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Location: Denver City Denver
Welcome to the Drinkers Den

Now, I understand that we have a lot of recovering alcoholics here at the TFP and I wish you the best of luck in your travels of sobriety because God only knows that if I had the will-power I would be right there with you.

But. That is a thread for the rest of us that drink to our little, cold hearts desire. I know I have friends in this. RedRavin enjoys a good pint of Guinness every once and a while and I know you cats from Australia drink like fish. With a worldwide forum like this we are bound to find people to share our best drinking stories with and our best drinks with. I only write this after a shit day and four glasses of Dewers 18 Year. At this point I need to know that I’m not drinking alone.

Tell us your drink of choice… and your best pub. And just like in the Smokers Den please refrain from telling me why I shouldn’t drink… I know it’s gonna kill me faster than a bullet. I know it’s gonna make my liver into a small black rock. I wanna hear some great stories… Please share.
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Location: the bathroom
last night I got drunk on an empty stomach, smoked a little pot in the back room of the bar, stumbled out, found an alley, threw up all over myself, and eventually shit my pants. the only thing missing was a hot chick to do it all in front of. is that a great story?

note to self: remember to eat supper.
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Location: Pasadena, CA
Crown City Brewery, Pasadena. A "Pasadena Brewing Company' just opened a few days ago - I'll have to investigate and file a report.

beer: McEwan's, Guinness, Gordon Biersch Marzen

wine: mostly reds; I have a weakness for Chilean wineries, particularly those of the Lontue and Maipo Valleys

vodka: Charodei, hands-down. Luksusowa and Tall Blonde are high on the list, too. More accessible: Belvedere and Chopin will do in a pinch.

rum - Ron Zacapa Centenario. Nothing finer. A sippin' rum, if you will - I wouldn't even dream of mixing this with anything. That's what the Captain is for.

tequila: Tres Generaciones, Cazadores and Cabo Wabo, in that order.

scotch: Glenmorangie 18 is my favorite, but there are a bunch I really like. I'm one of the weirdos who even likes the peet-i-ness of Laphroaig (aka lap-frog)

Drink of choice? Depends on what I'm doing. Always like a Jack & coke as a default. Even better if they have some Single Barrel around.
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Eccentric insomniac
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Location: North Carolina
I like to kick back with a nic cold Low Down Brown, or a bottle of Lindemans (everything they make is good), or, if I am splurging, an exquisite gin and tonic made w/ Tangueray 10 Gin (best ever, nice and spicy).

BTW, a bottle of Lindemans usually only runs about seven dollars, and is better than many 20 dollar bottles of wine. I like their Merlot and Shiraz the best.
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Location: Pasadena, CA
Oh yeah; stories.

Seattle, December '98. Laurie's brother Bob is there to visit a girl he met river rafting, we go along to hang out, have fun and see the Bruins @ Huskies game. So, the girl's friends get us tix to the game - turns out they're U-Dub alumni and they giev us their alumni seats because they're not going in anyway - they want to do the tailgate thing in the parking lot. Fine by us. (great game, btw - Cade McNown's last game as a Bruin and we kicked their ASS, which was awesome being the only Bruins in a sea of U-Dub purple)

So, we're shuttling back and forth from our seats to their RV a number of times during the game. They got us the tickets... may as well spend some time with them right? Besides, they have the bbq going out there... and we're drinking the whole time. Beer inside at the game, beer out at the RV... all afternoon. Game's over, we go hang out with them indefinitely... cheap vodka starts flowing and they start making sloppy joe's.

The next 4-5 hours of my life is missing. I heard some stories, though.

I think the most colorful was the group trying to enter a club that evening. Apparently, right after we walked in, the bouncer approached and asked us to leave. Laurie began to argue with the guy and he said (pointing to me), "he's already had too much to drink." I guess she was half-holding me up at that point. She said, "no really, don't worry... he's drinking nothing but water the rest of the night; we're just dragging him around with us." I guess the bouncer paused a couple beats, gave a heavy sigh and said, "do you know he just threw up on your back?"

