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Osama's days numbered?


Time Is Running Out for Osama, U.S. Military Says
By Mike Collett-White

KABUL (Reuters) - Time is running out for Osama bin Laden, the U.S. military said Wednesday, as American and Pakistani forces step up operations against al Qaeda and Taliban militants along the Afghan-Pakistan frontier.

In the latest statement of growing confidence that al Qaeda's mastermind and other senior militant figures will be captured or killed soon, the U.S. military in Afghanistan spoke of "renewed urgency" in hunting down key terror figures.

"If we knew where Osama bin Laden was we'd already have him," Lieutenant Colonel Matt Beevers told reporters in Kabul, referring to recent reports that the world's most wanted man had been located on Pakistan's side of the border.

But he added: "We feel that really the sands in this guy's hourglass ... are running out."

Beevers said the same applied to two other wanted figures; the ousted Taliban's supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar and renegade warlord and former Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

"We remain committed and reaffirmed in our effort to track these guys down and get them."


Beevers welcomed an operation by Pakistani forces in tribal areas that border Afghanistan Tuesday during which 25 people were detained.

There were conflicting views on reports in Pakistan that Khaled al-Zawahri, son of al Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahri, had been caught in the last two to three days and taken to the U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan north of Kabul.

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Masood Khan called the reports "wild speculation," adding: "We have no information yet."

A Pakistani intelligence source said Wednesday all of those held were locals apart from three women who had Kazakh passports. He said five detainees had been released.

According to Pakistani military spokesman Major-General Shaukat Sultan, foreign passports, weapons, ammunition and audio tapes had been found during the raid.

"Clearly (U.S.-led) coalition forces support Pakistan army's efforts in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas," Beevers said. "They continue to do an outstanding job." He described cooperation between U.S. and Pakistan forces as "outstanding."

The U.S. military has complained in the past that Pakistan has not done enough to hunt militants in rugged frontier areas.

The raids in tribal areas follow revelations that the father of Pakistan's atom bomb leaked nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea, leaving Islamabad keen to convince doubters of its commitment to the U.S.-led "war on terror." Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is due in Kabul later this week.


The two sides want to create a "hammer and anvil" effect by stopping militants fleeing across the border in either direction.

Security analysts say that even with better cooperation and more resources dedicated to catching top militants, the task remained a huge one.

Beevers said the deployment of civilian-military teams in volatile areas of Afghanistan had helped in intelligence gathering as well as in improving infrastructure.

He described the shift in U.S. tactics in recent months toward counter-insurgency operations and away from major engagements with Taliban fighters that flared up last year.

That, combined with efforts to rebuild the war-shattered country and elections in June, will marginalize rebels waging a guerrilla war that has claimed over 550 lives in seven months.

"It's a combination of all those (factors) that gives us a renewed sense of urgency and some confidence (of catching bin Laden)," said Beevers. But he added: "Nothing here is for certain.

"We're going to continue ... to present the leadership of al Qaeda, the Taliban...with impossible situations that they are not going to be able to get around, through, under or over."

U.S.-led forces toppled the hard-line Islamic Taliban after it refused to hand over bin Laden, blamed for masterminding the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.
Oh yeah, there's an election coming up too isn't there? I'm sure the two things aren't related.
It was like that when I got here....I swear.
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Originally posted by wrkime
Oh yeah, there's an election coming up too isn't there? I'm sure the two things aren't related.
Exactly. "Give me ten more minutes in office, folks! I'm SURE we've got him this time!"
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but there are lots of numbers... hey aren't numbers arabic?
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Task Force 121 is there (the same guys that found Saddam) they'll find him.
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"I have no earthly idea what it is I just saw, or what this place is, or where in the hell O'Malley is! My only choice is to blame Grif for coming up with such a flawed plan. Stupid, stupid Grif."
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Time is of the essence and I hope they hurry. I'm personally sick of hearing about this jerk day in and day out.
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"If we knew where Osama bin Laden was we'd already have him," Lieutenant Colonel Matt Beevers told reporters in Kabul
No way!
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Munku, I know you're being sarcastic, but believe it or not there are some idiots out there who think we know exactly where he is and are just waiting until just before the election to capture him.
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Originally posted by SecretMethod70
Munku, I know you're being sarcastic, but believe it or not there are some idiots out there who think we know exactly where he is and are just waiting until just before the election to capture him.

Would I be suprised...no.

But, i don't think we know where he is either. I hope we capture him rather soon. That way, we can get our boys home, and start having our good ol politicians focus on what matters on the homefront.
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see the links to my music?
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isn't he stayin' in bush's basement for $620.00 a month?

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His days are numbered alright, but the number's goin up...

"If something has to give then it always will."

-- Editors
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days, numbered, osama

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