Boston when the Sox beat the Yankees in Game 7 in 2004 and the fire alarm was pulled 6 times between 2 am and 6 am (and it's apparently illegal to stay in the hotel with the alarm going off in Boston), been in between two rooms full of high school girls (on some sporting event) just outside Minneapolis who could only communicate by yelling back and forth, had a room without a working heater in Fargo in February, had 3 dyslexic hookers show up at my room looking for a room down the hall and was on the 18th floor of a hotel getting ready to leave when the power went out.

But I travel a lot for work.
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...is a comical chap
Grasshopper Green's Avatar
Location: Where morons reign supreme
Pretty tame, but hubby and I stayed at a hotel near Disneyland that was completely full of hillbillies - and us. They would drink beer all night and get rowdy and jump in the pool all hours of the night. Our room was overly deodorized, presumably to mask the odors coming from the strange, dark colored stains on the carpet and mattress.

Ironically, one of my best experiences was at a hotel undergoing renovation. We were in Puerta Vallarta and had booked a standard room, but since it was being worked on, they upgraded us to a much nicer suite overlooking the ocean. We didn't hear any of the repair work and the staff were all awesome.
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Future Bureaucrat
KirStang's Avatar
Sheets had holes in it, did not see roaches, but place was poorly lit, in a unmaintained lot.

Nonetheless, I saved $40/day, and it was a bed with A/C to sleep in. Not horrific, but would never stay at another Knights Inn again.
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Old 11-12-2010, 08:19 AM   #7 (permalink)
MiSo's Avatar
i stayed at this one place in thailand that had really small beds and lacked hot water. oh well... better than sleeping outside.
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Old 11-12-2010, 08:54 AM   #8 (permalink)
Kick Ass Kunoichi
snowy's Avatar
Location: Oregon
I've stayed in a lot of seedy-looking motels throughout the West. My parents loved long road trips when I was growing up, and the hotel choices in places like Lakeview, Oregon are slim pickings. However, none of the places that looked like they might be a bad experience turned out to be a bad experience--they were all clean and nice (I'm looking at you, Oregon 8 in Klamath Falls and Rimrock in Lakeview).

The worst motel I ever stayed in was a Motel 6 in Sacramento, while on a road trip to California with friends. I would never, ever stay there again, and they've completely ruined me for the Motel 6 chain. 2 of our towels had stains on them, and the room was just icky and gross. After that, we decided it wasn't worth being frugal and we would be better off staying at a Holiday Inn Express. I very much wish that we had stayed at the Best Western Sandman across the street instead of the Motel 6.
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has all her shots.
mixedmedia's Avatar
Location: Florida
I stayed in a hotel in Lake Charles, LA once with my (then) husband and after dark it became obvious that the place was, rather than a place for weary travelers, a center for drug and prostitute activity. It was a one-story establishment in the shape of a horseshoe and we could see people walking back and forth between the rooms all night long. At one point someone knocked on our door and we stayed up petrified, peering out the window for the rest of the night. Not fun.
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Leto's Avatar
Location: The Danforth
I stayed in a hotel in kataragama once. That's a town in south east Sri Lanka, which is a pilgrimage centre for Muslims, Hindus & Buddhists. I woke up in the morning itchy, especially my ankles, which were covered with insect bites of some sort. Also, the toilets were eastern style, outdoors (out houses) and the interiors had large (5cm long) cockroaches on the walls not to mention the odour.

But it sure made the trip memorable, and made the stay at the Montreal Delta in midst renovation luxurious in comparison.
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ring's Avatar
Location: ❤
1975. My mom, two younger sisters, dog, two cats, three guinea pigs, & one dying ferret, & I,
were traveling cross country in an Oldsmobile 98.
It broke down just outside Booneville MO

The small motel room in Boonville had cement floors and very little heat.
There were many centipedes on the walls.

We pulled the two twin beds to the center of the room
& eventually fell asleep for three hours maybe.

Adventuring is an adventure.
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Living in a Warmer Insanity
Tully Mars's Avatar
Super Moderator
Location: Yucatan, Mexico
The worst hotel I ever stayed in was a Ramada Inn on Marathon Key, Fl. The stench from rotting drywall and mold was beyond belief. The room itself had patches of walls that were cracking and open. The AC worked but produced a smell not much better then a dead body. There was broken glass in the hallway just outside my door, looked like someone punched out the empty fire extinguisher case. There was pool but every chair was literally covered in bird shit. I spent one night there, out of the three I payed. the next day I drove down to Key West and partied at Fantasy Fest. I spent that night with some new found friends. The last night I drove back to Miami and slept a couple hours in my rental car until it was time for my flight home.