See, it was December. In Seattle. Cold. Everyone had heavy jackets on and me being kinda slumped over her... well, that's just where I was aimed at the time, I guess.

Mind you, I only know this in story from the other people there. I cannot vouch for the events personally.

I woke up about 9:30 that night, face down on one of our hotel beds, my head hanging off and a trash can directly under my head. I sit up and say, "I'm hungry - let's go get some pizza." She doesn't want to drive, so I do. I was completely fine. Too funny.

At the time, I remember thinking, "note to self: you threw up on her directly and she's still speaking to you. No, she's laughing about it with you. Marry this one."
"take me down, little *Susie*, take me down
I know you think you're the Queen of The Underground"
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Location: ÉIRE
When I go to my local its Guinness.
If I go to clubs its cider and then onto the vodlka.
At home its the odd glass of whiskey straight, either Paddys or a Jemmie
its evolution baby
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Cherry-pickin' devil's advocate
Location: Los Angeles
not all that many really down in the l.a. county

hmm any good places out there to recommend Donkeypuncher around LA and stuff? I see you're from pasadena and thats fairly close
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Location: California
A Double Grey Goose Martini, with a Garlic stuffed Olive is my favorite....... Second favorite is a Double Grey Goose, cranberry with a splash of grape juice...... I also like Canadian Club Old Fashion's, Sometimes I'll have a Red or Green Apple Martini or a Zombie for a change but I usually stick to Double Martini's..... As to where is my favorite place to drink, I would say Mac's, Spats, Spanger's, Slate's or The Riverview..... Just about anyplace with good food and pretty girls that will spoil me..... I usually tip out 50% so I get spoiled just about anywhere I go, My rule is 'Treat me right and you'll get a nice tip.... Spoil me rotten and I'll do the same for you...... so far it has worked out pretty good.
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Loose Cunt
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Location: North Bondi RSL
I hear you WK.

My drink of choice is a little tipple known as Bundaberg Rum. Now 'Bundy' wouldn't be known anywhere else, but over here it's huge. It's made in Bundaberg, Queensland, from sugar (as there is shitloads of it up there). It's bloody strong, and an aquired taste, but fuck it's good...

If I'm having a beer with the boys i'll go for some 'Cascade Premium'. Made in the small island state of Tasmania, where family trees are shaped like circles, it's a fucken great drop.

If i'm kicking back in a pub somewhere, i'll go for a Carlton. It's the stock standard pub beer here and not too bad (ie. It wont rip your taste buds off).

I think i might just grab a Cascade now, you put me in the mood for one World's King...
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Know Where!
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Politics of Beer - My Platform

Malt Liquor: Steele Reserve 211
Classic 40: Olde English 800
Beer: Heineken, Becks, Yuengling.
Beer Size: 22/24oz
Pitcher of: Long Island Iced Tea
Beer and Fruit: Corona and Lemon/Lime

Stance on Key Issues
40oz Beer: Wrong and misleading.
Beer with Dinner: It's a head start.
Kegs of Cheap Beer: "This party is even more awsome cause it's free!"
Fruity Malt Beverages (Mike's *whatever*): If you give me one, i will drink it.
Any Alcoholic Beverage: See above.

Personal Bests
1 - Beer: ~5 seconds
3/4 - 40oz: ~2 minutes
Shots (in 1 Night): Don't Remember

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Location: Oxford, UK
Beer: Mostly cheap lager, but that's because most of my drinking these days involves a quick one after work. If it's a long session it has to be bitter - usually Tetleys.
Wine: Red, generally shiraz. No particular label, but I do like the spicy Australians (Banrock, Lindeman's etc)
Whisky: Teaching myself about single malts.

