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Old 08-14-2003, 10:17 AM   #1 (permalink)
Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Hey there, a n00b's subject/content questions

Hi guys. Basically, right, I came here the other night from SA and found a board that catered more to my flavor of conversation I have with friends. About whatever and everything, but respectfully towards a slice of amusement and self-education.

My life lately is a bit odd, especially since I am trying to in general stay away from the computer addiction factor as well as the general AOLification of the net.

I did a few searches in the forums and came up with a post or two on the matter, but I am curious if these topics or ideas are welcome, and if so where they might best be put (things that are important to me lately):

1) Daytrading and stock pick/analysis...papertraded well for 2 months and did piss-poor with my own real cash for a month, but I am curious about it and think that's there's a lot that can be done here, it just takes thinking, analysis and persistence (most importantly discipline). I like the challenge of it and the feel of having a "system" to understand.

2) Questions or lead-in ideas about porn distribution and starting up a company. I have a few ideas and resources unique to me, and strangely the environment around me seems to be suggesting this as a theme lately, a la "coincidence", but I recognize I need the understanding of the basics first before I spin off into my own thoughts.

3) Finding like-minded people who are fairly chill but curious in the money or business sense in the world, to discuss ideas and life - particularly within the NYC area (to meet up with in person). I have 3 very good friends who I keep up with quite regularly, but 2 are now out of town, and I feel like I want to branch out towards more, new enterprising faces and people that also have ideas they want to co-create or feel inspired by someone else's thinking. Male/female/religion/whatever I don't care about. Just mostly your thoughts, and having a chill, interesting good time.

I'm also just enjoying reading random posts about people's feelings, staying away from the political stuff right now (burned out on all that over the last few weeks), and really just liking how almost no flaming or disrespecting is going on.

Are any or all of my above-said topics on point or could be good threads in one of the TFP forums? Finally, in terms of what I can answer myself, I have worked as a real estate agent, manager of a hair salon, did operations/management of a retail health food store, and also some weird/crazy stuff with intuition and healing (a la reiki and my own energy thing). So, where do I go from here? Could a nice fellow or miss point me in the right direction?

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Please touch this.
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Location: Manhattan
1) Yes, this conversation is welcome. I would suggest placing it in Tilted Living. A collaboration of stock strategies would make quite and interesting read, for sure.

2) Once again, Living would be a good place for this. I myself am a webmaster/sorta-assistant for a nude model photographer, so i witness first-hand how difficult the adult internet industry is. There is so much content nowadays, you've gotta either have mega bucks for advertising, or an estabolished name. Newbies and a dime a dozen and quality content is scarce.

3) We're generally not a meet-up community. Sure, we have scheduled get-togethers over the country a few times a year, but we're not really covered for on-the-fly gatherings. New York, however, is one of our most populated geographic areas. You may not have much trouble finding people to hang with. As with any part of the internet though, a great amount of trust is involved, so I'd suggest getting to know the community and letting the community get to know you before you go about soliciting your willingness to meet people. Also please remember, we aren't a dating site.

It's cool to see we're finally being recognized as a good discussion site. This was, after all, my initial goal in creating it. I hope you enjoy it here. I think you can introduce some new conversation to the mix.
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Old 08-14-2003, 12:00 PM   #3 (permalink)
Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Thank you kindly. I'll check out the general and living sections in more detail soon then. My apologies for (especially after you mentioned it) seeming like I was after a date, that actually is furthest from my intentions. I just want more connections, more fun/funny people to be around, and that sort of thing in NYC while I still live here.

I'll definitely search, read and will post more stuff after I try doing something with this 3 computer network for the family here. I hope and am sure I will enjoy it here
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hey, n00b, questions, subject or content, there

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