The worst hotel I ever checked into was the Waikiki Outrigger at Hobron. The minute my then wife and I open the door a musky smell hit us in the face. I took one look at the bed and could tell the maid just threw the covers back on instead of changing out the bedding, I pulled back the bedspread and found several hairs. Most were short and curly. There was a small window looking toward the ocean but it was so dirty you couldn't see out it. The room was sold to us as a "suite with partial kitchen." The partial kitchen turned out to be a a two burner hot plate between the main room and the bathroom. On the hot plate I could see burnt circles from where people had used it to heat up their smack spoons. On the mirror there was a sign detailing how to "properly dispose of needles." On the headboard I saw several places where there was a dry milky substance that kind of looked like dried white glue that had hardened while it dripped down. Under the bed I found an assortment of dildos and other adult toys, nipple clamps and the like. I called my travel agent and explained there was no way we were staying there, my ex wouldn't even sit down in the room. I told the agent what the place was like and she said she'd call me back in a few minutes and asked I take pictures. I took a few photos and my cell phone rang. My agent managed to book us into the Sheraton at Waikiki where we ended up in a very nice three room suite with a view of Diamond Head. As we were leaving a manger came up and asked "what's the problem?" I told him the place was filthy. He said he'd have it cleaned. I told him there's not enough beach on this island and told him about the needle disposal instructions. He said "Well, we get a lot of diabetic here." I believe "Outrigger" no longer owns that property.
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StanT's Avatar
Location: Colorado
Stayed at a motel in the middle of nowhere Wyoming that had printed signs asking folks to not butcher game in the room and clear evidence that the previous occupants had done just that.
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The sky calls to us ...
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Super Moderator
Location: CT
Stayed at a hotel in Milford, MI that I don't remember the name of this summer. As I always do, I lifted up the beds to check underneath for signs of bedbugs or for cash or drugs the previous occupants had left behind. Under my bed was a bag with about 10 DVDs in it; the ones in cases were all squirting fetish porn, the ones not in cases were all gay porn. Under the other was a used condom. I found no signs of bedbugs.

We drank for free at the hotel bar while they cleaned our room top to bottom.
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Living in a Warmer Insanity
Tully Mars's Avatar
Super Moderator
Location: Yucatan, Mexico
Ok, so I need to start traveling with porn I don't mind leaving behind and extra condoms. Ya! Free drinks at the bar!
I used to drink to drown my sorrows, but the damned things have learned how to swim- Frida Kahlo

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Lover - Protector - Teacher
Jinn's Avatar
Location: Seattle, WA
Is joyhood a spam bot account trying to look 'normal' by raising post count copying other posts? There's a weird deja vu if you read Tully's story and then this post. You'll note the joyhood's other posts are the same way.
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Young Crumudgeon
Martian's Avatar
Location: Canada
You'll note that joyhood no longer exists.

It's a fairly common spamming practice. It's just that the staff is generally on top of it sufficiently so that most folk never see it.
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AquaFox's Avatar
I'm more of a tent camper... have experienced some some rather severe winds, thunderstorms and mosquito.... no worries about prior tenants in my tent. This summer while driving cross county, we found a cheap hotel that had some shady residents living.. tarped cars and kids running around... the hotel towels had the holiday inn logo on them.. we weren't in a holiday inn... room required the desk guy to spray air-freshener... everything about the place spelled bad with first impressions but it turned out to be one comfy night sleep.

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With a mustache, the cool factor would be too much
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Location: left side of my couch, East Texas
When I was in my early 20's I went to Galveston to have some surgery done at John Sealy hospital.
We ended up needing to wait a couple of days before I could check into the hospital, so they offered to put us up in a motel on The Strand by the beach.
I figured it would be all nice and have rooms that connected to the sand like you see on t.v.
Nope, it's across the busy highway, and down the grassy hill. That's the least of it, though.
The motel was a cheap affair that looked like it was last renovated in the early 70's.
The air-conditioner was a loud squeaking thing that was built into the wall and was as big as a coffin.
The towels looked clean, but they were as thin as a wash cloth.
The pillows were hardly bigger than throw pillows, and the bedspread had a musty smell to them.
I'm glad I didn't have a blacklight.

All in all, I was glad to check into the hospital. (though, from the stories I've now heard about the germs in hospitals give me pause)
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experience, hotel, worst

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