Personal bests
Actually the feat I'm most proud of was staying sober one New Year's Eve.
Drinking stories are only good before the hangover.
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Location: USS George Washington
I find myself drinking less and less nowadays. But when I do partake, I prefer Corona beer, or any good cider. Woodpecker is my favorite, overseas I drink Strongbow. I don't like much hard liquor, but if we're doing shots gimme a Goldschlager. I did so many shots of that back in college that I could probably shit a gold nugget.

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Swollen Member
Location: Northern VA
Cap'n and Coke for me. Wherever, and basically whenever (If driving isn't involved).

A friend and myself would kill a bottle of Silver Spiced Captain Morgan a night when I was forced to stop smoking pot because of the law. One night in a drunken stupor I took off my pants and this girl drew a big penis on my ass. I took my belt off and pretended that I was whipping her with it and then quickly put the belt on (after pulling my pants back up of course). Somehow I made it home and took off my shoes, socks, pants, and shirt and jumped into bed. I woke up the next morning and walked by my mirror in the bathroom and had nothing on but boxers and...my belt. At the time I didn't know how it happened and then when I was about to jump in the shower I noticed a big penis drawn on my ass..again..I didn't know what happened. Later that night, about halfway through another bottle, my friend popped in a videotape of my antics from the night before and I saw how it all happened. Good Times Good Times.
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Practical Anarchist
Location: Yesterday i woke up stuck in hollywood
i wrote out my best drinking story as an essay once, ill try and find it then edit this post to it
The Above post is a direct quote from Shakespeare

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Sauce Puppet
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I wouldn't say I'm much of an alcoholic, and haven't really defined any tastes for myself when it comes to alcohol yet, but the occasional abuse of alcohol sure can be a fun thing.

First we'll start with preferences:

New Belgium Brewing Company (Ft. Collins, CO) (makers of Fat Tire, Blue Paddle, Abbey Ale, and so on, haven't had a New Belgium beer that I haven't liked).
Bristol Brewing Company (Colorado Springs, CO) (Mass Transit ale, Laughing Lab and so on).

Canned Beer (for outdoor adventures, and not having to pack glass back with me)
Pabst Blue Ribbon. Being from Colorado everyone here thinks I should drink Keystone, or Coors, or one of those awful tasting beers, but I can't stand them, I can drink Pabst like a fish for some reason though? So, Pabst is my beer of choice in such situations (ie. rafting/camping, rally racing events). Otherwise I'll stick with bottled brew.

Mixed Drink of choice
Long Island Iced Tea, or Margharita (Margs are more during dinner drink for me).

As for specific hard liquor variety, haven't really picked and choosed the kinds I really like, still just in the if it's around I'll drink it stage.

Generally like reds, so far Pastiche is one of my favorites, although my wine tasting hasn't really taken me very far.

Interesting alcoholic story, let's talk about my 21st birthday.

I had gotten four hours of sleep, and got up at lunch time to go to a local restaraunt/brewery (Il Vicino) where one of my friends is the brewmaster. Ordered some food, and he ordered me a round. I go to this place often, and tip rather well, so when the servers found out it was my 21st birthday, they each bought me a round, plus the rounds my friends bought me, by the time I was done I had probably tasted every brew they made at that place, 6-7 glasses within an hour or so.

I felt fine, definitely tipsy, and as I was leaving, and thanking everyone in the restaraunt (being the drunk jackass on a workday afternoon in the middle of downtown during lunch hour). Shortly after leaving the restaraunt I vomitted in the middle of the street, yet kept walking, sure that was a pretty sight for people at the end of their lunch.

So, wandered around a little bit more, stocked up on alcohol for the night, and went and got a few hours of sleep to get ready for really getting loaded that evening.

That night, went bar hopping with 3 or 4 good friends, got free beers/shots at every bar I went to yelling it was my 21st birthday, finally made it from the south end of downtown to the north end at a bar called Tony's, not sure how many shots I had at that bar, but they gave me two free ones, and each of my friends say they orderd me shots, and the finisher was the hardest shot on the house (not sure what was in it, but there were three nasty beasties of alcohol). Slammed that down, and shortly after found myself puking in the urinal of the bar. Everything beyond this point is through the stories of my friends.

After that we headed to a strip bar, I claimed to be doing great, although I kept walking in circles, and as we got to the parking lot of the titty bar I opened my door and puked some more, and well the bouncer said I was too drunk to get in, so we went to my friends house, where apparently I puked again, and passed-out in the fetal position on the floor of my friend's bathroom.

Then, I remember the sun coming up, sitting in the tub (at my house) wondering why there was no warm water. I sat there for a long time with my hand under the faucet, and well, got out of the tub wanting to scream and yell at someone for wasting all the warm water, but everyone was asleep. So, I puked once more, passed-out on the bathroom floor a little longer, and eventually crawled my ass to bed. Woke up the next morning, and went to eat lunch with my family hungover as all hell.

I tend to get rather loaded when I drink. We used to have huge parties where a person falling off the roof into the bushes along the edge of the house wasn't a foreign event, or where we'd get women walking/driving by to flash us as they went by and we'd cheer at the top of our lungs. A lot of my drunken stories are painted through the eyes of friends, because I can't really remember but bits and peices of what happened.
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Location: Oxford, UK
Originally posted by kurty[B]
I wouldn't say I'm much of an alcoholic, and haven't really defined any tastes for myself when it comes to alcohol yet, but the occasional abuse of alcohol sure can be a fun thing.
It's not abuse if you're using it for the purpose for which it's designed.
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I'm a big fan of the Capt. and Coke.

Good refresher after a hard days work.
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Location: afk
I find that alchohol can make a good time great, and while I may do things that aren't exactly smart they are just so much fun.

Take for example saturday night, a friend and I are at his parents house, and we have a look around the yard and see a bunch of extremely old trees simply covered in ivy. Of course we just couldn't let this be, so we just waged war and cleaned off a few trees. Granted getting up on a ladder, grabbing onto a vine and jumping off isn't the brightest thing I've ever done, we had a great time that just wouldn't have happened without it being illegal to drive.

Prefered drinks are: White russians, dirty mothers, b52's, molson ice (go go alchohol!), and of course famous Jack Daniels and coke.
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Location: france
Right now I'm on cans of Budweiser...Yuck! Still, my charming wife can buy me anything she likes and I'll be grateful.
Absolute fave drinks;

Champagne: Krug or Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque (with the lovely flowers).

Beer: Sapporo

Jack Daniel's silver select (a rare treat)

White Russian

That amazing bottle of Tequila from our honeymoon in Mexico that we finished ages ago.


Alcohol is a drug you can enjoy with your Granny. Great stuff - I'm a real fan.
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Straight Fosters lager for me, can't touch spirits since the time I drank a litre of bacardi in around 30 minutes and woke in hospital 30 hours later after a stomach pump. Started to panic as I couldn't find my clothes, and being only 16 wanted to get home before my parents found out. That's when <b>I</b> found out where I was, why I was there, how long I had been there, and that my parents had in fact already been to the hospital to see me getting my clothes cut off by the paramedics.
An ex-boss of mine (now a good friend) told me that he had seen the ambulance pick me up on a busy main road where we both lived at the time, and that the traffic jam caused by the ambulance blocking the road on a Saturday afternoon caused him to be late for a football match.
I still laugh my nuts off when I think about it...
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Originally posted by castex

Alcohol is a drug you can enjoy with your Granny. Great stuff - I'm a real fan.

Couldn't have put it better myself. My Granny's dead, but my Great-Uncle (also now dead) used to shoot the shit real good
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I've drank a bottle of Absolut and about 12 beers in one night. I only remember seeing tits, falling over some stairs, and puking out my friends window.
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Location: Somewhere between the Havens and the Earth
last semester in college i ended up going drinking with some of my friends and the end result was me blanking out a few times and finding myself making out with my friend who lived downt he hall. needless to say she was an eye opener for me. . . thanx aspen. . .
from the Havens I have fallen. . . to the earth as a mangled form. . . writhing in pain, my wings torn and bloodied. . . I have one purpose, only one goal. . . to find you and love you, for I am your. . . fallen angel
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Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Most of the time the drinks of choise are vodka-Cola and beer. White Russians are pretty nice too, gets you drunk as fuck. I used to love Tequila, Black Death was the favorite, but I overdrunk it and now I can't even smell it. It gave me alot of fun memories though..
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Location: Vol Country
I used to be the one who passed out way early. I once drank alot of vodka in a half hour, and passed out. Stone cold. My friends ripped on me hard for that, but I finally got over that. Its hard to beat some good ol Bud Light.
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Location: Pasadena, CA
Originally posted by crow_daw
hard to beat some good ol Bud Light.
I thought we were here to talk about drinking.....?
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Location: Rock Ridge
Michelobe Ultra. I have lost 25 pounds and still drink just as much
"Scuse me while I whip this out"
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Location: Hong Kong.
Well, well, well...

Generally, if I'm drinking beer, I'll stick to the Belgian brews. They're alot fruitier than any other types, although it's hard to beat a nice lager while sitting around doing sweet, sweet fuck all. Of course, light beers are great for the mornings or any time that you can fry eggs on the sidewalk.

In terms of favorite drinks, it's hard to beat a good Cabernet (red wine) or a dark rum (such as Meyer's).

[Edit: Forgot to mention my favorite bar/pub/club. That would be, right now, the 48th Street Chicago Blues Bar... in Hong Kong.]
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Pro Libertate
Location: City Gecko
Hehe.. You wanna see some of my concoctions on Favorite Shots thread.

Fav bars - Only a few at the moment. The Lab. Soho; The Pharmacy, Notting Hill; and an unnamed gentlemens club somewhere in the east end . Says all anyone needs to know.

Also this article Says It All!

Beer - American and Cold (ICED OVER) and in LARGE quantities.
Vodka - Stoli
Rum - Dark (Cap'n or Navy)
Gin - Tanquary (sp?)
Scotch - Glenfiddich or Laphraig (sp?)
Wine -
White - Sancerre, or Cloudy Bay
Red - St Emillion
Absinthe - Not Fussy, but more than two
Polish Spirit - Same as above
Patchoul (sp) - Same as above
Everclear - Same as above
Grappa - Same as above

Any national drink when I am in a foreign country. "Do as the Romans do"

Shots - Hehe, I make 'em as I go. Sometimes it goes on the menu (happened to me twice so far )

Stories: Nope, please ask my friends, as I was not there, or more correctly my body was, but my memory wasn't.

PS: An Alcoholic is someone you don't like who can drink more than you.
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Ice 101 for me. liquid altoids in a bottle.
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Location: Pasadena, CA
Originally posted by stuckshut
Ice 101 for me. liquid altoids in a bottle.
...as opposed to, say, putting the liquid in a box. That's just messy.
"take me down, little *Susie*, take me down
I know you think you're the Queen of The Underground"
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Location: The Kitchen
Well, my standard bar drink is pitchers of Alexander Keith's, failing that, I'll take Canadian. I'm a big fan of Leffe and Stella Artois as well.

I drink wine with almost any meal I spend more than 45 mins. cooking, which is 2-3 times a week. I prefer reds, especially higher-end Pinot Noir, but if a white is more fitting, I'll get that, I've recently somewhat gotten over my prejudice of Chardonnay.

I'll also crack open a bottle or two of Champagne with friends once in a while and we'll all pretend we're billionaires.

I've just started drinking scotch and whisky... well, y'know for the taste, it's also a great way to get tight without having an uppity bladder.

Warm Hakutsuru sake is also a good thing, kampai!

I've only had Absinthe twice, but I've been doing a little research into ordering some online. Has anyone ever ordered any off the 'net? Did it do what it's supposed to or was it just 140 proof sambuca and green food coloring?

Grappa... that shit's fucked up. My Dad's neighbour made some and gave him some, which we tried, I spat most of mine out (I was only 19, and had just gotten the hang of regular hard liquor), and I shit you not, it killed the grass, I caught a decent buzz just from having it in my mouth, I'd like to go another round with it just to see if I can stomach it yet.

Saw some stuff in the liquor store today from Lebanon called Arak Liquor. Anyone know what it is? It's 100 proof, so it can't be bad, right?
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Super Agitator
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Location: Just SW of Nowhere!!! In the good old US of A
Since alcohol is my business I have a lot of choices - My avatar says all that needs to be said.

PS :Michelobe Ultra. I have lost 25 pounds and still drink just as much - Mupwah

Got you beat dude! I'm down 32 and three pant sizes in 32 days!!! Ultra even tastes good!!! Suprise, Suprise, Suprise!!!
Life isn't always a bowl of cherries, sometimes it's more like a jar of Jalapenos --- what you say or do today might burn your ass tomorrow!!!

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Not that fussed, like beer (generally lagers and pale ales) and Wild Turkey (can't get much of the really good stuff in OZ tho)

If there's nothing else on offer then wine, or white spirits or . . . .
Insert Witty Slogan Here . . . . .
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Slave of Fear
Don't drink much any more but, I did pretty good in my day. I sort of remember one night we snuck two bottles of 151 Rum in to the "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". I remember feeling pretty good until I got up to leave then suddenly someone stole my legs. I only remember bits and pieces after that. I remember we kept singing out our address every 10 seconds, even though it was my sister taking us home and she was well aware of where we lived. I also remember begging to go to Taco Bell. I remember sleeping curled around an electric heater in the bathroom all night. Next morning or more accurately the next afternoon we found empty boxes of frozen clams and other such delicacies, but no one remembers cooking or eating anything.
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Location: Earth
Its about 3:30 a.m. in maine and just got out of work sothe best bar is my car ..... Keep a cold 6 pack there. for the ride home and if any friends want a beer... after work. got One left and now its time for a shower and the last beer... and maybe check some more of TFP..... =}
The Only BEER is a Cold BEER.

And a Single Malt will get ya every time.
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King Knave
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Location: Lancaster
Good Golly.

Miss Molly.

-edit-i don't remember posting this 9/1
AzAbOv ZoBeLoE

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In Your Dreams
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Location: City of Lights
Not much of a response from the Aussies yet (besides Meridae'n)?

Favourite beer for just being out at the pub is Carlton Draught (Coldies aren't bad either). Can't stand Toohey's New. VB's alright. Crownies is the upper-class stuff for me (I'm a poor uni student).

Can't drink vodka or tequila anymore, spewed myself off both of them. Not a huge fan of the Bundy, but I didn't grow up in this country.. and it seems to be one of those things that you only like if you have the "Australian Taste" (like Vegemite).

Not fond of wine either... except for the cheap boxed fruity lexia. Mix that with pineapple/orange juice and I can stomach it.

Mainly a beer guy here .
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drink of choice? quite young so not much experiance, but

beer - tooheys extra dry (australian), james boags strongarm (australian), carlton cold (australian)
spirits - jim beam black label, bundaberg rum (australian)

best story - being quite drunk, getting on my mates cars roof, my other drunk mate driving, and doing donuts around on the gravel at our local train station/wharf. the roof has never looked better!

records -
16 shots in a row
6 beers skulled in a row (without throwing up)
beer skulled in 7 seconds fastest

i can also drink quite a lot, as i am quite tall and my background is ukraine so my grandparents drank vodka like water o_O

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My current drink of choice is Grey Goose on the rocks in a tumbler w/ one olive. Four or five of these get me well on my way.

As for my favorite bar -- McCormick and Schmicks in downtown DC. For some the atmosphere may seem a bit stuffy but I've been going there for about 8 years now and know everyone in the joint. It's a great place to bring friends from out-of town because of the reception and service they will receive.
I've yet to dephile myself...
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den, drinkers

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